Ok here we are again with Chapter 3. The first two chapters didn’t seem too good but this one will be better.


Andrew in the Ninja World!

Episode 1!



Iruka: Now before I start on YOU Naruto! I would like to introduce a new student. Andrew Ketchum.

There were murmers around the room.

Boy: Why is there a new student when the Academy is almost over?

Iruka: (thinking) Yes. I would like to se what he can do.

Girl: What kind of loser is THIS kid?

(for those of you that wish to know…the boy speaking was Kiba and the girl was Ino.)

Andrew glared at her. Iruka told Andrew to find a seat. He then began yelling at Naruto who didn’t seem to care.

Iruka: fine then. Because of you the entire will do the transformation jutsu all over again!(ok note this down…I may not get everything word for word or make everything like it is in the show…but go along with me ok?)

The entire class moaned.

First a girl named Sakura went up. Then a boy nameed Sasuke. Then Naruto went up. (did you notice that they did the order exacly like they set up the squad?)

Naruto: Transform!

Iruka fell over on the ground at what he turned into.

Naruto: ha ha! Gotcha! That’s my sexy jutsu!

Andrew: (thinking) is this kid for real?


Andrew went up.

Andrew: ok…lets see…Transform!

In a flash of smoke Andrew did a perfect trransformation into Iruka. The whole class gasped. They all seemedd to be thinking the same thing. "how was he able to do a perfect tranformation on his first try?"

Later that day he was being (annoyingly) followed by a binch of girls from the Academy asking questions like "where did you come from?" and he would always answer "From a different world." Which made him even more popular.

The next day, Iruka announceed that the final test of the Academy would be a replication jutsu.(not entirely sure if that’s what it was called)

Andrew: (thinking) final! Man I really got here late! Oh well.

Naruto went up after everyone else and Andrew was right after him. So Andrew wnt and waited for his turn. He overheard what was going on so he looked inside from the door that was open a crack.

Andrew: man…I kinda feel sorry for him.

He heard what a man next to Iruka saying that he should give Naruto a try.

Iruka: no Mizuki! All the students were able to create at least three replications. But Naruto only made one…and look at it. Its pathetic.

Andrew saw Naruto start to leave so he quickly went to the other end of the hallway and walked over from there.

Andrew: Hey Naru-

Naruto: shut it!

Andrew: hmph! Pushy!

Naruto left right away. Iruka then came out.

Iruka: don’t worry about him. Come on lets see what you can do.

They walked in the room.

Iruka: ok Andrew. Whenever your ready.

Mizuki: don’t tell him that Iruka. He may never begin.

Andrew: (Thinking) there is something about this guy…

He made a hand sign and there were about five Andrews.

Iruka: (thinking) I think he does have what it takes. He has very good potential. Especially for a beginner. He has something special. (out loud) ok. You can take a headband now.

Andrew: YA!

He took a headband and tied it around just above his right wrist.

Iruka: Advancedd ninja studies starts tomarrow. Now if you’ll excuse me…

He walks out the door.

Andrew: Oh! Wait! Iruka sensai!

Iruka: hmm…what?

Andrew: well…I don’t have a place to stay at and…

Iruka: Don’t worry about it. Try asking around-

Andrew: uhh…one: the other guys don’t really approve of me yet and I think it would be a bad idea to ask the girls.

Iruka: ahh…I see…maybe try asking Naruto. He could use a friend.

Andrew: ok sensai. Thanks.

Iruka: no problem.