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Summary: Ash has some questions for Misty.

Note: Obviously, they’re both old enough, say early twenties.

Speech. Thoughts.


Ash woke up to the sound of water and rattling pipes. Stretching and yawning, he made his way over to the nearby door, stopping only to slip his boxers back on. “Hey, Misty?” he tapped gently on the bathroom door. “Yeah?!” she called out over the running water. Ash scratched his neck nervously, slightly ruffling his already messing black hair. “Um, about last night...?” He heard the squeak as the faucet was turned off and the thud of the door being slid back. “Huh?!” “Um, do you, do that kind of thing often?” Inside the bathroom, Misty shrugged as she saw what Ash was getting at. “Depends on what you mean by, ‘often’.” Ash sighed. ‘I was afraid of that...’ “Well, aren’t you afraid?” “What, of getting pregnant?” Ash blushed, but kept on. “Well, yes and no... I mean...” Misty rolled her blue eyes. “We used protection, remember Ash?” Ash grinned slightly as he looked over at the discarded... object. “Well, yeah but... aren’t you afraid of, getting a, ‘reputation?” Misty sighed and opened the door a crack. “Oh, I stopped caring what people thought of me a long time ago, Ash.” She gave a half-shrug. “They can think what they like, as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t bother me anymore.”


 Ash decided to change tactics. “But, what about your parents? Wouldn’t they be worried if they knew about, this?” Misty frowned and opened the door a little more, leaning slightly on it. “Yeah, maybe, if they gave a damn! To be perfectly honest with you, Ash, my parents haven’t exactly been in the picture for a very long time. I practically raised myself.” She sighed before glancing up at him with a small grin. “Well, this is a change-around. You didn’t exactly have any problems going along with it last night...” Ash blushed. “Yeah, well, I’m not THAT stupid!” Misty giggled and opened the door. “So, Ketchum, are you gonna get me a towel or what? I’m freezing my arse off here, you know...” Ash looked down and quickly turned as he realized Misty was still naked and dripping slightly onto the carpet. Rushing to the bed, he grabbed a towel and handed it over, still blushing fiercely and looking the other way. Misty giggled. “Idiot, you’ve already seen me naked, last night, remember?” Ash groaned as he felt his resolve weakening. “Yeah, but that was then, this is now...” Misty shook her head, flicking beads of water from her bright orange hair, made slightly darker by the water; and turned to dry herself off inside the bathroom. Ash still couldn’t resist glancing at her before the door closed. ‘Damn, I tapped that!’ he grinned to himself. He could still remember the ‘events’ of the night before. Including Misty’s little... secret. ‘Who’d a thought she’d have a tattoo there?!’


Anyway, Ash.” Ash snapped out of his reverie as Misty’s voice drifted to him though the bathroom door. “At this point, the only thing that could make an honest woman out of me, is marriage.” He eyed the door thoughtfully. “And like you said, you’re not that stupid.” Misty added as she grinned cheekily at the door. ‘Let him figure THAT one out for himself.’ Ash stared, stunned as Misty’s words drilled themselves into his head. ‘What, me?!’ His mind replayed the past few hours. Ash grinned. “Well, maybe I am, Misty, maybe I am.” Misty dropped her towel in shock. “Wha?!” Ash whistled softly as he walked over to his pants and removed the small box from the pocket. He turned to see Misty staring at him in the doorway, still naked. “Well, that’ll save some time...” Ash grinned, dark brown eyes glinting cheekily.


I think we all know what happened the night before, right? Except anybody under 12, in which case, what are you doing reading this?! For everybody else, I meant to actually include the, shall we say, ‘event’, but I realized that I’m not very good at writing those scenes. I’d rather ruin a story by making it too short, than ruining it with an improbable scene that just won’t work. Besides, just because a story is rated highly, doesn’t really stop anybody from clicking onto it, so let’s try to keep the Tower clean, okay? Or at least, cleaner than my mind... By the way, the tattoo is a Vaporeon. On her butt, of course.


 6-Nov-09. (added something to clarify a sentence, and descriptions)