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Love Is Such Bitter Sorrow (AAMRN)

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Summary for Love Is Such Bitter Sorrow: Rated: NC-17 "Love Is Such Bitter Sorrow" is certainly a fic that is very different from most of what was available at the time it was written, though these days, almost three years after the fic was begun, angst and dark themes are more commonplace. In any case, this fic openly discusses themes which could be considered quite adult, and contains several scenes of a Citrus variety, abit scenes far different from what one would encounter in a Lemon or Lime work. This work is not for the immature, and therefore, not the "average" Pokémon fan. It is intended more for those who prefer to tread the often darker path of angst and drama. Of course, there's romance in this as well, but you can't have angst without a little romance now, can you?

Work on this progresses rather slowly due to my concerns as Webmaster of and Head Admin of our forums, as well as issues IRL to do with my University Degree and a Japanese Exchange I plan to embark upon next year. Thus, it's been almost two years since my last update. And it could still be quite a while yet until you get a real update, because this one's only to fix the outdated summary I'm afraid. Nevertheless, I shall try and complete it as soon as possible. I hope to get part 6 up at all the archives this fic is present by the start of the second semester this year, however I can give no guarentees.

Please do not email me to request I write a new part and if you must flame me, try and make it a constructive criticism. Also, please don't email me about part 6 or parts 8-16 being missing. That's intentional. The fic was written out of order. What is now Part 17 was originally a stand alone work, and it was only because of the requests of people like you that I continued the story.

Finally, I'd just like to give thanks to someone who I feel is today sadly neglected by the community. Though he may have passed into obsecurity amongst the "New Guard" who've never heard of him, us originals still remember.

Ace Sanchez, wherever you are now, I thank you. Your work, "Pokémon Master", was what provided me my initial inspiration for fanfiction. No wonder you're Australian as well. ;D Seriously, it's your works that have given me the will to go on. And it's your example of fans hanging on even after years of no updates that're giving me the will now to resume work on the fic. ^^;

Liam Pomfret
a.k.a. "Archaic"
a.k.a. "GirafarigBG" Webmaster

Monday, 19th of May, 2003

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