Here we go Chapter 3…there was one part I was gonna put in on the last chapter…but in all my stupidity I forgot…here we are now onto the next chapter…and trust me…youll love it!


School Days!

After three periods Andrew went to find his long lost friends Brennan and Ryan and take them along with him to Battle Studies.

Andrew: Yo guys! Over here!

Brennan: Hey man! Dude I have to tell you. This place is WAY better then Sorenn.

Andrew: like hell it is! Now cmon or we’ll be late…hehe and we wont want that now would we? I have plans for you guys…(Don’t worry it notin evil)

They had made it just before the bell had rang.

Teacher: ahh yes you must be the new students…please stand right here in the front…Andrew…to your seat now…

He made a face and slowly made his way to his seat.

Teacher: NOW!

He quickly went and sat down.

Teacher: Now as you students know we have two new students here…now you all know what we do?

Brennan: Oh crap!

Ryan: what the hell?

Teacher: now…who would like to battle these two and see what they can do?

They both gave a sigh. Andrew then stands up.

Andrew: Mr. B. I would like to challenge them to a 2-on-2 handicap match with no time limit.

The other students stared at Andrew then to the teacher.

Teacher: hmm…very well then. Andrew take them to the field now.

He got up and told them to follow. They were now walking outside to a battle arena.

Brennan: You must be crazy Andrew.

Ryan: yeah man…you know how badly we always beat you back in Sorenn.

Andrew: Yeah? Well that was Sorenn. I represent Kanto now so…lets begin!

They were now standing across from each other.

Andrew: ok then! Grassland stange emerge!

Just then, Andrew’s half of the stage changed into what looked like a mini forest.

Andrew: Just call out a stage…

After conversing with each other…

Both: Ocean stage emerge!

Brennan and Ryan’s half of the stage changed into a mini ocean.

Andrew: ok then! Beedrill! Its your time to shine!

The ball opened and Beedrill came out.

Brennan: so what? Go! Pelipper!

Ryan: My turn! Go! Croconaw!

The two pokeballs opened and out came Pelipper and Croconaw.

Andrew: hmm…Beedrill! Poison Sting!

Brennan: Pelipper! Hydro pump!

Ryan: Use water gun!

All three attacks colladed and exploded. When the smoke cleared Beedrill was gone.

Brennan: huh?

Ryan: Where’d it go?

Andrew: hehe…

He snappeed his fingers and Beedrill appeared right in front of of Croconaw.

Ryan: what!?

Brennan: how did he…?

Andrew: Bullet Seed!

Seeds the shot out of the Bee Pokémon’s mouth (If it has one) and hit Croconaw with a direct hit.

Ryan: rrr…Croconaw return!

In a flash of light the Pokémon returneed into the pokéball.

Brennan: not bad Andrew.

Andrew: hee…you aint seen notin yet! Return Bedrill! Ocean stage Emerge!

The mini forest turned into an ocean.

Andrew: I’ll give you the opprotunity to change Pokémon.

Brennan: big mistake…

Andrew: no I don’t think so…extend stage!

Andrew’s side of the stage got a little bigger.

Andrew: Now Go! Wailord!

A giant Pokémon came out of the pokéball.

Andrew: hehe…what now?

Brennan: this! Return Pelipper! Go Chinchou!

An electric/water Pokémon came out of the pokéball.

Brennan: Now! Use Zap Cannon!

A huge ball of electricity came from the Pokémon’s entennea.

Andrew: hold your ground Wailord…

It stayed put as the blast came further and further until it was about to hit when…

Brennan: its over…

Andrew: your right…it is over…but not for me…Now! Wailord! USE TIDAL WAVE!

Ryan: Tidal Wave?

Brennan: Tidal What?!

Authour: Tidal Wave! They alredy said it twice!

Brennan: keep out of it!

Authour: fine…

A blast then shot out of Wailord’s mouth and hit the waves creating a massive wave that blocked out the electric attack and hit Chinchou. It came back up with a dazed look.

Andrew: Chinchou is unable to battle! ANDREW KETCHUM GETS ANOTHER VICTORY!

Brennan: you did great buddy…return…

In a flash of light Chinchou was gone.

Andrew: Return Wailord…stages…retract!

The stages went back to normal.

Ryan: nice win Andrew.

Brennan: yeah…and what was that last move? Ive never seen it before.

Andrew: it’s a move I made up myself…it took a lot of training to get it but…as you can see we made it.

Ryan: can you tell us how to do it?

Andrew: well there’s really nothing to it. Although you need a Pokémon with a projectile attack. Cmon lets go back in…Oh yeah…this was seen all around the school…

Both: WHAT!!??

Andrew chuckled to himself.

Andrew: cmon the bell is about to ring and next is lunch! And I'm starving!

As they entered the school Andrew had remembered something.

Andrew: Oh yeah almost forgot.

Brennan: what?


Ryan: who are you-?

Just then a boy and a girl came up next to Andrew.

Girl: hey guuyys what's up?

Brennan: A-A-Ashley!? (bet you thought I was gonna say Andrew)

Ryan: J-J-Josh!?

They both smiled.

Andrew: they came here about…what was it two months ago? Three? Three. And trust me…I didn’t let THEM off easy either. Well anyways…lets go get-

Just then the P.A. system went on.

Principal: Will Andrew Ketchum, Brennan and Ryan Dugan, Ashley Hatayga, and Joshua Hortkins come to the office immeadiatly?

Andrew: aww…I'm really frekin hungry…

Josh: And its JOSH!

Andrew: calm down dude…sigh…cmon lets go…

They walk to the principal’s office with Andrew holding his stomache and graoning the whole time.

Ashley: Andrew…please stop…

Andrew: I cant help it Ash…

Ashley: Well START to…

Ryan: Like old times huh guys?

Andrew: What’s that supposedd to mean?

Ryan: I just mean with you two always flirting…oww!!!!

Andrew: Say that again ill hit you harder…

Ryan: jeez man that hurt…wait a minute…that hurt?

Brennan: it did?

Andrew: yeah! I'm not the puny kid from Sorenn anymore…I'm Andrew Ketchum…or Kanto…HEY are you guys listening to me?

Josh: what? Oh sorry we lost you at "I'm Andrew Kethcum". Hey don’t give me that look…just because your not the same as from Sorenn I can still take you down…

Ashley: now boys…

Josh: this doesn’t involve you Ash…

Ashley: Oh believe me! It WILL involve me soon…

They arrived at the office.

Principal: Ahh yes there you all are…please have a seat…now…Andrew, Ashley, Josh…you know about the school tournament correct?

They nod.

Principal: and I'm gonna guess you know all about it fomr Sorenn right Brennan…Ryan?

They nod also.

Principal: well it has come to my-

He was cut off by a gumbling noise.

Andrew: hehe…sorry…I didn’t get a chance for lunch.

The Principal sighs and throws him a gronola bar.

Andrew: Thanks!

Princiapl: now…as I was saying…it has come to my attention that the tournament starts tomarrow…and I still don’t have anybody for the-

Andrew: Not another word! We will gladly be in the tournament!

Principal: really?

They all nod in agreement…

Principal: very well then…here is the rule booklet…now off to class…

As they leave Andrew looks over the book.

Andrew: Hey guys…

Josh: What is it?

Andrew: well according to this…the rules say that we have to go against each other…

They all freeze.

Andrew: when that’s done…the four winners from Kanto, Sorenn, Hoenn, and Johto will appear in a double battle with a person from another team…

Ashley: like…what do you mean?

Andrew: ok…one person will emerge victorious…like say…Josh beats all four of us…he will join the winner of, lets say, Johto and go against the winners of Sorenn and Hoenn

Brennan: ok I think I get it…but how does the winner get decided?

Andrew: ok…Say that Josh and the winner from Johto win…they will then go against each other in the finals…get it now?

Ryan: I think so…

Andrew: I just wonder who from Sorenn will be chosen…

Meanwhile in another region…

Principal: will Kate Worths, Mellanie Page, Catrina Wilson, Bryant Cumber, and Sean Cooper please report to the Principal’s office immeadiatly.

The group of five students went to the office.

Principal: now as you all know…the school tournament starts tomarrow…I would like you guys to represent Sorenn for this battle…

Sean: you bet we agree!

They all agree with him.

Principal: very well then…I have gotten the lists of the other regions who will be entering…and I think you five especially would like to hear who is representing Kanto…they are…

Kate: yes go on…Damnit! CMON OLD MAN!

Principal: well we have Brennan and Ryan Dugan…

Bryant: They moved there two days ago didn’t they?

Mellanie: yeah I think…

Principal: we have Ashley Hatayga and Jashua Hortkins…

Sean: He always got mad when someone called him Joshua…

Principal: and…this man had his last name changed…

Kate: well who is it?

Principal: well…his name is Andrew Ketchum…but…

Mellanie: But you all may know him…we all know him as…Andrew Schoenfelder.

They all freeze. Andrew is in Kanto?

Kate: H-He’s in Kanto…he was there all this time?

Mellanie: I don’t believe it…Andrew actually made it to the school tournament? The little kid who always sucked? Heh…looks like he’s gotten better…

Kate: sothetournamentistomarrowright?

Principal: whoa whoa whoa…slow down!

Kate: so the tournament is tomarrow right?

Principal: that’s right.

Kate: HA! I'm finally gonna see Andrew again! And this time…mellanie wont hold me back!

To Be Continued…

Incase you were confused…that last bit with the different characters…that was Sorenn…and you will find out why everybody was shockeed to find out he was in Kanto.

Well Signign off again!