This is a cool fic I thought about when remembering the episode with Groudon and Kyogre (yes I DID spell that write) it will Have to do with a…oh just screw it and read!


The Legendary Black Orb!


While walking through another forest. Ash and co. stop near a lakeside to rest up. Brock is cooking lunch. Max is looking around for osme Pokémon. May is admiring her ribbons. Ash and Misty are on a rock by the lakeside. (This will have some AAML as also some JAJ and AnAMy ((remember I made that last one?)) ) and Andrew was looking lying around when something at the corner of his eye sparkled.

He went up to see whatever it was. He found it and picked it up. It was a black sphere.

At the Lakeside…

Ash: Misty?

Misty: ya Ash?

Ash: umm…there is something ive been wanting to tell you…

Misty: ya sure go ahead.

Ash: …Misty…I-

Andrew: hey guys look what I found!

Ash: (thinking) Andrew…you have the worst timing ever!

They all went over to where Andrew was standing. He showed them the sphere.

Andrew: what do you suppose it is?

Brock: (thinking) ya know…it kinda looks like…wait! (out loud) Andrew get rid of it now!

Andrew: Huh? Why?

Brock: because it’s a-

Too late. The sphere then sunk right into Andrew’s hand. Black markings started to form around his body.


May: Brock what's happening!?

Brock: you guys remember the red and blue orbs?

Everyone except Misty noded.

Brock: you werent with us when it happened Misty but that…was a black orb! I read about it in-

He was interupted by some chuckling.

Andrew: hee hee hee hee…hmmhmmhmm…finally He will be awakend!

Misty: Andrew what are you talking about? Who will be awakend?

Andrew: Hee hee hee…the almighty Imfoumus will rise again and destroy…

Max: Andrew…who will this "Imfoumus" destroy?

Andrew: The almighty Imfoumus will destrroy "The Chosen One"!

Misty and Ash gasped in horror.

And with that he vanished.

Mew/Pikachu/Togepi: MEW/PIKA/TOGE!!

Ash, Brock, and Misty ran and grabbed the Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Pokémon all over the world started getting strrange feelings. Even all the legendaries felt it.

Celebi: BI!

Deoxys: (remember there were two of them. And they made whatever noise they made…man I even have the movie.)

Raquayza/Scuicune/Entai/Raikou/Kyogre/Groudon: ROAR (hey! They all roar! Don’t get mad at me.)

Zapdos/Moltres/Articuno/Ho-Oh: SQUAK! (again I don’t know what noise they make)

Resis: (whatever noise they make)

Latias: LAI!

Latios: LAT!

Mewtwo/Lugia: AGHH! (and I cant put in Jirachi. Oh and also if you could picture all of the Pokémon I just put up there screaming at once)


Man: so…its finally…begun…

To Be Continued…


Entai, Suicune, And Raikou are called "The Legendary Dog Pokémon". Fact or not!