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Dress You Can't (AAMRN)

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Mr. Ketchum vs. Mr. Potter (CO)


Valentine Sweet (AAMRN)


Pikapiipikachu to Poke'mon Trainer (O)


Same Old Song And Love (AAMRN)


What We Do Everyday (O)


Summary for Dress You Can't : This is where Ash *me* trys to enter an all-girls *poke'mon included* poke'mon tournament, out comes the orange dress again!! And guess who else enters... This is dedacated to my big sister, Anna, who told me to beleive in myself, and my little sister, Julia, my poke'mon buddy or my Misty in short. :)

Summary for Mr. Ketchum vs. Mr. Potter: I really dislike Harry Potter. I think is a danger to poke'mon fans. So I wrote this little story about Harry and Ash *me* meeting paths. So I say to all Harry Potter fans in your face, *face, it ash ans poke'mon are better. :) enjoy!!

Summary for Valentine Sweet: Valentine's Day, starring Ash *me* and Misty and that jerk Danny who was flirting with Misty.

Summary for Same Old Song And Love: This is a story of different feelings of Ash *me* and Misty. Some songs are included in this story. And it's also where Ash *me* has to be, brave, daring, to rescue his love, Misty, from the clutches of Team R. And also, if i made a poke'mon movie, this would be it. This is explained in one word, AWSOME!!! Dedacaited to Julia L. Mcmurphy, my little sis. I'd be flattered if you sent in some reviews for this.. :)

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