The Art of Raiding  






It took me forever to git off my lazy butt and make THIS SEQUEL!!! So, here it goes!!!


    I awoke as soon as I felt a snake slither near. I pulled out my gun, tumbled backwards and shot. It was dead.

“Misty? Ash? Brock? Hello?” I stood up and kicked the dead snake away. The dark consumed the entire area, making it very difficult to find the people who had come along with me. I set down my bag and pulled out a flashlight to investigate the dark, damp area that I was situated in. As soon as I switched it on, I heard a bloodcurdling scream, coming from ahead.


   I rushed ahead, tripping with almost every step I took. When I arrived, there was a squirrel, sitting near Misty and looking at her. All of a sudden, I burst out laughing at Misty’s pitiful reason to scream.

“Misty! It’s a SQUIRREL! Don’t worry. They don’t hurt, unless you mess with their nuts.” Misty gave me a disgusted look.

“You’re so perverted, do you know that?” My jaw dropped.

“No, nuts are like… crunchy… things…” I said, sputtering, trying to find the right words. There was a groan from Misty’s left. I shined my flashlight over to whatever it was.


   Misty rushed over to Ash and kneeled over him. Ash opened his eyes, to see Misty.

“Are… you… an…. Angel?” Misty laughed and smiled.

“Ash, it’s me! It’s Misty.” Ash gaped.

“Oh my god. YOU’RE DEAD TOO?! Oh cruel twists of fate, why have we died?!” Misty stood up and kicked him in the side.

“Owwww, ow, ow…” Ash groaned, grasping his side. (Yup, same ol’ Misty!)

“Guys? Maybe we should get out of here,” I exclaimed, brushing off the feeling that someone was watching us… Like a camera…

“B-b… We haven’t found Brock yet!”

“I mean, do we really need him?” I joked.

“He’s the only one that can cook,” Explained Ash. Good point, I thought. Now where could ‘MR. MARTHA STEWART’ be?



Ok, so it’s short. EXTREMELY short. Sorry! I like to thank everyone who sent me reviews, and encouraged me. If I hadn’t had it, I would have stopped writing!!! Unless… Some of you WANT me to stop writing. (Insert goodbye speech here) NOT! ^_^ Have a nice life!


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