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                      PART ONE:

         A Desert, A Room, and A Plan



                B Y   A E R I S 1 1 7 2



DISCLAIMER: Me own nothing. Written in blood. LOL!



           Ash, Misty and Brock made their way through a hot, dry desert. About every 4 miles there was a service station, giving drinks and snacks and refueling a car. But they didn’t have a car, now did they? NO. ~ahem~ Misty sighted the next station.

Misty: “Hey look! Over there!!!” Misty ran to the station and when she looked back, Ash and Brock were slumping.

Misty: “Pfff… Slowpokes!” Misty went into the station. A handsome guy sat at the checkout counter.

Misty: Whoa! It’s pretty nice in here. Is it air-conditioned?

Guy: Yeah. What’s a pretty thing like you doing walkin’ out in the hot desert?” Misty pointed out the window to the Slowpokes. The guy nodded. Misty walked to the back where the drinks were and pulled out a sprite. She walked up to the counter.

Guy: Sprite. Good taste you got there, babe. That’ll be $1.59.” Misty handed over the money.

Guy: See ya.”

Misty: Umm. Bye!” Misty walked out to her friends.

Guy: That’s one good-looking girlie.”

Misty: You’re so slow.” She said and took a gulp of her Sprite.

Ash: Oh… Hey!!! IS THAT SPRITE?! CAN I PLEASE HAVE A SIP?!” Misty looked at Ash and gave it to him.

Misty: Fine.” Ash gulped some of it down.

Misty: Hey!! Buy your own!” Misty took her Sprite and sipped it.

Brock: Oh my GOD. I’ve gotta record this… this is phenomenal!”

Ash: What is?”

Brock: You and Misty!!!!!

Misty: What?” She asked and took another sip.

Ash: Ohhh, that we’re getting along?”

Brock: No you half-wit that you sipped off the same drink. It’s a huge step in your relationship. Just like kissing!!!!” Ash and Misty looked at each other. Misty spit her drink out and Ash licked the ground. The guy who worked at the station was watching out the window.

Guy: Ha, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Ohhh… Hah… I feel like Albedo. But in a good way. Haa!!!”

Misty: Brock, you sick freak! Give me that booklet!” Misty screamed and took his booklet.

Misty: AAML Record?

Brock: Ash and Misty’s Love Record.”

Ash: Blechh… Why did you ask Misty?” Asked Ash blushing.

Misty: Day 1: I have started this journal to prove that Ashton Satoshi Ketchum and Mistique Kasumi Williams are madly in love. More later…” Misty looked at Brock coldly as Ash took the book and flipped through it.

Ash: Day 103: Today Ash, Misty, and Tracey were on Trovita Island. Misty saved some weird-o’s little sister. His name was Rudy. Apparently, Rudy was flirting with Misty and asked her to stay on Trovita with him and his little sister. But she said no. Awww… She wanted to stay with her wittle boyfriend, Ashy! Anyways, Rudy said to Ash, “You’re a lucky guy, Ash.” All Ash said was: “Huh?” Oh boy… Note: Information acquired from… TRACEY!” Ash shoved the book back into Brock’s hands.

Misty: Come on, Ash. We’ve gotta talk.” Misty pulled Ash into the station.

Misty: ‘scuse me, umm… Do you think you could beat that guy up for me? Or is there another room in here we could use?” The guy shook his head.

Guy: Sorry, miss. No can do. I can’t beat the guy up. But if you and your friend need to talk, you can go into my room.

Ash: You live here?”

“In the upstairs level, yeah. First door on the left. Have fun,” said the guy grinning and giving Ash a thumbs up.

Misty: Ohhh no! It’s not like that, man. Dear God, no. See… That guy thinks we’re in love and whoa boy. No way. And we need to devise a scheme to make him halfway dead or… something.”

Guy: Oh. All right. It’s the door that says Tony on it.”

Misty: Thank you. Tony.” Misty pulled Ash by the wrist up the stairs and into Tony’s room.




Brock: Umm. Where’d my friends go???

Tony: Upstairs.

Brock: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Tony: Yup.” Brock was astonished.

Brock: What? Really? Cool! YES! I FINALLY GOT THEM TOGETHER!!! WOO HOO!” Brock started dancing.

Tony: Sir? Sir, we don’t hire dancing idiots, please leave.”

Brock: ‘Kay!” Brock danced on out of the store




 Misty paced around the small room. It had many posters of old movies and pictures of Tomb Raider. Ash sat on the floor, propped up by the gray walls.

Misty: We’ve gotta do something to get back at him.” Misty stopped pacing and plopped down on Tony’s bed.

Ash: How about we make a… BATL Record?”

Misty: BATL?

Ash: Brock and Tracey’s Love.” Misty bust out laughing and held her sides.

Misty: No… no. Not quite. What about… we pretend we actually we’re making out when we were up here. And then, he’ll go sooooo crazy if we are sweet talking each other or something! So, what do ya think?”

Ash: That’s a gre- WHAT?!?” Ash’s jaw dropped, instantly.

Misty: Well, can you think of anything else?

Ash: No…

Misty: I don’t know what else we could do.

Ash: We could kill him.

Misty: Nah, the C.S.I would crack that case.

Ash: Oh yeah. I forgot about them! Crap.

Misty: There are also the people on Cold Case. And Law & Order.

Ash: Shut up.

Misty: What? It’s true! I can see it in the headlines: TWO STAR-CROSSED LOVERS KILL INNOCENT GYM LEADER.”

Ash: Since when were we star-crossed? And lovers?”

Misty: Tsk, tsk! Have you thought about the record?”

Ash: Oh yeah. My plan or your plan.” Misty shrugged.

Misty: Neither. How about the Silent Treatment?

Ash: Nah, too simple.” Ash and Misty went into thinking mode.

Misty: Clueless.”

Ash: Same here. Think, think, think!!” Ash started banging his head up against the wall.

Misty: Ash! Don’t do that! It’s not gonna help!!” Misty crawled over to Ash and put her hand on the wall where he was hitting his head. He continued to hit his head on the wall. When he looked up at Misty, she was grinning.

Ash: What?

Misty: Idea!” Misty sat in the computer chair and began explaining.

Misty: Ok, so… one more annoying thing out of him and we commence Operation… Operation… umm…

Ash: Operation Cheeseburger!

Misty: Is food all you ever think about, Ash?”

Ash: No… Wait, yes… wait… no comment.” Misty rolled her eyes.

Misty: I… oh crud.” Misty said, glancing out the widow. Brock was jumping up and down, trying to get a better view of what was going on in the world above. Misty wheeled the chair over to the window and opened it.

Misty: Oh hey. We’ll be a few minutes, okay?”

Brock: Have fun, you two lovers!!!

Ash: Hey Brock,” Ash appeared behind Misty, “can you make sure Pikachu doesn’t do anything-“ Pikachu burst in the door, “stupid.”

“PIKACHU!!! Go back down to Brock, Misty and I need to… err… do something.” Misty flipped around to face Ash as Pikachu left the room.

Misty: ASH! You!! GRR!! I can’t believe! I bet you just gave Pikachu the impression that we were-“

Ash: were what?!

Misty: Making out.” Ash’s face became distorted as Misty wheeled around back to the window.

Misty: Just wait a while. We need to talk.”

Brock: Talk… pff.”

Misty: Say that again and you have an appointment with my mallet,” Misty said closing the window, along with the blinds.

Ash: Anyways… What was the Operation?” Misty began to explain but stopped immediately.

Misty: I forgot. I’m GONNA KILL BROCK!!” Misty slammed her hand down on the desk.

Ash: THAT’S NOT GONNA HELP!” Ash was mimicking misty and she was getting PO’ed.

Misty: Shut up or I’ll have to mimic your death in court.” Ash kept going.

Ash: MAKING OUT!!!” Misty grinned.


Ash: And this is the best impression of Misty,” he began, “MAKING OUT! OMIGOSH, like why did I say that! Oh yeah! Like, cos’ I wanna!!” Misty’s face fell and she lunged for Ash

Misty: You’re gonna DIE!!!” Ash grinned and Misty lunged for him and he jumped off the bed.

Ash: Oh I’m Misty and I love Ash Ketchum! He’s like…. MY IDOL!”

Misty: In your dreams, Ketchum.” Ash stopped.

Ash: Yeah, and I’m Lance from-OOF!” Misty and pinned Ash down to the floor and started laughing.

Misty: Gotcha. Nyah, nyah… You think you’re so great but-HEY!”

Ash: Let’s go with plan number one!” Ash pushed Misty off him.

Misty: Ow!” Ash spun around.

Ash: Hey! Are you LISTENING?!

Misty: I don’t remember plan no. one. Oh you mean: the lovey dovey one? Hmm… I don’t know…”

Ash: Why not? I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to have a girlfriend.” Misty walked over to Ash and ran her index finger down his chest. (PERVERTS! Can you NOT clear you MIND for ONCE?! PLEASE!!!)

Misty: You’re of the odd sort, Ashy Boy.” She pushed him backwards.

Ash: how about we boycott his food and only eat Pokèchow?

Misty: That’s gross, Ash.” Ash grinned and opened the door.

Ash: Shall we leave, ma pechê?” He said, imitating a French man.

Misty: French, huh? How very flattering Mr. Romance! Keep working, your accent sucks.” Ash pushed Misty out the door and they made their way out the store.



Yay! End of part one. That prologue was way off! Boy, I wrote that like a year ago. Geez! So do you like it? I think it was quite thinky of me! I don’t know what that means… but whatever! Yes! Our DI team won 2nd in state but sucked at globals.


Team made up of:

Noël “Piper” *******

Brandy “Paige” ****

Kent ******

Grace “Roze” ******

Katie “Bobba Lu” ****

Eden “Chaos” *******

Haa! No last names!!!!!! MWAHAHAHHAHAHA! Albedo…. In a good way! XD