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Summary: Ash and Misty both think about what they want to do the most...

Note: Their thoughts are happening simultaneously.

New note: I recently reread this fic, and realized that it could be better. (and a little constructive criticism didn’t hurt neither... J) So, that’s why I’ve decided to re-write this, hopefully better this time around...

Misty. Ash. Speech.


Misty glanced carefully over the rim of her bowl at the skinny, black-haired boy sitting across the campfire, sucking stew out of his black shirt, not noticing the steady drip from the bowl onto his jeans, and quickly turned her blue eyes back down, pretending to be fully engrossed in her meal. ‘Man, how do you tell someone how you feel about them?! It's almost impossible when it's your best friend... He has no idea just how much I wanna kiss him. I mean, he's sitting right there, I COULD say something, I COULD just walk over and give him a kiss, really, I could, but... NO! So much could go wrong. He might laugh, or worse, reject me. Ugh, I am such a hopeless coward... It just makes me so frustrated! Which, of course, makes me yell, usually at him... Who am I kidding; he couldn't possibly feel the same... She sighed faintly.


Ash looked up from his meal and glanced around, his dark brown eyes lingering briefly on the thin, red-hair girl in the yellow tank top and blue shorts sitting opposite him. ‘It's kinda nice out tonight. The Hoothoots calling softly in the trees, Ledians overhead, the full moon on the surface of the water... Wow, where did all that stuff come from?! I probably shouldn't have read that romance book of Misty's... although it WAS kinda interesting... OK, VERY interesting... I wonder if she'll let me kiss her... NO! She's your best friend, well, best HUMAN friend anyway... who just happens to be a girl, that's all. Besides, she'll probably kill me, or at least tear my ears off, and I kinda like having ears...


I gotta find a way to tell him, even if he does reject me, or worse, laughs in my face... Maybe I can do it like a hit-and-run, just tell him, walk away, and if he follows... But, what if he doesn't follow? Ugh, this is sooo hard! But I gotta do it...’ Misty fumbled slightly with her bowl, almost dropping it.


Ash sighed. ‘Maybe if I kiss her, and run fast enough, I can get a ferry somewhere else... I mean, she can't stay mad forever, right? Right?! Okay, she'll probably catch me and make me sorry I was ever born, but the look on her face MIGHT be worth it...



"Yeah, Misty?"

For a brief moment, their eyes met, brown on blue.

".....................Nothing, it was, nothing..., you’re, dripping on your leg..."

"Oh, okay then. Thanks."


I'll do it tomorrow... I hope.

I'll do it tomorrow, that way the ferry will be open... I hope.


Eh, love is difficult at the best of times. Of course, the question remains, what about tomorrow? An episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' said it best: Love makes you do the wacky... By the way, in this fic, Ash is eleven, and Misty’s twelve... There was just no way that I could put that in the fic without making it sound awkward and uncomfortable. After all, who thinks about ages when looking at someone they already know... As they’re both teenagers now, it just goes to show; tomorrow can be a long way away, so take a running leap for it...


10-Nov-08. (re-write)