Ok this is the last part of my first fic…yay me!! O and I must appologize again for my last chapter and im sorry if it was bad ( ‘sides I only worked on it for like and few minutes lol) ok well anyways this one might be a little better than the last (im hoping anyways) ok on to the story


Two Brothers One Girl



Chapter 3…






Brock-20 (I think that was the right age…oh well)



Andrew- Ash we need to talk…now

Misty- ‘oh no I was afraid of this…’

Ash walks out the door and Andrew closes it behind him

All Misty could hear was muffled voices from the door




but the next voice she heard clearly…


Ash punches him in the face and then Misty heard footsteps running away from the door…

Misty- Ash!? What happened!!

He says nothing and looks at his fist amazed at what he just did…

Ash- I-I-I don’t know…

Misty hit him over the head

Misty-ASH YOU IDIOT!! He is your brother…come on we have to find him…

They run off and see Andrew just turning the corner to the stairs(yes their rooms were on the second floor geez!) he looks over to see them and is about to run down the stairs and trips and falls down…he struggles to get up while holding his arm( didn’t take me long to come up with this lol)

Misty- Andrew are you ok!?

He ignores her and runs out of the building…after a while of searching something comes to Misty…

Misty-Ash I think I know where he is…

Sure enough she brought him to the cliff where he sat holding his arm…he looked back to see them and started to back away.

Ash-Andrew im sorry I didn’t mean to-

Misty-ANDREW! Look out…

Too late…he had backed enough away to the edge of the cliff and fell into the rapid stream under it…

Misty-Ash go get Brock!

He nodded and left…she followed the river of which Andrew was dragged.

Misty-Andrew grab on to the rock over there!

Andrew- I cant I think I hurt my arm falling down the-

He was cut short by a rock that his head hit knocking him out


She jumped into the river to get him out and almost succeeded…she had grabbed him but she was being dragged with him.

Ash- Bulbasaur GO! Use vine whip!

Bulbasaur’s grabbed Misty and Andrew and brought them to land…Brock checked his pulse and sighed of relief

Brock- he still has a pulse but he may be knocked out for a few da-

Andrew-say days and ill make sure that flirtin’ mouth of yours will never open again…

Everyone gave a sigh and a little giggle…except for Brock(ha ha that’s what makes Brock such a good character XP)

Ash-Nice one Andy…

Andrew hit him over the head..

Andrew-I told you never to call me that…oww!(I HATE I repeat HATE being called Andy! An((not the girl name mind you)) or Drew I will accept…or just plain Andrew…but you don’t really care do you…)

Andrew gripped his head.

Brock- hear lets bandage that up for ya…

Brock put a bandage on his head

Andrew-Thanks Brock…

Just as he says this 3 familiar voices can be heard(you all know who they are right…you…don’t…THEN BURN!! YOU ARE NO TRUE POKE FAN!!)

To protect the world from devastation

To unite all peoples within are nation

To denounce the evils of truth and love

To extend our reach to the-

Misty-Are you sure your ok Andrew?

Ash- ya you hit your head pretty hard…


Andrew-Why not you 3 say the same crap all the time…

James-you best watch your mouth twerp(uh-oh bad idea)

Andrew-you know what…im getting sick of you guys calling us that

Meowth- weill twoip get used to it…should I do it now Jess

Jessie-sure why not

Misty-What are you 3 planning this ti-

Meowth pressed a button and a net captured Misty and Pikachu

Ash and Andrew- MISTY!!


Ash and Andrew-sorry Pikachu


Andrew-Beedrill the spotlights on you!

Ash-Pigiot use wing attack on the net

Pigiot cut the net and out went Misty and Pikachu.

Andrew-Beedrill catch Misty ‘dam I know she hates bugs but oh well’

Beedrill catches Misty and she freaks out


Andrew- sorry Mist

Ash- would you mind helping me Andrew?

Andrew- It would be my honor Mew(yes I love mew so very frekin much and I saw someone else that had mew like this and I would like to say that I didn’t get the idea from you ok)the spotlights on you! Use Psybeam!!

Ash-Pikachu use thunderbolt

They hit

Jessie-Meowth you said this plan was fool proof…

Meowth- ya but I didn’t say it was twoip proof


Misty-Later losers…so guys whats next

Brock- well we could-

Andrew-ill tell ya…a Nurse Joy will fall for Brock then an Officer Jenny will murder her in a fit or Jealousy(I borrowed that from someone and I couldn’t recessed)

Everyone except Brock laughed like hell

Andrew-sorry it was just too easy


So what ya think I think I did well on this one…o crap I didn’t put any AAML stuff in it….o man I feel so depressed now…o well I have other ideas so don’t worry...next ill have one that features Andrew(me) and guess who…no not Misty she will be with Ash Andrew will instead be with May but if any of you think that’s a bad idea too bad May is one of the best so deal with it lol…but I know who will read it…my MySpace r/ping friends yay you guys rule!! Especially Nancy you were the first to read and I thank you!! Ok after that im gonna make one from that same story but from Ash’s POV then how they met up then one with A LOT of sequals(mabe just 2) then a cool one where AAM get in a fight(AGAIN)and Andrew stops Misty from knocking Ash out lol ok ill get started when this one is put up until next time…(I really don’t want to say this) its my time to shine (wtf man I suck!!)