So you are here to hear one my tales, eh? Have you heard the tale of Lorelei Belle Winters? No? Well, let me tell it to you, then. I have collected the first part of her life in a story that I call Hell Hath no Fury: an Ice Queen’s Saga. I suppose that I should tell you the basics of what happened to her in that tale. Before I begin that summation, however, I must inform you of certain things that appertain to the proceeding tales.

First and foremost, I shall tell you the tale of Lokrye. It is not a tale to be told simply, nor lightly.

In time out of mind, he had grown powerful and he had grown greedy. He wanted to rule the entire world. The rest of the Titans could not defeat him. The other Titans turned to the humans and Pokemon of this world, and convinced them to join the fight against Lokrye.

But Lokrye had turned some of the Pokemon against the others. He twisted them, in whatever fashion he had twisted himself. They were powerful, but not very much more powerful than they were before. This was the origin of the Dark Type.

Back then, you have to remember, the Psychic types were still in their homelands—what is today the Engaran Islands. Only the Menill had traveled away from the Engaran Archipelago. No one today is quite sure why they left, but I’m sure that you know that they are the guardians of the shrines of Allnian, Lokrye’s chief lieutenant.

Anyway, I suppose I should get back to the story. Lokrye had gathered up his forces, and attacked the Psychic homeland, and drove them out, knowing that they were the only real type could be a real threat. The invasion was greatly helped by a particularly famous Hypno, Engaratronley, a Psychic that Lokrye had convinced to join his side. In return for his help, Lokrye named the Engaran Archipelago after him.

After constructing fortresses on the major islands, Lokrye turned his sights back to the world, and saw the forces arrayed against him. He knew that if the humans were united against him, he stood no chance.

So he stole away to the mainland, and convinced several thousand to join his side. These men he took with him back to the Engaran Archipelago. Once there, he saw how agile the human mind was, and appointed them as commanders over the Pokemon.

Then he turned his attention to Kanto and Johto. He sent his forces against what is today Kanto and Tintia, and tore his way to what is now Lavender Town. At that time, Lavender Town was the major city of the area, and massive fortifications dominated the landscape. It was there that the Battle for the Ages was fought. The Titans, led by Colleon, the leader of the Titan Council; the Pokemon that had been convinced to fight by their side, led by Lugia and his legions; and the humans, led by a large, strong man by the name of Gerahid fought Lokrye and his minions for two weeks. After the battle, all that remained of the fortifications was a single tower. Today it is called the Pokemon Tower.

In the battle, millions of Pokemon, humans, and Titans fell. But Lokrye was eventually defeated by a mere human—the Gerahid of whom I have spoken before. But Lokrye was not killed—he was far too powerful for that. The remaining Titans banded together, and banished the Corrupted Titan to a nether-realm—neither here nor there. Lokrye’s twisted creations were banished to an island north of what is today Tintia, near the island of the Dragons.

Gerahid and his men traveled with the Psychic Pokemon to attempt to retake their home islands, but Lokrye’s minions, not knowing that their master had been defeated, stood their ground, and repulsed Gerahid and the Psychics. Of these battles, many tales and songs have been made, so I do not feel that I need to say anything more of this.

For several thousand years, there was relative peace. The Titans left this world not long after the battle, but not before bestowing special gifts upon the humans—powers like those of Pokemon.

These humans were known as Elites. Their powers were kept hidden, except in time of greatest need. In fact, not even the Elites would know that they had the power unless it was a time to be used. The Titans created the Elites to be sure that if Lokrye ever escaped, they would have a better chance of defeating him again if there were non-Pokemon that had powers above that of the Pokemon that we now call Legendaries.

But I would be remiss if I were to continue on without telling you of Allnian the Powerful—she was by far more powerful than the five Immortal Birds combined. Allnian had the gift—and the curse—of healing. Wherever she went, she could heal whomever she wanted to—or strike down her enemies with virulent diseases.

We do not know exactly what her allegiances were in the afore-mentioned battles, as she changed sides on a whim. What we do know is that after the battle, she was banished to the ice and snow of Nuschantz, and was warned by the Titans to never return to Alto, where she had coerced the islanders to worship her as a god and had many shrines built in her honor that are today attended to today by the Menill.

What? You do not know of Alto? My, my…I can not believe this! I must tell you all about her. Formerly known as the “Jewel of the North,” Alto is the Avian capital of the world. What? You don’t know what an Avian is? An Avian is a bird! Big birds, little birds—from Pidgey and Dodrio to Altaria and Tropius—if it’s a Bird-type Pokemon, or if it can fly, at least two hundred of the breed live on the island. Legend tells that Alto is also where the magnificent Ho-oh the Vengeful, the Light-Giver, first appeared, and it is well known that the other four immortal birds—Articuno the Wise, who, as I’m sure you know, originated from Nuschantz, Zapdos the Peace-Bringer, Moltres the Light-Bringer, and Lugia the Water Warlord—took roost there in the times before man subjugated their Pokemon brethren.

Alto is a wonderful place, and holds the distinction of having the second Pokemon League ever. Five months after Kanto established its League, Alto established its own, and was followed closely by Johto. The Pokemon Leagues distinguished themselves as the ultimate rite of passage. Those who thought that they were ready would set out on a Pokemon journey with but a single Pokemon companion (in those days, the starter Pokemon were merely friends of the PokeCatcher, not a slave), and traverse the entire country to collect a series of 8 devices that were the forerunners of Pokeballs, using the same basic technological concept that we still do today. Those that attempted this challenge were called PokeCatchers. With these horribly expensive devices, the early trainers would capture additional Pokemon. This was before Pokemon developed resistances to PokeCapture technology. Back then, if a PokeCatcher hit a Pokemon, it was instantly caught, unless it was impossibly strong—in which case it would tear you to shreds before you could run five yards.

The early trainers who collected and used all eight PokeCatchers, as they were called, that they were given, would then be inducted into the League of Pokemon Masters. Hundreds of young men set out on the journey each year—only a handful survived the journey.

Pokemon training was viewed as too dangerous for any real use. Back then, it was. But this was before the Psychic Pokemon traveled to what is today Kanto and Johto—before then, most of them had lived in the Orange Islands with Grass and Water-type Pokemon. These powerful beings upset the fragile balance between the humans and the Pokemon that had ensued, and thus began the second Great Pokemon War, the first being the War of Lokrye, nearly a millenium before.

There are many tales I could tell you of the interceding period, but my purpose is to give you information about Lorelei, as she was a very important person in recent history.

The war stalemated—led by the Psychics, the Pokemon were held at bay by the technology that humans had at their disposal. Though limited, it was enough. Then the war turned against the Psychics, as a new form of Pokemon, the Steel type, was discovered by a group of humans that had been driven North to the very Ocean that separated them from Alto. The Psychics had hoped to trap them between themselves in the South, and Dragon Isle in the North. But they had forgotten about another island just north of what is today Kanto. They had forgotten about Dark Isle.

You have to remember until very recently, all the different types were separated, and didn’t mix well with each other. Only the Pokemon League, and the catching and releasing of Various Pokemon into alien environments changed this. It is rumored in legend that Dark Isle was the birthplace of Lokrye, the Dark Titan and now it is forever tainted.

When the humans, trapped on the Northern shore, traveled out into the sea to find what refuge they could, they found two islands. Dragon Isle—all who tried landing there were killed—and Dark Isle. A Psychic Pokemon attack caught the humans just as they were landing, but the Psychics were repulsed by the Dark-types that inhabited the islands.

The humans formed an alliance with the Dark-types, and together, the humans and the Dark-types left the island and began a counter-attack. The human technology, combined with the Dark-type ability to resist Psychic attack, decimated the Pokemon forces. The Psychics and the other Pokemon negotiated a Peace Treaty, the bulk of which is what is now known as The Agreement—ten rules that Pokemon Masters, and anyone else with a PokeCatcher had to agree to, or they were fair game for all Pokemon to kill.

Since then, not much has happened in the arena of human-Pokemon relations. However, the humans in the country of Effeular and the Pokemon therein never agreed to The Agreement. The country has been at war for more than a century, and shows no sign of stopping.

Whenever the humans discover a new form of technology to fight against the Pokemon, the Pokemon invariably get more support from their brethren, and the table evens out, and the balance of power sometimes even turns back against the humans.

However, as amazingly resourceful as humans are, they are also all inherently greedy. And that greed causes them to form alliances against one another and claim territory. This has caused numerous inter-human wars, and also many difficulties.

One such division exists in the icy nation of Nuschantz. Known as the Skiing capital of the world, Nuschantz is a mainly frigid nation on the northern part of the continent of Multipol. However, having a coast, some of the coastal areas are temperate, or even tropical right on the ocean. Nuschantz, as mentioned before, is the home of Allnian the Powerful and the birthplace of Articuno the Wise.

However, it is also home to two rival human factions—the Resorters and the Nomads. The Resorters, as is self-explanatory, have set up and run a series of retreats around the nation for the enjoyment of tourists who come to the country to ski and enjoy the snow and cold. These bastions of what the Resorters call “culture” are massive, sometimes miles in diameter. In addition, they also have tropical resorts on the northern coast for tourists that prefer a balmier setting. In fact, a Tropical Resorter (a faction to themselves within the Resorter faction) owns the Sea Princess Cruise Line, who owns such ships as the S.S. Anne, the S.S Abigail, and others. The Resorters as a whole believe that because they are richer in international currency, they have the right to be the recognized government.

However, the other faction, the Nomads, are a more traditional people, and actually the original inhabitants of the mountainous region. They live much as their ancestors did for centuries—by subsistence on what little natural resources there are available. When the Resorter's predecessors first came north from Effeular, Acquar (a desert country that is almost completely below sea level), and Sintaur (a country populated almost entirely by horse lovers and horse Pokemon) the Nomads welcomed them and gave them land. But when the massive resorts were built, the Nomads became more and more uneasy.

When the Resorters declared that they ran the country, the Nomads were enraged, and declared war on the Resorters. A long and bloody war followed, but the Nomads just didn't have the technological advantages that the Resorters did. The Nomads then split into two camps—one, the conservative Nomads, and the more radical Nomads. The conservatives retreated deep into the mountains and lived as best they could between the ever-expanding Resorters and Pokemon too powerful for the Nomads to handle. The radical Nomads travelled to other countries to garner support for their cause, and tried to form a political party called the Blizzard Party. However, the Resorters refused to recognize them, and this drove most of the radical Nomads, after a decade of being ignored by the Resorters, decided to take back the country by force. Those that were outside the country and had worked for some time and some had amassed a large amount of money. Those that had formed an organization, based in Hoenn, called Devon Corporation, named after a famous Tintian woman, whose story will not be told here. This broke the monoploy that Silph Company had enjoyed previously, and the two organizations battled each other, figuratively, of course, to see who could make better products.

With the revenue from Devon Co, the Blizzards bought weapons and technology equal to and, in some cases, greater than the Resorters, and formed an organization based on the old standings of the former Blizzard Party, and called themselves Team Blizzard. They dedicated themselves to freeing Nuschantz from what they called “the oppression of the Resorters” and declared war on the self-same group.

The Resorters branded them terrorists, and returned the declaration. The Blizzards, however, managed to push back the Resorters out of an area nearly fifty miles in area before their advance stalemated. That was fifteen years before the start of my story. Since then, the Blizzards have withdrawn into the territory that they now have, planning an even bigger offensive to retake all of the country that had been theirs.

Devon Co, once just a front for Team Blizzard, is now a highly successful organization in tight competition between themselves and Silph Company. However, there is a new player to the mix—Specter Corporation.

Specter Corporation was a new company in the period in which most of the story takes place. Five years before the second and main part (I won't say what differentiates it, only that the differentiating event happens early—I don't want to spoil it for you, after all), Specter Corporation was a small company operating out of Lavender Town. Then a pair of partners named Blade Starr and Tyrell Dugan bought the company, and within a year its sales had matched those of Devon Co and Silph Company.

There are dark rumors whispered in the night that Silph Company, like Devon Co, is merely a front for another organization with much different intentions. No one has any proof of this, but some believe that a group of individuals calling themselves Specter Shadow Warriors engage in corporate espionage. No one knew then the scope of the Shadow Warrior's true intentions.

And even today, not many do.

Well, I believe that I have supplied you with enough information for you to enjoy my story. Please enjoy.

—Merlindros, the Psychic Titan