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~Ash and Pikachu ~Ordinary Day (AMV)

You Don't Mess around with Paul (AMV)

Don't Leave Me (AMV)

'Nilla Twilight (AMV)

Summary for ~Ash and Pikachu ~Ordinary Day: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Tribute to Ash and Pikachu with original episodes

Summary for You Don't Mess Around With Paul: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - NOTE: PARTYHAT HERE DOES NOT OWN IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM OWN THIS SONG OR POKEMON. So I was adding parents old CDs to itunes when I came across this song and was instantly reminded of Paul. Although this is my second attempt at this, I thought it turned out alright in general.

Summary for Don't Leave Me: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - NOTE: Partyhat does not in anyway shape or form own Pokemon, or this song, all rights belong to the respective owners. . .Yay for original episodes . .again . . and for Pokeshipping! That's right I said it, Misty all the way, none of this May or Dawn crap . . .:D This was the product of an exceedingly long car ride, and its finally done! Yay! As always Comments and criticism are welcome. NOTE: Youtube has killed some of the timing at the beginning, I suggest letting it load than playing it . .or going back to the beginning . .:D

Summary for 'Nilla Twilight: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Woo! Owl City! . . . Alright another Pokeshipping video with the original clips and a couple movies. My video maker was being weird so I ended up having to save it as a MPEG every twenty seconds or so to see how it would really look :D . . .Though . .I dont think I did the song justice . . . I guess Im just not that great at slow songs ;D ah well practice makes perfect no? I hope you enjoy it anyway and as always comments and criticisms welcome!

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