Bob was an ordinary little kid. You know, slept in, woke up late, went to the lab, where for some reason Professor Tree had given away the last Pokemon two seconds before he got there, and he had just HAD to get an Eevee, because, as his luck would have it, it was the last Pokemon left in the lab, even though that left Prof Tree without anything to study.

But that doesn't matter, because Pokemon Profs aren't there for studying Pokemon. They're just there to hand out Pokemon to late little boys who run to their labs in their Pikachu jammies because they slept in. However, the late little boys have to have dreams of becoming a Pokemon master.

That, or they're narcissistic little buggers with a mental disorder, who always have to put people down, and for some reason pick a type that has an advantage over the Pokemon Master wannabe's Pokemon. Yet, somehow, because the Pokemon Master kids are pure of spirit and mind, despite being an orphan whose late parents drank too much and beat him incessantly—they always win, and the narcissists always swear revenge and end up joining Team Rocket, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

And yet somehow Mr. Pikachu Jammies Smith is the only one that can stop them.

That's where Bob “Pikachu Jammies (PJ)” Smith comes in. Mr. Vinnie “Nasty Little Bugger (NLB)” Jones who, as everyone knows, has a mental disorder (MD) making him REALLY mean, has been plotting to capture the Legendaries. Everyone knows that the Legendaries bring balance to the world's elements, and if they were ever captured, chaos would reign supreme. If that weren't bad enough, Mewtwo had gone on a rampage and had ravaged the countryside.

PJ Smith was the world's last hope.

Five minutes after leaving home, NLB Jones MD became the head of Team Rocket (despite having wet the bed earlier that morning), and was closing in on the Legendaries.

Knowing that they had no other recourse, the Unown approached PJ Smith and offered him a deal. If he could capture the Legendaries and defeat NLB Jones MD, who had, in the five minutes, raised a huge army of extremely powerful Pokemon, he could keep the Legendaries so that he could be the most powerful Pokemon trainer ever.

After a great deal of thought (PJ IS, after all, pure of heart and would NEVER capture a Legendary), PJ agreed, and, with a ton of Master Balls he managed to find in his other pants, he caught all the Legendaries, who are brainless idiots without him.

PJ engaged NLB, but NLB had a secret weapon, not including the alien armada in space that's meant for something further on that we don't know about.

Mewtwo wasn't really on a rampage. He was taking orders from NLB. Mewtwo started killing the Legendaries and, imbued by power from the Unown, PJ took the Red Orb and the Blue orb and fused them into a single orb, making himself into a Pokemon unlike any the world had ever known.

With his newfound powers, PJ sent NLB and Mewtwo into space, hurtling towards the uber alien fleet that we don't know about.

But the power was too much for PJ, and he died because he had spent too much energy. In his last breaths, he brought peace to the Pokemon world, and nobody fought anybody ever again. It was a dandy, happy, Super, Bradyiffic place to live.

And then the aliens came and wiped out all life on the planet.

Ash_Junior looked up from writing his masterpiece and grinned. "Now they will have to vote me as teh r0xx0r l331 k1|/|g!" he crowed.

Then he spotted the angry crowd of reviewers coming.

He had just enough time to say "Oh Crap!" before they stoned him to death for writing such a terrible fic.

The REAL End Ending