Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, or truth...

Summary: Just a quick round of truth or dare...

Note: This is obviously set after the Sinnoh league, so Ash is about 16, Misty’s around 17. May and Dawn... I have no idea!

Speech. Thoughts.


"Okay, okay, Misty, truth...or dare?" Dawn grinned at her across the room. Misty rolled her eyes. "Um, truth...?" Dawn winked. "Tell us... are you in love with Ash? And be honest..." Ash blushed as Misty frowned. "In that case, dare." May tapped Dawn on the shoulder and whispered something. "Perfect..." Dawn giggled. "You have to... kiss Ash, on the mouth." Misty glared and stood up.


"Hey, what are you doing?" "Finding a coin. Only way I can choose between the rock and a hard place, right?" Misty stopped rummaging through her backpack and pulled out a small, shiny coin. "Old Lucky." she said, turning around. "Never failed me yet. Heads, truth. Tails, dare." She tossed the coin into the air three times, checking each time. 'Heads... Tails.......Damn!'


Flicking the coin back into her pack, Misty strode back over to the group. "Fine, but after this, I'm not playing anymore, okay? I'm out." Leaning down, she grabbed Ash by the ears and half-pulled him up. "This won't hurt a bit..."


Misty released Ash and walked out of the room. For a moment, everyone stared at the door, and at each other, then at Ash. "Whoa!"


'Heads, why'd it have to be heads?!' Misty sat by herself at the kitchen table, hugging her knees. She smiled softly to herself in the darkness. 'First time Old Lucky's failed me... I think...'


"Uh, Misty?" Misty spun around and saw Ash silhouetted in the doorway. "Oh, um... Hey, Ash. Wh-what's up?" Ash shrugged. "Nothing... just... I flipped a coin too..." Misty blushed. "Yeah? What for?" "To decide if I should come down here... or not." Misty shrugged. "So?" Ash stepped forward. "Then I flipped it again... to decide if I should do this..." Leaning down, he put his mouth to her ear. "I love you too, Misty." he whispered, kissing her softly on the cheek. "And THAT's the truth..."


This is the first time that I've done two different endings for the same fic. I've seen the same kinda thing in other stories on the Tower, and it usually gives it a bit of a twist, sort of, chose your own ending... Sorry for the lack of descriptions, I just couldn’t find any way to put them in... Anyway, it’s now 4:35 in the AM... Good-night, or morning, whatever.


3-Apr-09 (fixed and split)