†††††††† POKE Ė Raider

AGE KEY: Ash: 14 Misty: 14 Ĺ Brock: 18 Lara: 20


††††††††††††† PART ONE



†††††††††††††† Laraís POV

My guns fired rapidly and loudly. The crocodile slumped to the ground. I looked at my leg, reached into my pack and bandaged it up. Another crocodile showed up.

Lara: Oh boy. Here we go again.Ē I took out my rocket launcher and shot once. KABLAM! No guts just a huge explosion. It was still standing, only itís tail was gone.

Lara: Forget that idea.Ē I took out my Uziís and shot like it was the end of the world. I took a rest after it slumped. My Uziís fell out of my hand. I was ready to stand up when I heard a huge THUD. I stood up like my butt was on fire. I looked above the ledge and something opened.There was no walkway, so I jumped on the ledge and pulled myself up. There was a hole and in the hole, it was liquid.I took out some ammo and threw it. Suction started pulling everything in, including me. I was whizzing and twirling. Then, everything went black. I felt myself fall.


OK>>> Its short. DONíT SUE ME!!!! Laraís parts are going to be kind of short. NOT HER PANTS HER P.O.V.íS!!!!!! OkÖ reviews pleaseeeee