By Aeris1172

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It was a sunny day in Celadon City. Ash and his friends Misty and Brock were looking for a good restaurant to eat at. Of course, Ash wanted a burger. And Pikachu wanted ketchup. They came to a place that actually looked okay.

Ash: “I crave some chocolate pie… MMMM.”  They all entered the restaurant and sat down. A waitress came up to them.

Waitress: Hi. I’ll be your server today. My name is Amy. What would you like to drink?”

Ash: Pepsi.”

Misty: Sprite.”

Brock: A DATE WITH YOU!” Brock jumped out of his seat and hugged Amy’s leg.

Amy: Get off me!!!” Amy pushed Brock off her leg and threatened him.

Brock: Help me mommy,” He said hugging Pikachu, “ she’s threating me!!” Pikachu shocked Brock and Togepi danced around like it was an act. Amy left and Brock was flinching. Amy was back with the drinks.

Amy: Sprite,” She said giving Misty her drink, “Pepsi,” she said and handed it to Ash. She handed Brock a glass of water. They ordered their food.

Ash: MMM… Burger.” Pikachu sat there, eating a bottle of ketchup while Togepi ate some of Brock’s Pokechow. Misty sat there, stabbing at her salad. Togepi looked at her. Misty didn’t want to make a bad example for her little pokemon so she ate her salad. After they were done, Amy came back and took their plates.

Amy: Any dessert?”” Ash nodded enthusiastically.

Ash: Yeah! Ice cream in every flavor!!!! And a piece of your famous chocolate pie!” That was all the dessert they had in the whole restaurant. Ash scarfed every bit down.

Misty: Ash! Careful or you’ll get brain fre-“

Ash: AHH BRAIN FREEZE!! Help…” He yelled grabbing his head. Misty hit him in the head with her mighty mallet of doom.

Ash: Thank…you… ow…” The bowl of ice cream that Ash had been eating fell off the table and onto the floor.

Ash: NOO!!!” Ash jumped out of his seat and licked the ice cream up.

Misty: What the HECK? ASH YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING!!” (Misty: Why do I like him?)


After Ash had eaten all his “floor” cream, he stood up and yawned. He looked at his watch (does he have one? Lets pretend ok?). It was 6:30 already! (Ash: Geez. I hate being so embarrassing to Misty.) As Brock and Misty got out of their seats, Misty wanted to apologize but that just wasn’t her. SO she thought up something sarcastic to say.

Misty: Wow Ash. Your mouth must have touched everything sweet in this restaurant!” Ash thought up a pretty good scheme and pretty quick too.

Ash: Haha. Not just yet!” He said and turned to Misty. She stopped and gave him a confused look. He smiled, weirdly.

Brock: Are you coming or NOT?” Brock turned around to them.

Ash: Just a sec.” Brock walked out and looked through a window.

Ash: But now it has.” Ash kissed Misty on the lips and she was extremely shocked. They put their arms around each other as they kissed. Brock, who was watching through a window, was astonished and Pikachu and Togepi were doing a little victory dance. Ash and Misty pulled apart and smiled.

Misty: Oh Ash…” They walked out of the restaurant, holding hands.


                                  THE END

It is just something I put together in between stories. I had another great idea when I was listening to Dido. Some lyrics were: “I will not watch the ocean. My lover’s gone.” And it totally reminded me of the Ghost of Maiden’s Peak. So, I had the idea of a story called “Preventing another Ghost” which in it, Ash, Misty, and Brock are all in their 20’s and there is a war going on in Hoenn and Ash gets a call from someone who asks him to join the army. AND the fanfic will include the lyrics of the song by dido: “My Lover’s Gone”. Well like I said, this is just something short. I would enjoy some reviews. Thanks!