Ok now time to continue…………………

Ash: Dude what's takin ya?

Me: I was just waiting for one of you guys to say sometin…oh well here go.


School Days



Andrew: Yo dude? Isn't there a dance coming up?

Ash: ya…so?

Andrew: I was just wondering…

He gave a smirk.

Andrew: …when you were gonna ask Misty out…

Ash: Andrew you idiot shut up…I don’t like Misty got it!

Andrew: Ha ha! Whatever you say Ashy…Whatever you say.


Ash: shut up…look we’re here.

Everyone got off the bus and immediately went to the auditorium for the annouce of the new kids. The Principal went up to the microphone.

Principal: attention…attention please…

Everyone stayed.


Everyone immediately went quiet.

Principal: thank you (AHEM) now as you all know we have two new students here today. As you also may know they are from the Sorenn region. Andrew they are brothers. But! What you do NOT know…is that they are two members of…Triple Threat! ("Who Andrew Really is" will explain this)

There were murmers and some people were looking at Andrew. (I typed that whole sentence without looking at my keyboard) Andrew just stared at the stage intruiged.

Principal: Now! Here they are!

They came out of the curtain. The bigger one had blonde hair (you know what…just think of a young Jesse McCartne or however you spell it.) the other boy had Black hair that was kinda flat. (sorry but I'm only putting in their hair cause I don’t feel like doing a whole description…use your imagination…or if you don’t have one use your friends.)

Principal: their names are (pointing to the bigger one) Brennan and (pointing over to the other one) Ryan! (even though my friends hate Pokémon I'm still including them in my fic) now you will be escorted by one student…of MY choosing. Now…Andrew Ketchum would you please stay by your locker until they arrive. You can go find locker number 22. That’s where he will be. He will show you where to go for your classes. Ok your all dismissed.

They all empty out of the auditorium and to their lockers.

At Andrew’s locker.

Ash: so…I'm gonna guess you knew them?

Andrew: no duh! Holy crap! I cant believe it! They were my closest friend back in Sorenn…hey here they come…ooo I have an idea…don’t tell them its me watch this.

Hey lent his back on his locker and put his head down.

Brennan: Hey are you Andrew Ketchum?

Ash: (whispering to Misty) I guess they don’t know that he’s my bro yet.

Misty: (to Ash) guess not

Ryan: (Whispering to Brennan) doesn’t he look a lot like-

Andrew: ya…how’s it been Bren, Ry?

Brennan: wait…how do you-

He picked his head up.

Andrew: aww cmon don’t tell me you forgot about me!

To Be Continued…