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Two Brothers One Girl

Chapter 2…


Ash-Misty I…I lo…love you…how was that Pikachu?

Pikachu- Pikapi Pika chu kachu pi (Ash that was horrible…)

Ash- well for your info this is hard to do…

Pikachu- Pika pikaka chupi pika chu chu pi kachu (Sorry man I just want this to work out for ya)

Ash- ya I know that oh well I think I don’t have any other choice right now but I will do my best.

Pikachu- pika pi kachu (that’s the spirit)

Ash-but you know what im also afraid of Pikachu? ’and I really hope it doesn’t happen’

Pikachu- pi? (What?)

Ash- That Andrew will come and take her from me…

Pikachu laughing- PI!? Pika kachu Pikachu Pi pika (WHAT!? Are you kidding me with this?)

Ash- no Pikachu im not kidding around. *Sigh* oh well Andrew or not im gonna have to tell her or else ill lose her to him

Pikachu- Pikapi pika chu kachupi (Ash…then you better do it now)

Ash-Thanks Pikachu.

---next morning---

Andrew had just waken up at 6:00 from what happened last night.

Andrew-‘oh man was that a dream…ya…duh of course it was just a dream…she is in love with Ash not me…why would I even think that…’

Misty had also just woken up

Misty-‘Did that really happen…yes I…I think it did but…how can I be in love with both of them…’

Ash, Misty, and Andrew had gotten dressed and were about to come out of their rooms.

Ash- hey Andrew you sleep well.

Andrew- I…think…

Ash was a little confused but was still tired so he did ask.

Andrew- you go on out and see if the others are awake yet ill be there soon ok?

Ash- ya ok ‘he seems a little tired right now the least I can do is help him out a little’

Just as Ash was about to walk out of the door he bumped into Misty.

Ash- Sorry Mist

Misty- its ok Ash ’wait what the-‘

Little did they know that they had fallen on top of each other. Blushing a bit but niether of them wanted to leave this position…Ash got up(nice work Ash you moron).

Misty- umm…ill just see if Brock is awake yet.

She went and knocked on his door…no answer she opened the door a crack to see he wasn’t there.

Misty- I guess he is already down in the diner…

Just as she was walking towards the stairs she felt an arm grab her she turned around to see Ash his head down.

Misty- Ash is something wrong…? ’why is he like this…’

Ash- ‘I have to do it now’ hey Misty I…I need to tell you something…

Misty- ok lets walk back to my room and we can talk ‘he seems to really be out of it’

They walk back to Misty’s room

---Misty’s room---

Misty- so Ash what did you need to tell me?

Ash- well Misty this isnt easy for me to say but I…I lo…Mistyiloveyou

Misty- im sorry I didn’t catch that… ‘what could he be so nervous to tell me-wait could he be trying to tell me that-‘

Ash- Misty I…love…you

Misty ‘I knew it!!’

Before she knew it(hehe a little pun for ya…wait…o nevermind)she was locking her lips with hers(just so you all know im not used to writing this stuff im only a 13 year old male with no girlfriend!!)

Little did they both know that they were being overheard by non other than Andrew…

Andrew opened the door…

Andrew- Ash we need to talk…alone

Misty- ‘Oh no I was afraid of this’

To be concluded…

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