<TITLE>Two Brothers and One Girl</TITLE>

Chapter 1…


Ash: 16

Misty/Andrew: 17

Brock: 20

Ash and company had just left Golden Rod after Ash and Andrew’s gym battle.

Andrew-well bro looks like we are equal again.<BR>

Ash-yep looks like it.

Misty and Brock smiled at their companions relationship.


Ash and Andrew had a strong bond with each other but little did anyone know that one secret that they both shared would break that bond.

Andrew-Hey guys its getting late. How about we go back to Golden Rod and stay at the Pokemon Center for the night?

Ash-Cmon Andrew why don’t we just head for the next city now.<BR>

Brock-Actually Andrew does have a point and I think SOME of use would like to sleep in a NORMAL bed.

Misty/Andrew in unison-I SURE WOULD! They blushed a little.<BR>

Ash-Fine lets head back. <I>He always takes the fun out of things sometimes!</I>

-Golden Rod Center-

Andrew-"Why don’t you guys get something to eat and I’ll find us some rooms."

They all agreed and Andrew went to the front desk for some rooms.

Nurse Joy-"We only have three rooms left. Two rooms with single beds and One with two singles."

Andrew-"That will be fine thanks." He takes the keys and finds the others.

Misty-"Did you get rooms?"

Andrew-"Ya but there are three rooms left two rooms with one single bed and one room with two singles beds."

Misty quickly agreed to have one of the single bed rooms, Brock took the other, and Ash and Andrew took the room with the two singles.

It was around 11:00 by the time they finished eating.

Brock-"Its getting late I guess we should turn in if we are to get to the next town tomorrow."

Everyone agreed and went to their rooms.

It was around 11:30 before Andrew realized he couldn’t sleep. He got up and dressed and went outside trying not to wake anybody. He walked out the door and Misty woke up to the sound of a closing door. She went out the door and she saw him walking out of the center. She quickly followed him to a small cliff. Misty wondered what he was doing and walked up to him.

Misty-"You sleep walking or what?"

Andrew nearly fell of the cliff.

Andrew-"jeez Misty you scared me and no I wasn’t sleep walking…I usually came here to think."

Misty-"It’s a nice view up here."

Andrew-"Ya it is."


Andrew-"So do you like him?"

Misty-"Like who?"

Andrew-"You know who I’m talking about"

Misty nearly fell off the cliff herself.

Misty-"What are you talking about Andrew!! I do NOT like Ash!!"

Andrew-"You cant fool me Misty…"

Misty hit him over the head with her trademark mallet and Andrew lost his balance and fell off. Andrew grabbed a branch just in time.

Misty-"Andrew!! <I>Oh man I screwed up this time!!"</I>

She ran over and held her hand out. The branch started to crack.

Misty-"Andrew take my hand!"

Just as the branch broke he grabbed her hand and was hanging over the cliff. She pulled him up and Andrew fell on top of her but they didn’t realize it until they hand sunk what had just happened in.

Misty/Andrew in unison-"Sorry!"

They blushed a little after that. They turned around and had their eyes locked on each other.

Misty-"<I>Oh my god…am I falling for Andrew??"</I>

Andrew-<I>"is…is she falling for me??"</I>

They moved closer unable to say anything until they had each other close by.

Misty-<I>"Is he…is he cuter than Ash…………no they are…equal."</I>

Andrew-<I>"S-She IS falling for me…"</I>

After they had realized what just happened they remembered they were still on the cliff.

Misty-"Andrew lets head back now…"

Andrew-"Ya ok. <I>Ya that might be a good idea I need to adjust to what just happened!"</I>

To be continued…

That was my first ever fic I thought I did pretty good but its really and AAMRN not an other thing ok in the next chapter it will be Ash and Misty’s turn to confess…and then in the 3rd one(do normal writers tell what they are gonna write….Oh well) Team Rocket will come and capture Misty (and I’ll finally use my Pokemon…release…phrase…thing…) so please keep reading remember this <I>is</I> my first fic hehe…