Part Four

                  MISTY’S POV

I knew I shouldn’t have been listening to Evanescence! Ash always steals it away from me! I looked at Lara she was laughing. She also had a big smudge on her face.

Misty: Um, Lara? You have something on your face.” I threw a mirror at her. She caught it thankfully!

Lara: AHH! OH MY GOD!” She dropped my mirror and put a hand over her mouth. She was freaking out for no reason! Unless… In the other world she was in, she was different looking! Ash looked at her and went huh.

Ash: Lara? Are you okay?” Lara shook her head violently and kept touching her face.


Lara: I was, human, in my world. Now I’m… ANIME!”

Brock: Ani-HUH?” Lara shook her head and laughed again. I forgot about Ash taking my Evanescence CD. AND MY WALK-MAN! I didn’t mind anymore. Sometimes I wondered why I liked him. OH! YOU DIDN’T JUST HEAR THAT! Ok so, I like him. No, I really like him. NO! I REALLY, REALLY LIKE HIM! Oh why am I telling you this? It’s not like your hell-bent on trying to find out how I feel about Ash Ketchum. Dejectedly, I stood up and went over to Lara.

M t L: Lara? Are you alright?” She looked at me.


 Woman’s Voice: Prepare for trouble.

Man’s voice: And Make It DOUBLE!” (I’m not even gonna bother trying to type the whole thing…)

Meowth: MEOWTH THAT’S RIGHT!” Ash took his head phones off.

Ash: Huh? Oh Hello.” He yelled for Pikachu.

Lara: Um, let me try something.” Lara pulled out her guns and shot.

Lara: Dance, mercenaries, DANCE!”

Ash: Pikachu, TUHNDER BOLT!” In a flash of lightning team rocket was gone. Lara smiled, looked at Ash and nodded. Ash winked. I think he’s hitting on her! Why can’t he hit on ME? Oh yeah, I’m one of his best friends. Duh, Misty. We all exchanged looks and then laughed, wildly.

Brock: Soup’s ready guys. CHOW DOWN!” We ate, and the soup was delicious. Togepi and Pikachu were playing again. We all chatted for about a half-hour or so, and then went to bed. I waited until everyone was asleep to get my CD back. When I got out of my sleeping bag, Ash was sitting on a log. I tied my hair up quietly, and sat next to him. He looked at me and said Hi quietly.

Misty: Will you ever stop taking my Evanescence CD, Ash?” He kind of laughed.

Ash: No way! That CD is the best! You have such a great taste in music, Misty.” He was trying to be flirty to get the CD.

Misty: No, you’re not getting my CD Mr. Ash Ketchum!” He snapped his fingers and said darn.

Ash: Well that didn’t work.” He said smiling. I shrugged.

Misty: Well, You CAN borrow it when I am not listening to it okay?” He did his little pose and said I CAN BORROW IT YEAH! I laughed. He handed my CD back to me and I put it away.

Misty: Good night, again.”

Ash: Night Misty.” Under my breath, very, SUPER, quietly I said, “I love you”. I went to sleep.

(ME: This next part is a dream so…) I got up again. Ash was still sitting on a log.

Misty: You still haven’t gone to sleep yet Ash?” He shook his head.

Ash: I couldn’t help it, your just so beautiful.” (END DREAM SEQUENCE) I bolted up out of my sleeping bag.

Misty: Oh, just another dream.” It must have been at least dawn when I woke up. Ash was lying in his sleeping bag, snoring away. Pikachu was by his feet, in a ball. I giggled the slightest bit. I went back to sleep, wondering, if Lara had really come to this world by accident…


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