Part five

                     Lara’s POV


All Ash and Misty were doing the next day was fighting. I was highly irritated with them.


AAM: LOVEBIRDS!??!!” Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Misty was about to strangle me and Ash’s eye was totally flinching. I reached for my guns.

Misty: AH NO!!!! I WANNA LIVE!!!!!! DON’T SHOOT! I AM INNOCENT!!!” Misty put her hands up. Ash was still blushing. He turned a darker red when Misty grabbed onto him.

Ash: AH! GET OFFA ME!!!!!!!!” Brock snapped a picture.

Lara: What the…” Brock was laughing.

Brock: I CAN SELL THIS PICTURE ON THE INTERNET OF YOU “LOVEBIRDS”!!!” I was laughing so hard, that I was crying! Misty hit Brock in the head with a huge mallet. She took the picture.

Misty: I am SO going to burn it.” Brock grabbed onto my leg.

Brock: Take care of me my queen!” I was getting ticked off at him this time.

Lara: OFF NOW YOU MORON! GET OFFA ME!!!!!” Pikachu was running after Togepi.

Pikachu: PII CAAA CHUAAAA!!! ( Get off her!!!)” Brock lay on the ground, crispy like chicken (MMM CHICKEN! Whoops…) Ash, Misty, and I were cracking up. Ash kneeled over Brock.

Ash: Yo! I see Nurse Joy!!” He said and pointed into a tree. Brock stood up, knocking Ash to his butt.

Brock: WOOF WOOF!” Brock yelped as he jumped into the tree and started kissing something. We all saw something flash and rise over the tree.

Misty: RUN!” We all ran at our fastest speeds while something like a bee was chasing us.

Ash: FREAKING BEEDRILL!!!” More Beedrill were following us.

Misty: Plan B!!!!”

Lara: Whats Plan B?” I yelled through all the loudness.

Misty: YEEEEEEE HAAAWW!!!!!” Misty jumped into a lake, followed by Ash. I glared at the Beedrill and took out my rocket launcher. * SWEATDROP THINGY * Misty and Ash came up to breath and exchanged glances. All the Beedrill had flew away.

Ash: Ain’t this where we met Misty? Hah! Now were both all wet!!!! Haaa!!!” Misty got ticked.

Misty: NO ITS NOT DIPWIT!!! THIS IS A FRIGGIN LAKE!!!” Misty shoved Ash underwater

Ash: Re-GBLUBBBLUBBGGG!!!!!! BUUGGBB!!!” I turned around to see extreme bubbles and Misty holding Ash underwater. She let up Ash and trudged to the edge of land. Ash quietly went up behind her and pulled her into the water by the waist.

Misty: AHGBLUBBBB!!!!” I went behind a tree and changed into my wetsuit. I came out from behind the tree.

Brock: Ouhh… HOTTIE ALERT! YOU’RE UNDER ARREST HONEY!!!!!” I looked at Brock.

Lara: Just pretend your dead and that’s what your gonna be Mr. Dummy.” I said and pulled out my shotgun.

Brock: EEK!!! MOMMY!!!!” I noticed something in the water. Oh no… This couldn’t be happening. Not here… in this world.

Lara: ASH! MISTY!! GET OUTTA THE WATER!” They looked around. Misty didn’t hesitate and went to the edge and got out.

Misty: Ash! C’mon!!!” Ash was kinda slow. Misty grabbed his hand with both of hers.

Misty: Come ON!!!!”

Ash: I’m… stuck!!! IN THE MUD!!” Misty looked like it was the end of the world after he said that.

Misty: Just try to… uhh… jump. Yeah! That’s it! Pretend to jump! Like you just… won the Masters tournament!!”

Ash: Masters what?” He asked confusedly.

Misty: Never mind! Just pretend to jump!!” Ash was trying to jump. Then… it worked!

Misty/Ash: AH!” Misty fell back and Ash landed on top of her.

Misty: GET OFF!!!!” Ash scrambled to get off of her and she pushed him off. I pulled out my Uzis and shot like the devil. Ash and Misty ran beside Brock.

Ash: What the heck?!” A crocodile came out of the water. The croc dropped down and bled to death.

Misty: What was that?” She asked.

Lara: A crocodile. From my world. Its safe now.” I dived into the lake.

Misty: Well I’m into that!!” She said and jumped into the lake followed by Pikachu and Ash.

Brock: Hmm… Oh well!!” He said and stumbled into the lake. The lake lit up. I knew what was happening. I grabbed my bag. Oh no… Not this!!! Ash Misty and Brock were about to go to my world too!!!! There was a flash of light…


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