Here we are…second chapter.


Andrew in the Ninja World!

Episode 1!



Andrew: hmm…now lets see here…waa!

Andrew was walking on the road when a boy with spiky blonde hair (we all know) ran past him. He looked at the scroll.

Andrew: Hmm…Naruto? Waa! How did he cloak himself in front of that fence without being noticed!? Wait…who’s that? Did he say Iruka! Oh crap I better get over there!

You then see the Hokage deep in thought.


Hokage: Now before I send you off I would like to see what you can do first.

Andrew: (smirking) very well. I practice this stuff in my world.

He made a few hand signs and stoppedd at one.

Andrew: Mystic Art! Element Jutsu! Psychic!

Just then a mirror in the corner of the room started floating.

Hokage: very well. Take this slip and find a man called Iruka. Give this to him and he will tell you what to do next.

Andrew: thank you sir. Umm…by the way…is there anyone I should look out for?

Hokage: hmm…yes there is a boy…Naruto. (who knew I would write him?) he is known as a prankster. Mostly because he never knew his parents.

Andrew: (mumbling) I know the feeling. (for those of you that are confuseed on this read "Who Andrew really is" and you wont be) (out loud) Thank you sir.

End Flashback

Hokage: how was he able to perform that kind of jutsu without being in this world and not his…hmm…I suspect a lot out of him.

Meanwhile back with Andrew. When he finally caught up…Iruka was tieing up Naruto so he would run away.

Andrew: umm…excuse me?

Iruka: yes?

Andrew gave him the slip and explained everything.

Iruka: very well. You can follow me to the Academy.