Christmas Days

By Aeris1172

Ok, see this? I began writing this in 2003. I was too lazy to finish it. So that’s why I have just sent it in now! Hehe! WOW. Crap I am lazy…

I don’t own Pokemon O.K.? OR Simple Plan. OR Tomb Raider.

Ages: Ash/Gary/May/Misty: 17

Brock: 18

Mrs. Ketchum:??? (I dunno. You say.)

Mr. Ketchum:? I DON’T KNOW!!!



Santa is coming tonight and I want a car and I want a life and I want a first class trip to Hawaii I want a lifetime supply of skittles and slurpies and Eskimo pies I want a DVD a big screen TV just bring me things that I don’t need. Cuz now it’s Christmas.

 --Simple Plan

Seraph- A vessel that sunk in Tomb Raider II








For Christmas Eve, we go caroling! Every year for Christmas, my sisters used to go caroling. I had to stay with a baby sitter. Ack. Although we are in Pallet, staying with Ash and his mother, she’s not coming with us to go caroling. She said that she’d: “freeze her old tush off.” It was 6:00 PM and we had to start caroling at 6:30. I was already dressed. I wore a blue blouse and denim skirt on with some snow boots on.

“Ash! Misty! Brock! Come down! You have to get going.” With those words from Mrs. Ketchum, I slipped my long coat on. It was more like a robe thingy. I walked out of the door and put my gloves on. Lets see, I thought, hmm. Jingle Bells, O Christmas Tree, Silent Night, and We wish you a merry Christmas. Yeah.

“Well Misty. Don’t you look pretty!” Someone said from the doorway. I looked up. Gary.

“Don’t talk to me.” I walked past Gary and he put his hand on my shoulder. I turned around, and pushed him.

“Pardon me if that was just your way of trying the doors for me,” I said imitating Lara Croft. I had watched Ash play Tomb Raider way too much. I walked out the door and looked for Ash and Brock. It had snowed a blanket already. People weren’t rehearsing. It got annoying when the people wouldn’t listen to you.

“Ok guys… Come on!!!” I yelled, breath turning to wispy clouds. There were only five carolers in the group: Gary, Ash, Brock, May, and I. I walked down the street with the rest of the carolers behind me. The first stop was the Werner residence. We had to hit every house in pallet town. Mr. And Mrs. Werner’s daughter was sitting on the porch.

“Mommy! Daddy! The carolers are here!” She screamed. I put my hand up to my ear.

“Oww,” I whispered. Mr. And Mrs. Werner walked out of their house with big coats on.

“One… Two a one two three!” I said signaling the start.

“Oh… Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun we used to have on a one horse open slay hey,” We sang gleefully. Mr. Werner wrapped his arm around Mrs. Werner’s waist.

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun we used to have on a one horse open sleigh, hey! Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open slay, through the fields we go, laughing all the way, ha, ha, ha…” After the song we all took a little bow. Gary, of course had to pull a little stunt. Ash was standing to the right of me and with a yell; Ash was on top of me on the ground.

“Ash! What are you doing?" Ash’s face was completely red.

“What? I… I DIDN’T DO IT OKAY?” Ash got off me and turned around to a laughing Gary.

“GARY!!!! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU!!!! YOU BETTER RUN,” I screamed at him. I choked him with all my might.

“Misty! Geeze! Stop killing my nemesis! THAT’S MY JOB,” Ash yelled.

“Geeze, you’re so stupid.”

“Right back atcha, scrawny.”

Brock, May, and Gary: OOOOOOOO!!”

“What did you just say kid?” My face was distorted, and I was trying to give Ash the impression that I was going to kick his ass all the way to Kingdom Come.

“Jigglypuff!” Jigglypuff popped out of a small snow covered bush, and started to sing.


“Jigglypuff, jiggly, jigglypuff,” It sang. I felt totally sleepy. Well…zzzzzzzzzzzzz…








   Good morning. Oh wait its still nighttime. I sat up and pushed snow off me. Misty looked at me.

“Last up like always huh?” I laughed the slightest bit. We continued our caroling. Next was the Serfsin house. We sang out song and took our bow. After that, Misty started cracking up.

“What is sooooo freaking’ funny?” Asked May. Misty cleared her throat.

“Now I’m here- eh, was here- to prevent his son from salvaging the Seraph.” I started laughing.


“Tomb Raider,” Misty explained, through fits of laughter. Later, when we were walking along, May was skipping and she tripped down a stair, off someone’s walkway.

“To avoid falling off the ledges, you can use the walk button. That way, you’re more careful and won’t step over the edge,” Misty simply piped.

“Oh, shut up, Ash worshipper,” May spat. Everyone ‘oo’ed. Misty? Worship, me? That’s gross, yet cool. No, it’s just gross! Yuck, what am I thinking?

“Yeah, right, Brock Worshipper.” May almost barfed. Gary started cracking up.

“Hey, what are you laughing’ at Pikachu Worshipper?!” Gary crossed his arms. Ewww. I don’t want Gary and Pikachu- EW! NOT GOING TO THINK ABOUT IT! Push it out of my mind. I had too much Pork Fried Rice earlier. Waaay too much.

“A lot of people worship Pikachu. I’m not one of ‘em though,” Gary said.

“Yer right Gary,” said Misty. He nodded. “YER A MAY WORSHIPPER!” Gary was apparently mad. Well, yeah. Who would want to worship May? (No offence to you guys out there who dig May.) Gary made a snowball, and threw it at Misty. Unfortunately, she grabbed my arm, and pulled me into the line of fire. BAM! It hit me right it the face and… oww, it stung!

“You are such an Ash worshipper.”

“Am not!”

“Yes, you are!”

“I AM NOT!!”

“Yes, you are!”


“How about we get Ash’s opinion on this?” Asked Brock.

“Huh? Well, I hope not,” I said.

“What?! ANY MAN WOULD BE BLESSED FOR ME TO LOVE THEM! Ok, I don’t love you but… WHATEVER! You’re so cruel! EVIL! ARROGANT! I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO CALL YOU BESIDES A CUSSWORD SO I WON’T SAY IT! YER- Yer- yer… YER A GARY WORSHIPPER!” WHAT?! Misty was calling me gay! I’m definitely not gay. I love her. WHAT?! No I don’t. Yes I do. DAMN HORMONES! I’m really confused….  That was it. She completely crossed the line.


“Men have said my beautiful hair is actually a turn on,” Misty bragged.

“Turn on to what? Your head could light up a whole room. Uh oh! Black out! Flip the Misty switch! Her head glows!” Gary, May, Brock, and Pikachu were laughing.

“You could use your hair to unscrew a light bulb from the ceiling, it’s so pointy!”

“Then I guess you guys are made for each other,” Brock called.

“Aw, how sweet. The Light bulb and The Screwdriver,” May said, enthusiastically.

“Shut up,” we both said at the same time. Why do we talk at the same time? I dunno, its weird.

“Ash Ketchum! You’re the LAZIEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET!”


“Ohhh yeah. Nice comeback, Ketchum. I’m gonna cry!” My face fell.

“Don’t cry.” She just lowered her head a little and looked at me, with her eyebrows arched.

“Listen, Ash,” she said, walking away from the group a little, and putting her arm around my shoulder. “Ash. Don’t worry.” She put her arm- around my shoulder? Ok, this was just getting TOO weird.

“ITS CALLED SARCASM,” she screamed at me. My ear was KILLING me! OK, that explains it. That’s what people do it movies. May burst into a giggle fit, followed by Misty. Then Max, Brock and Gary started laughing. Then, me. I couldn’t resist. It was kinda funny. Ok, who am I kidding? It was hilarious!





      After our crazy caroling night, Ash, Brock and I went back to Ash’s house. First thing I saw when I walked in was the Ketchum’s Christmas tree. I was astonished. The lights made it glow, giving it a sparkly effect. There were beautiful red, green, and white ornaments that sparkled and glistened. I’m not sure if Ash was as shocked as I, but he seemed pretty enchanted by the tree. An angel sat atop the glistening tree, as if it was the tree’s guardian. The angel’s dress was exquisite. It was a pale blue puffy dress with black sparkles on it. Its halo was a tiny florescent light that sat on a small metal rod, extending above her petite porcelain head. Her hair was a light shade of chestnut that flowed down to the back of her dress.

“Amazing,” I whispered.

“Mom outdid herself this year.”

“It wasn’t just her this year, son.” Ash turned around to see a tall, black haired man.

“D-da-dad? Is t-that you?” Ash’s father? I didn’t even think his father could possibly be alive. He never mentioned anything about him.

“Come here, Ash.” Ash got teary-eyed and ran towards his father and hugged him.

“It’s good to see you too,” his father said, and smiled. I was happy for Ash. He got to see his dad on Christmas.

“Dad! When did you get back?”

“Just a while ago.” Ash grinned.

“I want to introduce my friends, Misty and Brock,” Ash said walking over to Brock then me. Mr. Ketchum had a confused look on his face.

“Is Misty your girlfriend, Ash?” Mr. Ketchum asked. I’m positive that I turned a light shade of crimson at his comment. I saw Ash blush. Mr. Ketchum caught our flushed faces, and chuckled.

“I’m sure you have a wonderful, romantic relationship.”

“Um... Eeeheee… Ash and I aren’t in a-“ Ash stepped on my foot. A painful look crossed my face.

“Oww,” I whispered.

“Yeah, we’re totally in love,” Ash said.

“What,” I whispered angrily at Ash. He just elbowed me for a response.

“Mmhm…” I said, disgustedly. Mr. Ketchum smiled, while Ash’s mom, on the other hand, had a very confused look on her face. I shook Ash’s arm off my shoulder and began walking up the stairs, ignoring what everyone was saying. Me? Ash’s GIRLFRIEND? In my DREAMS. I shoved the guest room door open and threw my coat on my suitcase, then slammed the door.

“How could Ash say that?” I asked myself, leaning up against the door for support. I frowned then walked to my suitcase, pulling out my pajamas, threw them on the bed, then locked the door.


   Once I was done dressing, I unlocked the door, and opened it, only to see Ash standing there. I set my hands on my hips and sighed.

“What do you want?”

“We have to share a room.” Was he joking? Me? Share a room with him? His father would surely suspect something.

“Why can’t you share with Brock?” I asked him. He shook his head and trudged past me.

“He said he needed his privacy.”

“For God knows WHAT,” I said, disgustedly. I froze. There was only one bed. ONE. TWO PEOPLE. This was not going to be good. Not at all.

“Ash,” I said, panicking.


“There’s only one bed.”

“So? You’re supposed to be my girlfriend.” I backed him up against the wall.

“I am not your girlfriend. I’m just one of your friends. And I am NOT sharing a bed with you.”

“Uh… Okay.” I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I noticed that Mr. Ketchum and Mrs. Ketchum were sitting on the couch, watching Christmas specials. Mrs. Ketchum was leaning against Mr. Ketchum and he had his arm wrapped around her shoulder. I sighed. The fridge squeaked as I opened it. I pulled out the milk carton, then a glass out of a cupboard. Slowly, I poured the milk into the glass, and then put the milk back into the fridge. Mr. Ketchum came into the kitchen and smiled at me. I smiled back and then took a sip of my ice-cold milk.

“So you’re Ash’s girlfriend?” I swallowed my milk then nodded. God, I felt stupid lying to his dad. I took a gulp to hide my embarrassment.

“Has he kissed you yet?” I almost choked on my milk. I swallowed it quickly, poured the rest into the sink and walked back upstairs, opening then slamming the door. I don’t think I could have walked in at a more awkward time. Ash had just gotten out of the shower and he had a towel wrapped around his waist. I felt my heart leap into my throat at how handsome he looked. His usually spiky hair was limp and he looked relaxed. Well, until I came into the room that is. He was staring at me. I was staring at him.

“Misty? Could you please go outside of the door for a moment?” I nodded slowly as my eyes studied his body. I slipped out of the door, and waited for him to tell me I could come back in. What is this feeling? I’ve never felt this way except for anyone but Ash. It’s amazing…

“You can come back in now.” I opened the door and walked back inside the room. Ash was sitting on the bed, drying his hair. I felt my face get hot.

“Want to watch a movie?”

“Sure.” Ash hopped up off the bed and put in a movie.

“You okay with Titanic?” I smiled.

I think…

“Wow… This movie won 11 academy awards,” Ash said.

It’s love… I continued to stare at Ash. He smiled nervously and sat down on the floor, fast forwarding though all the credits.

How could this happen? I love the guy! And his father thinks that he loves me too! That would be so amazing if life worked the way we wanted it to… I sighed.

“Hm? Something wrong, Mist?” I shook my head and continued to think of how this fake relationship would affect our friendship.


    I shifted nervously. It had gotten to that part. You know? The part with the sofa and the drawing and the necklace and… Oh you know. She had just opened the safe and Ash and I were shifting nervously. Wait… He was nervous?

“You know, hehe,” I said laughing nervously, “Your dad thinks we’ve kissed.” He shook his head.

“Great. Just great,” he said, putting his hand on his forehead. “Now he’s going to make us kiss in front of him and then take a picture.” I sat there, cool with that for about five seconds, then flipped out.

“WHAT?! That’s IT! I’m going into his room and telling him we are NOT a couple!” I got up, thankful for leaving on the scene. I opened the Ash’s room, to see Brock sleeping. I closed it, and then went to Mrs. Ketchum’s door, slowly opening it. I saw a something I will never ever, EVER want to see again: Mr. Ketchum on top of Mrs. Ketchum, in his boxers, while she was in her underwear, making out. I slowly closed it and walked back to Ash’s room, trying to delete that from my memory. Ash walked out of his room, almost slamming into me. I just noticed that he’s taller than me now. Damn it. So much for my days of towering over him and making him cower with fear. Muahahaha. Hm… His eyes are pretty…

“Did you tell him?” he asked, causing me to snap out of my trance.

“He was a little… busy, if you get my drift.” Ash gave me a slightly confused look, until we both heard a giggle from Mrs. Ketchum’s room.

“Oh my god. YOU SAW THEM?”

“They were in their underwear thank God,” I said, brushing past Ash, only to walk in as the scene ended. I sighed in relief. I closed my eyes, imagining what could happen next, in a matter of seconds. Ash could walk up to me, wrap his arms around me, declare his undying love for me, then kiss me, or go make popcorn, come back up, fall asleep, with absolutely no romance happening. I opened my eyes again. Jack and Rose were just beginning to run from the stupid spying dude. People like that piss me off. Badly. Just when I was getting into the movie again, I saw Ash wave for me to come over to him from the door.

“Misty! Come here!” I went out into the hall, and saw that Ash was now standing at his mother’s door, with his ear pressed up against it.

“Ash. What are you doing?” Ash motioned for me to come over to where he was.

“Put your ear up against the door. Listen to their conversation.” I did as he told me. There were some murmurs, and then their conversation became clear.

“Misty seems like a nice girl for Ash,” his father said.

“I always knew there was something between those two. Oh, young love. It’s so wonderful while it lasts.” While it lasts? I thought.

“Delia, I have a feeling this one is going to last.”

“John. That is what you always say!”

“We were a young love case. How old were we when we confessed?”

“19,” Delia said, with a sigh.

“Two years difference. I have a feeling that they’ll turn out like us, honey.” I looked at Ash in astonishment. He was trying not to laugh. I shook my head and kept listening.

“How did we come to be?” Delia asked him.

“Pretending we were a couple for your mother.”

“Oh my god,” said Ash. I smiled and had a great feeling. Does that mean that we WILL turn out like them? I sighed.

“I’m going to check on those lovebirds.”

“I didn’t know they were together until tonight, John.”

“Maybe it was a surprise for us.” Ash grabbed my hand, pulled me into his room and closed the door.

“Lay down,” Ash said, pointing at the bed.

“I’ll just pretend I’m asleep,” I said, yawning. Before I knew it, Ash was straddling my hips, leaning over me, holding my hands down with his. Butterflies raged in my stomach.

“What are you-“ I stopped. He had set his face a few inches away from mine. I heard his mother’s door open.

“Pretend we’re busy,” he said, stifling a laugh. I knew he was joking, but my breathing was very irregular, and I wanted his kiss. In my soul, a desire of his lips against mine took over. Just as his door opened, I moved my head up a little and our lips touched. It was whirlwind of emotions running through my mind as I put my head back down on the pillow. I heard Mr. Ketchum chuckle from the doorway, then he closed the door.

“Okay, the coast is clear,” I said, swallowing. Was that kiss a mistake? Ash stared at me, looking utterly astonished. I shifted my eyes away from his. He lifted a hand to his lips, and then put it back on my hand.

“Why did you do that?” He asked, cupping my chin with his hand, making me look at him. I closed my eyes, wishing I had never kissed him.

“Misty. Look at me,” he said. I opened my eyes and stared at his dark brown eyes.


“Why did you kiss me?”

“Because… we are supposed to be a couple, right? And you said your dad would make us kiss for a picture, so I figured we should get used to it,” I said, nervously.

“Right,” Ash said, climbing off me, and going to his closet. He pulled out some blankets for himself.

“Um… Ash, y’know, you can have the bed,” I told him, sitting up.

“You’re the guest. You should have the bed.” He spread out the blankets on the floor, then grabbed a pillow from the closet.

“Right. But I don’t NEED it.”

“You know you want it. Stop trying to be nice,” he said, laughing.

“Ok… You figured me out… But…” I ran out of excuses and gave up. Ash turned the TV and the VCR off, then laid down.

“Goodnight Misty.”

“Night,” I said, climbing under the covers. I kept thinking about how nice it was to feel his lips against mine. I looked at the clock he kept next to the bed and gasped. It read 12:45 am! I closed my eyes and attempted to drift off to sleep. It worked, but very slowly…


   Our lips met in a frenzied heat. His hands caressed my back and ran thought my hair. We pulled away a few times to breathe but that was it. I opened my mouth while it was against his, giving him an invitation for an even more passionate kiss. I felt sweat all over my body as we touched. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and then he slowly pulled away.

“I love you,” he said, breathing heavily.

“No,” I said, kissing him again. “I love you more,” I told him, grinning. I leaved down one more time to feel his kiss before-





“AHH!” I screamed, falling off the bed, onto where Ash lay. He immediately woke up.

“Hi,” I said, yawning.

“Misty?” I climbed off him.

“Yeah. That’s me,” I said. God, that was stupid…

“Why were you laying on me?”

“The alarm clock freaked me out a little and I fell. What? You think I was gonna kiss you again or something?” Ash laughed a little.
”Actually, yeah,” He said. I shook my head, annoyed.

“Boys,” I said, grabbing my clothes off the top of my suitcase. I quickly glanced at the alarm clock. 5:57 AM. I groaned and blinked a few times to get my senses up and going.

“Uhh… Don’t you want me to leave?” Ash asked.

“I’m fine. I’m going into the bathroom anyways,” I said, walking to the bathroom. I closed and locked the door. The cold floor gave me a start and I shivered. I shook it off, then got dressed.

   When I walked back out of the bathroom, into where Ash was. He had his shirt off. Again. And I couldn’t stop staring. Again.

“What?” He asked me, slipping his shirt on.

“N-nothing. It’s nothing,” I said, feeling heat rise to my face.

“Are you sure? You seem a little flushed,” He told me, walking up to me and putting his hand on my forehead. I looked up at him.

“You’re a little bit warm,” he said, moving his hands to my cheeks. (Not THOSE cheeks you PERVS!) I shook his hands off.

“I’m fine!” I stormed out of the room, downstairs to where everyone was, waiting on us.

“There you are,” Mrs. Ketchum said.

“Misty,” Mr. Ketchum said, walking up to me. “I know you and Ash had a little fun last night, but that’s no excuse to be late to go to the Christmas festival! Family time is more important than intercourse,” Mr. Ketchum explained, just as Ash walked down the stairs. My jaw dropped and Brock, who was standing at the door, almost got a nosebleed.

“Intercourse?” Ash asked. Ash’s father walked to the door and opened it, letting the cold air drift into the warm house. Mr. Ketchum and Mrs. Ketchum walked out, leaving Brock who stood at the door, in shock. I turned around to Ash.

“Ash,” I said.


“What has your dad been smoking?” I asked him. Ash shrugged.

“Don’t know,” He replied, brushing past me.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” Brock said, stopping him.


“You two are together?”

“No,” I said, coming up behind Ash. “We’re pretending.” With that, Ash and I walked out of the door to where Mr. Ketchum’s truck sat and climbed in the back seat.

     The ride was very uncomfortable. Ash was smashed up against me because Brock had to sit back there with us. Occasionally I would feel Ash accidentally put his hand on my thigh. I shot him an annoyed look every time he did that. He immediately moved his hand, probably terrified of what I would do to him.

      Once we arrived at the festival, Mr. Ketchum turned around in his seat and began talking to Ash and me.

“Now... You two lovebirds; one rule: don’t sneak off somewhere and start doing things your not supposed to.” I was about to protest about doing that because I know that thought would never have even crossed Ash’s mind if Mr. Ketchum hadn’t said something about it. Instead, I just nodded and agreed.

       We all clambered out of Mr. Ketchum’s truck and went in our separate ways. Except Ash wouldn’t leave my side and I didn’t know why.

“Ash, why don’t you go play some games by yourself or something?”

“I don’t really feel like it,” he said, inhaling the cold, winter air. There was a long awkward silence as we stood there, watching the energetic children run around with prizes and tickets.

“So… Ash… Why are we pretending we’re a couple? You never verified why.”

“Well,” Ash said, exhaling. “My father always used to urge me to be flirtatious. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it though. Every time I would meet a girl my age, he would say, ‘Oh she looks like a nice girl for you to go with.’ It would drive me nuts. And I knew, as soon as I heard him ask if you were my girlfriend, that he would pester me about why we weren’t going steady or how I couldn’t not go with you because you were such a pretty girl. He would say I was missing an opportunity to settle down with someone nice.” I laughed a little.

“I don’t like dealing with that. Not at all.” I sighed.

“My sisters did the exact opposite with me. They’d always tease me, saying that I would never find a man who loves me or even has a simple, childish crush on me because I was such a runt. That’s why I left,” I told him, putting my gloves on.

“Rude,” he said.

“I know.”

“Well… There’s a few guys who had a crush on you before, aren’t there?”

“Yeah,” I said, disgusted. I mean… Rudy looked like he got run over by a truck and Danny was so much older than me. I think he was married or something. I was only interested in Ash, but his interests were focused on being Pokemon Master.

“Personally… I don’t think you’re ugly. I… I… I think you’re actually very pretty…” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Ash said I was pretty.

“Oh.. Um… Thank you,” I said, blushing. I looked away from Ash and kept hoping for a distraction. Think Misty! Think!

“Ash! Look! A stuffed Staryu! Oh Ash! Could you please win that for me? Please?” I said, jumping up and down.

“Uh… I guess… I’m not very good at the games, though,” he said, walking over to the booth, with me following at his heels. It was the game where you throw the rings and try to get them on the bottles. It might be a bit of a challenge for him, but it’s not like he was trying to beat a Lugia with a Metapod.

“Here goes nothing.”

“How many rounds?”

“Just one,” Ash replied, paying the man. He gave Ash 5 rings and he begun throwing the rings. One… Two… Missed… Missed… Three! It wasn’t enough for the Staryu but it was at least something. A little stuffed… Caterpie?! The man handed it to me and I shoved it in Ash’s arms.

“Bugs…” I shuddered. I gave Ash an annoyed glance and walked off.

“Misty!” He ran up beside me.

“Misty… I didn’t know he was going to give me that… I’m sorry!” I didn’t have anything to say to him, so I just kept on walking.

     About two or three hours later, Ash’s mother and father met up with us.

“Have you seen Brock?” Asked his mother.

“He’s probably looking for some girl to get hitched with.” I said.

“Is… That poor boy really that desperate?” Asked his father.

“Yeah,” Ash said, sighing. He started looking around for Brock.

“There he is,” Ash said, pointing towards the Ferris wheel. I looked over to it. He was begging at girls, on his knees. I started walking towards Brock who had just been rejected. Again.

“Brock,” I yelled. He started turning around, confused.

“Huh? Oh hi Misty.”

“C’mon. We’re leavin’.” I pulled Brock off by the ear, listening to his cries of pain.

“Oww, oww oww owowowowo!” I grinned as I saw the terrified look on Ash’s face while I drug Brock over to the truck. We all climbed in and left.

    Once we got back to the house, Ash clambered out before I did and unbeknownst to me, there was ice all over the ground. As I stepped out of the truck onto the ice, I slipped and fell into Ash.

“Whoa!” He struggled to keep his balance, but unfortunately lost his footing and fell, letting go of me and falling flat on his face while I stood on my two feet.

“Um…” I walked into the house behind Mr. and Mrs. Ketchum, took off my coat and draped it over my arm.

“Well, Misty. Thanks for helping me up,” Ash said, walking in the house and closing the door behind him. I gave him a quick smile, then started walking up the stairs. I opened the guest room door and walked in. The room was exactly how we had left it: messy as hell.

      I glanced at the alarm clock. It currently read 11:43. We were going to start opening the presents at noon, so I had some time to change into my normal clothes. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door.

“Yeah,” I said, putting my coat on my suitcase. Ash walked into the room.

“I just wanted to make sure you weren’t undressed,” he said, closing the door. I nodded, not really caring or paying attention to a word he was saying.

“Misty,” He said, sitting down on the bed, fiddling with his thumbs.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“Uh… I have something to tell you,” he told me.


“Well,” he said, pausing a little. He tried to talk, but he kept stuttering and mumbling to himself.

“Ash,” I said softly, sitting next to him. “If you have something to say, don’t be afraid to tell me. I mean… Come on. We’re best friends,” I told him, putting my hand on his shoulder, trying to reassure him.

“Misty… I… I… I love you,” he said. I was in shock, but I just grinned. Then realized something. We were still pretending we were in love.

“Ash. You’re really good at that. Except… You really ought not to stutter, on account of since we’re technically in love, then you’ve already told me. Keep practicing,” I said.

“W-what? Oh… Yeah.. I… I’ll practice,” he said, walking off. He seemed kinds of depressed and I didn’t know why. I mean… If we’ve technically already confessed, then he wouldn’t stutter!

    I shut it out of my mind and changed my clothes. I guess shutting it out didn’t completely work. It kept coming back to me, and I kept thinking that he might have been for real.






    Misty thought I was messing around. When I told her I loved her, I really meant it. How could she think that I was just practicing?

    I burst into Brock’s room, causing him to jump and shout a little loudly.

“I tried. But no…” He gave me a confused look.

“What are you talking about?”

“Damn it, Brock. Are you blind?! I’ve fallen madly in love with Misty! I just told her and she thought I was practicing!” Brock’s facial expression softened and turned into a ‘I feel really sorry for you’ kind of look.

“Ash… Tell her the truth.”

“Did I just not?!”

“Ash, you have to tell her and say you’re for real.” I gave Brock an angry, but desperate look.

“There’s no way I’m going back in there. She’s changing a-a-any-wa-way,” I said, getting an image of Misty in my mind. She stood there in her undergarments, slowly sliding them off.

“No! Get out of my mind!” I shook my head, desperately trying to lose the feeling arising in my gut.

“Ash… Do it later… We’re going to the tree in 15 minutes,” Brock said, trying to comfort me. I just got even more angry and stormed out of the room. I stomped back to the room Misty and I were sharing, where she sat on the bed with her hair down.

    I lost all contact with my senses and went into dream mode. She sat there, almost unaware of my presence, brushing her hair. I wished I could have her by my side forever. And if I got lucky, today it might happen.

“Ash? You’re staring,” Misty said, breaking the silence. I saw a blush arise on her face.

“O-oh… I’m sorry,” I said, putting my hand behind my head in embarrassment.

“Do I have something on my face?” she asked me. I shook my head.

“No. It’s just… just…”


“Nothing,” I said, picking up a Pokeball from my bag. I let Pikachu out. He had just gotten used to being in a Pokeball and found that it wasn’t so bad.


“Hello Pikachu,” Misty said, grinning. Pikachu jumped on her lap and she started petting him. She had begun to put her hair up normally.

“No!” She looked at me weird.


“Uh… Your hair… Wear it down… It looks… B-b-beau-ti-tiful…” I had trouble with the last word. I barely choked it out.

“Really? Oh… Thanks…” She moved her hands and threw her hair tie on my nightstand. This was going to be one hell of a time trying to plan out how to get the girl.

    Once everyone was downstairs, sitting around the tree, my dad gave the first gift. It was to my mom.

“Delia. To 19 wonderful years of us,” he said, handing her a box. She smiled, then opened it, letting out a gasp. I caught a glimpse of what looked like a gold necklace lined with tiny diamonds. Oddly, she wouldn’t let any of us see it. I started wondering if it had some kind of kinky engraving on it and she didn’t want to expose us to anything else than what we’d already seen. Or heard.

     After we got to the very last gift under the tree, I had a plot in my head to win Misty’s heart.

“Well… Here’s the last gift,” Misty said, reaching for it and reading the label.

“To… Misty… From… Ash.” What? I didn’t remember buying her a gift!

“Uh… heh… Go on and open it, Mist,” I said, nervously. She smiled at me, then started unwrapping the gift. It was a little box.

“A… box…”

“Open it, Misty!” I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as she opened it. She let out a gasp. I was about gasp myself. It was a small peach colored box lined with a shiny shade of soft pink silk. What it held was even prettier: A large, blue heart shaped ornament with engravings of gray Japanese letters. She looked at me, smiling.

“You picked this out?”

“Uh… Yeah!” I looked around at the others, with a confused look on my face. But then I knew.

      My mom picked it out.

   I had told her before we went caroling that I didn’t get Misty a gift. She totally flipped out on me. Yelling and scolding me, shaking her finger angrily. It was sort of funny.

   As soon as I remembered, I looked at my mom, grinning. She smiled back and winked.

“Oh Ash! It’s so pretty!” Misty grabbed me in a tight hug.

“Well… I guess that’s it,” my dad said, standing up and stretching. Everyone else stood up, including me and Misty.

“Yep,” Brock said, yawning a bit.

“No,” I said. Everyone gave me a puzzled look. I took a deep breath, then turned to Misty.


“Yes?” There was a short silence.

“I have one more gift for you,” I said.

“Really?” She said with a small grin forming on her face. I took another deep breath, readying for my moment of confession.

“Misty… I love you more than words can express. I’ve loved you since the day I met you. And loved to torture you when I found out you hated bugs. I’d give you my heart, but you’ve already stolen it.” Misty stood there, recovering from shock, then grinning, thinking once again I was just playing.

“Ash… I love you too,” she replied.

“Misty. I’m not playing. I really love you.” There was a long, awkward silence, until she whispered.

“Get out…”

“Don’t believe me?” I asked. She shook her head, laughing a little. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips, feeling a rush of hot and cold through my body as our first real kiss happened. I heard Brock muttering and heard the click of a camera, but ignored it. The feeling was great. Kissing is a great thing. But all great things must come to an end. I pulled away, still holding her by the shoulders.

“Ash… I… really… love you too,” she said, smiling.

    Brock, being the idiot he is, started clapping and cheering. Misty and I just ignored it, and kissed again. My dad gave a loud sigh.

“What?” I asked.

“I feel sorry for Brock.”

“Wha? Why!?”

“He’s the only person in this house that doesn’t have a relationship. Well, besides Pikachu.” We all exchanged nervous glances.

“OH HELL NO!” We all started laughing.

    With that last exclamation from Brock, we truly had a Merry Christmas.









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