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Andrew in the Ninja World!

Episode 1!



Iruka found Naruto almost as soon as Andrew had.

Andrew: he must have been practicing.

Naruto: You found me Iruka sensai. I only had time to learn one jutsu. Listne Iruka sensai! I'm gonna do this awsome move and then you’ll have to pass me. Anyone who learns a move from the scroll automatically passes right!

Iruka: huh? Where did you get that idea from?

Naruto: Mizuki sensai told me! He told me where to find the scroll…and this place.

Andrew; Naruto you fool…huh?!

Just then a bunch of Kunai shot out fomr the trees. Iruka pushedd Naruto out of the way and took the hit.

Mizuki: I see you found my little hideaway.

Andrew: damn you Mizuki! (just incase you are confused Andrew is hiding and talking softly)

Iruka: So that’s the way it is huh? I should have known!

Mizuki: Naruto! Give me the scroll now!

Naruto: wait a minute! What's going on here?

Iruka: Naruto! Don’t let Mizuki get the scroll! It contains forbidden jutsu that could put this village in great danger! Mizuki useed you to get the scroll for himself for his own power!

Mizuki: Naruto. Iruka is just trying to scare you so you cant have the scroll.

Naruto: huh?

Andrew: Mizuki!

Iruka: stop lying Mizuki! Don’t let him trick you Naruto!

Mizuki: hahaha Oh I’ll tell you who is really lying.

Iruka: no Mizuki!

Mizuki: They have been lying to you your whole life Naruto. Since the decree twelve years agoo.

Andrew: What are you getting at?

Naruto: What…decree?

Mizuki: Everyone knows except you. Iruka is trying to hide it form you even know he’s do anything to shut me up.

Naruto: What is this decree? Why does everyone else know about it?


Mizuki: The decree is: noone can tell you that the ninetailed fox is inside you!

To Be Continued…