From Real to Pokč





                                       Part 2: Bye Tim! Hi James!


Jeez! This is only part 2 man!! This is actually a CO, but I put O. Mah baad. Baaah! I do not own anyone in this story… except Lulu!  






“So how did we get here anyways?” Asked Tim. I was deep in thought and not hearing a word he said. Tim gets around. He’s dated Naomi, Maya, Mia, Renče twice, and he likes the 6th grade prep Anna. And these are only the people he’s dated in 6th grade. Oh jesu cristo. I don’t like him anymore.

“Hello? Lulu. Did you hear a word I just said?” I looked at him I shook my head.

“How did we get here and why are you here?” He put a heavy emphasis on you.

“Must be the doing of Team Rocket. Its either Jessie, James and Meowth or Butch and Cassidy. Maybe Team Aqua or Team Magma. I’m not sure. Something with the space time continuum, maybe?” I guessed. Tim looked at me and raised his eyebrow. I blushed.

“What?!” I screamed.

“Do you like me?” He knew since Lee had told every guy that I liked him and Lee found out because of Erin.

“Past tense please. No more do I like you.” His face neither brightened nor fell. Another huge flash of light and Tim disappeared. I smiled.

“What the heck.” I heard a girlish voice say. I looked up. OMG!!

“Misty Williams?!” Misty looked at me astonished.

“How do you know me?” I put my hand up.

“Long story,” I sighed.

“Hey Misty, who’s that?” A boy asked.

“Lemme guess. Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town,” I said, standing up.

“Yeah! I wanna be a-“

“Pokčmon master. I know, I know!” Ash, Misty, and Brock were astonished that I knew them.

“Like I said. Lon-“ Another flash of light interrupted my sentence.

“OOF!” I looked over to my left, where someone sat. He looked quite familiar. I walked over I poked him in the head like I did to Tim.
”Umm… Hello?” The boy had dirty blonde hair and was lighter blonde on top. Kind of spiky, too.

“Eurgghh… What? Where am I?”

“Pokčworld. Don’t ask. I’m here too.” He looked at me.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Lulu.” He started laughing at me.

“What is sooooo funny?!”

“Lulu! Yeah! Right!” I crossed my arms and yelled at him.

“And who are you!?”

“James from Ne-“

“I know you! You went out with Amy! And Erin too! So nya nya!!!” I stuck out my tongue at him. He stuck his tongue out at me. Another flash of light occurred.

“Umm… Why did a pillow just appear?” Asked James.

“Beats me,” I said. I looked over at Ash and back at James. Great. Both guys I like, at one place. Dear me…

“Hey, James. Do you have a piece of paper and a pen?”

“Paper and pen at this time?! Why?!” I smiled like an idiot.

“I want Ash’s autograph,” I said. James just stared at me.

“You are one weird freaky little person.”

“That’s what Amy said when I exclaimed my favorite movie was Spice World. But hey, I’m not friends with Joseph Thomas now am I, hmm, James?”

“Shut up.” I turned to Ash, Misty and Brock who were just staring at James and I.

“WHAT,” I screamed, angrily, “ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!”

“Um… Nothin’…” I grimaced at their stupidity. Just staring at James and I like… we’re mutant alien LADY BUGS FROM SPACE OR SOMETHING! FLASH… ~gees, another?!~

“A sleeping bag? What’s next, a frying pan?” Asked James.

“Um, you might not notice, but, there are no luxurious hotels around here. We have to camp out, man,” I exclaimed. James whined.

“Whaat?! Yeah buuut-“


“There’s only one sleeping bag, Lu…”

“Yeah, good point,” I said posing my finger on my chin and thinking. How did we get here? Why James? And me too? Oh no… I’ll be Xenosaga-less! And…and… my diary!! Oh crap… I shoved my hand inside my left front pocket. YES! Paper! Now all I needed was-I looked over to my right.


A pen


“James,” I said grinning. “Anything you want, you can get.”

“You’re one sick freak.”

“No, no! Not like that. I just thought of a pen. It appeared. Why did I want a pen? So I could make a diary while I was here. I already have paper. See,” I said pulling the paper out of my pocket and putting it back in.

“Ooh! Can I read the diary?”

“If you can read Al Bhed.” James frowned.

“I’m sure you don’t wanna hear about what I think. It’s full of girly stuff,” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“Girly. Pff…”


“No, no, no, no, no! I didn’t say nothing,” James sputtered.

“I thought so.”

 Me. Pokčworld. James. Nature.


  This is gonna be one wild, crazy ride.


I’m sorry it’s so short. I’m kinda having writers block. All I can think about it Xenosaga… Oh no… Lol. Reviews. Me likey reviews!