Ok! I debated on this on whether it would be an AAMRN or(my own creation)AnAMyRN which stands for Andrew And May RN. And I chose AnAMyRN because ther is one part that has to be done with Andrew. But don’t fret! I shall be making another AAMRN…as soon as I remember what it is. So anyway lets begin. Oh and I shall be intrtoducing some new characters in future fictions…my OWN characters.


Sickness, Love, and Rivalry



Ash: Yo Andrew! You ok? You don’t look so good.

Andrew: Ya! I'm fine! Why wouldn’t I be?

Misty: Well you just fell into freezing water for one…

Brock: They are right Andrew. Maybe you should-

Andrew: Guys! I'm perfectly fine! Don’t worry about me!

May: Andrew! We are your friends. We worry about you.

Andrew: I understand that…but with everyone all over me its hard to remember all that…

Max: so what your saying is…that its easy to forget that we are your friends?

Andrew: No! I mean…

Ash: What DO you mean?

Andrew: Can we just drop it PLEASE?

Everyone: fine!

Ash and the gang have been travely in a forest for two days. Just yesterday Andrew fell into an icy cold lake.

Brock: Hey guys! There seems to be a canyon just over there.

He points and nontheless there is a canyon with a bridge to the other side.

Brock: there doesn’t seem to be any other way across…looks like we have to take the bridge.

Misty: but Brock it hardly looks stable.

Ash: don’t worry Misty! All we have to do is go over one at a time.

Andrew: ya…cmon don’t be scared. (thinking) man its getting kinda hot out here.

Max: hey Andrew…you look a little red…

Andrew: I'm just a little hot is all…ok who is going first?

Ash goes first. Makes it across. Then Misty. Nothin. Then Brock, Max, and May. Then Andrew goes. As he is half way across he feels dizzy.

Andrew: hey! Why is there a fork in the bridge?

Ash: Andrew what are you…oh man!

Andrew then falls foreward onto the bridge and makes it snap.

Everyone: ANDREW!


To Be Continued…

Well finally I came up with a story that has chapters…ok well l8er