The Legendary Black Orb!




May: I don’t get it! Who is this "Chosen One"?

Misty: so you guys remember when we got all those crazy weather conditions?

May: ya actually yes!

Ash and Misty told them all about what had happened that day. They even told them the legend.

Misty: …and thus the world shall turn to Ash.

Voice: I STILL think it meant the thing ash. Not the person.

They turn around and see Andrew standing there.

Andrew: yo!

They all ran up to greet him but as soon as they got there they went right through him.

Andrew: hee hee oh ya almost forgot. This isn't ACTUALLY my body. And I don’t know how long I will be able to hold it. Brock tell me. Do you have some kind of information about this "Black Orb"?

Brock: yes I do actually. Its all in here. What it is. Where it came from…and how to stop it!

To Be Continued…

Haa haa sorry gonna leave you there.