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Now They Shall See (OC)

Keep Dreaming (OC)

Movie Style Intro (OC)

Pokemon Audition (OC)

Together As One (OC)

Ultimatum Intro (OC)

Ultimatum Intro w/Subtitles (OC)

Ultimatum Epilogue (OC)

MewTwo's Origin (AMV)

Superbeast (AMV)

Pokemon Heroes (AMV)

Lugia Saga (AMV)

Pokemon Legendary (AMV)

Safari, So Good (VO)

What Those Pokemon Are REALLY Saying: Part I (CS)

What Those Pokemon Are REALLY Saying: Part II (CS)

The Attention Seeker (CS)

Pokemon Ad-Libs I (CS)

Pokemon Ad-Libs II (CS)

Ultra Phenomenal Salsa Quest (CS)

SOVA Trailer (CS)

Summary for Now They Shall See: Rated - - The vid I used to promote Rebirth's 5th anniversary.

Summary for Keep Dreaming: Rated - - A sort of live action promo coupled with wishful thinking.

Summary for Movie Style Intro: Rated - - A parody of the types of intros you see for Pokemon movies.

Summary for Pokemon Audition: Rated - - Errol holds a casting session for Pokemon appearances in future episodes of Rebirth, with awkward results.

Summary for Together As One: Rated - - The ex-TR Trio return to eachother's sides

Summary for Ultimatum Intro (w/Subtitles): Rated - -

Summary for Ultimatum Epilogue: Rated - -

Summary for MewTwo's Origin: Rated - - How Mewtwo came to be, in a nutshell

Summary for Superbeast: Rated - -

Summary for Pokemon Heroes: Rated - -

Summary for Lugia Saga: Rated - -

Summary for Pokemon Legendary: Rated - -

Summary for Safari, So Good: Rated - - The original 'Legend of Dratini' episode was banned due to Jessie's (rather freaky, I might add) flirting with the trigger-happy game warden, waving said warden's guns around at him and the same guns being pointed at Ash several times which violated the lowered age rating that 4Kids had used for the English version. I am happy to present 95% true-to-the-original-episode-dialogue and 98% original soundtrack! WARNING - My fan dub contains edits, albeit mostly minor ones. To those picky fans amongst you who have already seen the Japanese subbed version, I'd advise against watching "Safari, so Good!". With that warning given, don't expect any replies to cranky-rant responses telling me wut I did to the episode footage.

Summary for What Those Pokemon Are REALLY Saying (Parts I & II): Rated - - What those Pokemon are REALLY saying.

Summary for The Attention Seeker: Rated - - Wobbuffet tries to get himself noticed.

Summary for Pokemon Ad-Libs (Parts I & II): Rated - - Part I: After Ash and May's Pokemon have a dance-off and they ruin the medal, Max complains about having to change his shirt, the groups part ways and Ash discovers that Gary has turned into a mad scientist. A parody 'dub' of the last Pokemon Battle Frontier Ep. Part II: Ash, Dawn and Brock get lost in a weird gassy field and end up getting trippy with it. A parody 'dub' of the DP ep 'Malice in Wonderland'

Summary for Ultra Phenomenal Salsa Quest: Rated - - Ash steals a boat, consequently dragging Misty and Brock into an insane 'adventure' to find some old guy's salsa. A parody sub of the Pokemon episode 'Beauty and the Beach'

Summary for SOVA Trailer: Rated - - SOVA Public Service Announcement

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