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School Days!


Previously on Pokémon…

Andrew: hey Ash?

Ash: Yeah?

Andrew: isn't there supposed to be some new guys at school?

Ash: ya I think so…why?

Andrew: Well I heard they were form Sorenn…

Ash: you think it might be someone you know?

Andrew: I don’t know…maybe.

Principal: Now as you all know we have two new students here today.
Brennan and Ryan!

Andrew: So how you guys been?

Ryan: fine

Brennan: Dude this place is WAY better then Sorenn.

Andrew: Cmon or we’ll be late.
Mr. B I would like to challenge them to a 2-on-2 handicap match.
Wailord! Use Tidal Wave!
Oh yeah!

Brennan: A-A-Ashley?

Ryan: J-J-Josh!?

Principal: Here is the rule book for the tournament. Now off to class.

Sorenn Principal: we have Brennan and Ryan Dugan…Ashley Hatayga and Joshua Hortkins…and well…his last name changed but we all know him…as Andrew Schoenfelder.



Andrew: Hey by the way…Ashley, Josh…did you happen to see Kenta, Marina, Duplica, and Melody? (heh heh)

Both Brennan and Ryan look at them.

Ashley: well…Marina is on vacation, Duplica is always late, and I think Melody and Kenta were absent today.

Andrew: hmm…

Andrew started looking through the book again.

Andrew: Hey guys! Listen to this. All five of use are able to bring two of our friends with us.

Josh: Well that’s cool! So who you gonna bring witcha?

Andrew: Erika and May…duh.

Josh: Shoulda known. Ash and Kenta are commin wit me.

Andrew: You better as well bring Ash…he’s been wanting to be in this for some time.

Ashley: Marina and Misty!

Andrew: Shoulda saw dat commin…hey! Bren Ry you guys just got here…so…you know nobody here…now that might be a problem…

Brennan: How so?

Andrew: Well ist nice to know that your friends are nearby cheering you on right? And well…since you know nobody here…your pretty much screwed!

Ryan: I see your attitude hasn’t changed one bit.

Andrew: thanks! Anyway lets hurry up!!

The Sorenn gang of five walked along to the cafeteria.

Ash: So Andrew…what was that about?

Andrew smirked.

Andrew: Well Ash if you really must know…the now reunited Sorenn gang of five…has been selected for the school tournament!

Everyone else: WHAT!

May: Andrew that’s awsome!

Ash: Yeah…and especially after ive been wating this forever.

Andrew: Heh heh…don’t worry Ash…we each get to bring two people with us.

Ash: Awsome! And of course you chose me right?

Andrew:. …no. Josh did.

Erika: So then…who are you taking along? Wait wait let me guess. Me and May right?

Andrew: Wrong again!

They all anime fell.


Andrew: HA! I'm just kidding! Of course I'm bringing you two along.

After luch they had all gone down to their next few classes. After school ended we join Ash and Andrew walking back from the bus stop.

Ash: Man! I still cant believe it! Why you!? I didn’t even know you exsisted until me, Misty, and Brock found you and Skarmory.

Andrew: well, well my brother…do I detect some jelousy?

Ash: no!

Andrew: I think I do-o-o!

Ash: Shut up Andrew…

To Be Continued…

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Adammito: whatever.

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