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Italics means thought.

Ages: Ash/Gary 25
Misty 26
Brock/Tracey 30
Prof Elm 52

Cerulean Lovers Part 1: The truth about Silph's Upgrade box

Ash's Hotel
Ash Wakes up and get dressed. He walks to his big screen T.V. He turns it on and gets static.

Ash: Damnit! They turned off the cable again.

Ash is now 23 years old and lives in a hotel. He's engaged to Misty and is very happy. Pikachu wakes up and walks toward Ash.

Ash: Pikachu! How would you like to babysit Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Tauros?

Pikachu: Pika Pi Chu Pik! (NO ASH! PLEASE NO!)

Ash: Good, I knew you'd understand.

Ash lets out his pokemon and heads out the door. He heads towards Misty's house and spots a Lugia.

Ash: 5 years ago I would've tried to capture it, but now they're so common it would be harder to capture and a Rattata.

He arrives at Misty's house and knocks on the door. Misty opens the door and kisses him.

Misty: Hi Ash. Want some coffee?

Ash: No thanks. By the way, Prof. Elm wants you, me, Brock, Gary, And Tracey to meet at his lab. I already called Brock and Tracey and e-mailed Gary.

Misty: Ok. Let's go

They get on a train and arrive in New Bark Town 3 days later.

Prof. Elm's Lab
Ash and Misty arrive at the lab very late.

Prof Elm: Ok. Now that everyone's here we can start the meeting. As you all know, Silph was taken over by Team Rocket 11 years ago and it has be-

A loud explosion cut him off. A teenage boy with a blue Mohawk, baggy JNCO Jeans, and a white tank top with a big red R on it came in.
Boy: Hand me all of your pokemon or the old man gets it.

He runs to Prof. Elm and puts a gun to his head.

Ash/Misty/Brock/Tracey: Team Rocket!

The boy digs the gun harder into Prof. Elm's head.

Boy: Hand over the pokemon.

Ash hands over his pokemon belt.

Boy: HaHaHa! Thanks kid!

The boy left with Ash's pokemon belt.

Misty: Ash! How could you?

Brock: Yeah! Those were your best pokemon.

Ash: No they weren't. The pokeballs were empty. All my pokemon are back at the hotel.

Gary: I hate to say it Ashy boy, nut that was some quick thinking.

Ash: Thanks Gary.

Voice from outside: Hey! These are all empty!

Prof. Elm: Uh-oh, c'mon everybody, out the back door.

Everyone scrambles for the door and gets out just as the boy from Team Rocket enters the lab.

Boy: Damnit! They're gone!

Prof. Elm: Ok. We're safe here. Now, let me explain something to you. Prof. Oak and myself have just received word that Silph has been secretly run by Team Rocket for 11 years. I have called you all here today for one reason: we must defeat Team Rocket and stop the production of the upgrade box. I have rented out a yacht to take you from here (New Bark Town) to routes 26 and 27. There you'll meet with Todd and Taylor. They'll take you to Silph. Good luck. Any questions?

Ash: Yeah. Can I borrow 5 pokeballs?

Elm gave Ash 5 pokeballs

They left and headed toward port.

On the yacht

Gary: Ok I'll divide the roommates. We have two cabins to hold two people and one cabin to hold one person.

Ash (Whispered to Misty): I'll bet he gets the one-person cabin.

Gary: Ash! I heard that. You and Misty get Cabin 2.

Ash: Ok.

He picks up his stuff and goes into Cabin 2.

Gary: Brock and Tracey, you get Cabin 3. I'll take Cabin 1.

This ends part one: The truth about Silph's Upgrade box. Since this is my first fanfic I would very much appreciate reviews.