This shall be chapter 1 of the story. Enjoy.

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Andrew in the Ninja World!

Episode 1.


Andrew looked around his surroundings. He looked like he was in a village.

Andrew: hunh? Where am I?

Boy: Hey I don’t think ive ever seen you around before.

Andrew: ya I guess you could say I…dopped in.

Boy: You should probably see Lord Hokage. He might know what to do. Follow me!

Andrew: thanks.

After about five minutes of walking they finally arrive at a tall building. They walk inside and stop at a door. The boy knocked on it and a voice said "Come in."

Boy: Lord Hokage. This boy seems to be new to our village.

Hokage: thank you.

Boy: yes sir.

He walked out leaving Andrew and the old man alone in the room.

Hokage: so young man what brings you to our village?

Andrew tells him the story of how he got here.

Andrew: so I’ve concluded that I have been separateed from my own world.

Hokage: very well. I’ll allow you to stay here and train until you find your way beck home.

Andrew: Thank you sir. Umm…I was wondering if you could explain to me how the ranks and stuff work.

He hands Andrew a scroll.

Andrew: I was also wondering if…

He hands Andrew two scrolls. One a map and one with all the student names.

Hokage: the student names have their pictures next to them so it will be easier. Now you will start as a student here. Now before I send you off…

To Be Continued…

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