Ok I found a place where I screwed up. I said in the summary that I would have the squads up and I'm doing the first episode of Naruto. So I just decided that this story will contain the first three episodes of Naruto.


Andrew in the Ninja World!

Episode 1!




After Andrew was out of the school, he was in a crowed of other graduats. He looked around and saw Naruto on a swing away from everyone else.

Andrew: hmm…maybe I should go talk to him?

As he started to walk over a man suddenly appeared next to Naruto.

Andrew: Mizuki! Huh? I better follow them.

He then disappeared and went on following them to the Hokage faces. He overheard Mizuki.

Mizuki: you know Naruto? I really don’t think it was fair that you didnt pass. So I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

Andrew: What's he up to? Damn! What's he saying!?

They then separate.

Andrew: crap! Better follow Mizuki.

As he followed, night quickly came. They nearedd a house.

Mizuki: Iruka! Wake up!

Andrew: why is he waking up Iruka sensai?

Iruka came out.

Iruka: huh? Mizuki?

Mizuki: Iruka! Lord Hokage needs you! Its Naruto! He stole the Sacred Scroll!

Iruka: WHAT! Not the Scroll of Sealing.

Andrew: so that was it!

Andrew then ran off to find Naruto.

To Be Continued…