This is my first one shot FanFic (yay me) I would also like to apologize (again) for my last fic the last part did have anything to do with any AAML whatsoever and what I said at the end was retarded (I mean the end of the bottom A/N) so this is probably (well actually just is) my first tragic Fic so enjoy!


What Happened Years Ago



It was Misty’s 18 birthday and everyone was at the Cerulean Gym to celebrate.


Pikachu-pikachu Pikachupi (happy birthday Misty)

Misty (smiling)-Thanks guys

She begins to open presents and starts with Brock’s.

Misty-it’s a…a water Pokemon breeding guide! Thanks Brock!

Brock-No problem.

She then goes to Ash’s gift.

Misty-it’s a…a locket? Ash this is amazing!

Ash (smiling)- open it.

She opens it and finds two pictures of her and Ash and the whole gang. She smiles and hugs Ash. After she realizes she was hugging him too long she lets go.

Andrew- ok lover-boy you can stop blushing now…OWW!

Misty hits him with her mallet.

Andrew (clutching head)-jeez sorry

Misty-well anyway your present is next…

She grabs his present to see that there is something moving in it.

Misty-is there a-

Andrew-no Misty there is no bug in there…"mutters" but not a bad idea though"

Misty-what was that…?

Andrew (waving arms)-nothing nothing

Misty-so whats in this…

Andrew-just open it

She opens the box and a growlithe puppy jumps out and licks her face

Misty (laughing)-stop that

She then looks at the growlithe then her smile fades…

Andrew-Misty you ok? Damn I knew I shoulda went with the Vaporeon!

Misty-no its ok its just…I had a growlithe as a pet when I was little and well…

She looks up teary-eyed.

Misty-he was beaten(wow didn’t see that coming…wait…im making the Fic…)

Their were gasps all around.

Brock-did you ever find out who did it?

She shakes her head.

Misty-no but I remember his features…he had brown-blond hair…grayish-green eyes…and he wore glasses…

Everything grew silent until Andrew ran out the door…

Ash-what the heck…?

Brock-cmon lets go find him and see whats up.

They run down the road and find Andrew and catch up with him…

Ash-Why did you run off like that…

Upon closer inspection they could see him cry.

Andrew-b-because…it w-was me…

Brock-it was you what? What did you do…?

Andrew-I-I-I b-beat it…

Everyone gasps…

Andrew-I...I didn’t mean to but I…didn’t know…what I was doing…my…friends forced me to…remember before I met you guys I was another person…

He falls on his knees and crys…

Misty-Andrew…its ok you were forced to do something you didn’t want to do…cmon lets go back…

Andrew wipes the tears away and walks back with the others


This Fic also releses some of my features so anyways I hope you liked it…or not…I really don’t care