So there I was, feeling sorry for myself, after having beaten a few gyms. Who cares that most of them were girls. I wanted to be a bachelor!!!! I didn’t want a date! Looking over at Rocky, I grinned, “At least I don’t have to go to the hospital this time! Well, that won’t be true by the looks of Erin, if I DO go out with Pam.”


Walking down the street, I came along a shop that I had seen many times, but this time it had something new in the window…something I just HAD to buy. It proclaimed itself as girl repellent. I was just about to go in and buy it, when I remembered that Psybane was a girl. Oops!


Finally, I reached the Pokemon Center and gave my Pokemon to Nurse Joy, then walked to the Breedery. After passing several doors, I paused in front of the dragon door. Grinning to myself, I walked in, and soon I was the proud owner of a small, weak Magikarp! This earned me strange looks, but I merely grinned mischievously to myself. The scuttlebutt around town was that Pam hated both weak and fish pokemon. This way, I could give her both! Scuttling on home, I made my preparations for the date. Consisting of twelve boxes of hair dye that could be washed out, a really grungy Pokeball, bell-bottoms, and a colorful shirt.


Two hours later…


Pat put the finishing touches on her makeup and turned to her Bulbasaur, “What do you think?” she asked.


 It nodded its head and emitted a small cry: “Bulba!”


Pat looked one last time in the mirror and heard a knock on the door. Brushing her hair one last time, and checking to make sure her earrings were perfect, she went to the door and opened it. The bizarre figure standing in the doorway gave her what to some might be considered a “V for victory,” and said, “Peace!”


Pat closed the door hurriedly, “Can’t these weirdos…” she trailed off, deep in thought, then cautiously opened the door again. “Tyco?” she asked incredulously when she saw me standing there just as I had been before she slammed the door in my face, “What happened to you?”


I grinned goofily, “Just trying to look good for our date!”


She looked me up and down, “Are you normally wearing a tie dye shirt? And what happened to your hair? It looks like it collided with a paint truck!”


I smiled, “Oh, just trying a few new colors,” knowing that was a massive understatement, as my hair was like a rainbow, with a few extra colors thrown in here and there, “Why, what’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”


Making a face, she said, “Nothing, Let’s just go. Where are we going?”


Grinning at her, I said mischievously, “Somewhere where you’ve probably never been, doing something that I am sure you’ve never done!”


Now she began to smile, “I wouldn’t count on it, but let’s go.”



It turned out that it was her first time fishing, and she complained to no end that she didn’t like water, and when I asked her why she came with me then, she said something rather not nice that I won’t say for fear young children may be reading this.


Casting her rod out into the water, she began complaining again, “Why do we have to do this? Why can’t we go exploring?”


“Okay,” I said, thinking up a diabolical plan worthy of myself, “Let’s go!”


After reeling in her line, she put the rod down, well, actually threw it down, well, she broke it, and began heading off to the right, so naturally I headed to the left. “Where are you going?” She called out after me.


“Exploring!” I called back.


“But we’re supposed to do it together!” she protested loudly.


I stopped, “Oh…okay…let’s go exploring then…”


“But I have to get cleaned up!” Pat complained, looking down at her mud-streaked Half-shirt that I had thought was a swimsuit top to start with.


“Come on! Where’s your sense of adventure?” I prodded her.



I asked her the same question half an hour later, and she muttered, “I left it in my other dress.” Then she looked up at me and asked, “Are you sure that you know where you’re going?”


“Me know where I’m going? I was following you!” I replied.


Suddenly I my head popped out of a hole and realized that I was right back where I started. “Ah, we’re back at the lake. Since you broke your rod, let’s go to the movies!”


Pat immediately brightened, “Sure! I heard that there’s a really good movie there!”



After going into the romance movie, she found out that I was no longer with her, and she went out to find me in line for a movie that some people described as babyish. I thought so too, but I figured that I had better humiliate her as much as possible if I wanted her to hate me enough to get out of there.


Midway through the movie, a kid that I had hired started poking me, and I poked back, and Pat started snuggling into me. That was it. I gave the signal to kick things up a notch to the other kid. I punched him in the side of the face. Soon we were rolling around on the floor, Pat was screaming for me to knock it off, and all of the little kids were calling for a Pokemon fight, which we soon began.


Halfway through, I noticed Pat storming up the hall, and paid the kid the money that he had asked for, and finished the fight. It turned out that I won my money back, and not a penny more. Bowing to the audience, I got my opponent’s instant messenger Screen-name, and walked up the aisle, out the door, and bought a ticket for the romantic movie, which was about to start, and, by my own arrangement, walked into the bathroom, washed the die out of my hair, changed, and went in and sat next to Erin. I enjoyed the rest of my night. Looking down towards the front row, I saw that Pat had gotten herself into a fight So, naturally, I cheered for her opponent. As she was coming up the aisle, beaten badly, she looked my way, but I avoided her gaze by pretending to be interested in something on the wall in the direction so I wouldn’t face her.


Dating is fun!