Ok this will just be a short lil’ part caouse I really don’t feel like typing and I want to get a second parrt in before I leave for North Carolina tomarow…but when I get back ill continue more.


Sickness, Love, and Rivalry



May: guys what are you doing we have to find Andrew!

Brock: May its been about a month since it happened. We all feel the pain but we have to move on.

May: What are you saying Brock! We cant leave him! We have to find him!

Ash: May calm down! Like Brock said we-

May: don’t give me that Ash! You’re his brother for pete’s sake!

Ash: …

May: we are Andrew’s friends! We cant just abandon him like this!

Ash: she’s right…alright then…I'm going.

Misty: I'm going if Ash is.

Max: if you three are so am I.

Brock: I'm in too.

May: right! Now! To find Andrew!

(and also…) To Be Continued…