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Summary: Ash and Misty talk about life, death, and the fight in between.

Ash. Misty. Brock.


Hey, see that one!” Ash followed Misty’s arm into the sky. “Hey, yeah! It looks like a Girafarig!” “Pika!” “Come on guys, it’s probably time we all went to bed.” Brock walked up and stood over the two younger teens lying back on the grass watching the stars. The black-hair boy with the childish grin propped himself up on his elbows and looked back up at the older boy, chocolate-brown eyes almost pleading. “Aww, but I’m not tired yet...” “Yeah,” the thin red-haired girl next to him sat up. “Personally, I feel like I could stay up all night... or at least longer than you two.” She added, her blue eyes sparkling mischievously. “Hey! I could stay up way longer than you!” Brock sighed and ran his fingers threw his own short brown hair. “At least make sure you BOTH get something resembling sleep tonight, okay guys?” he smiled before turning and walking away, shaking his head. As the two stopped their mild bickering and looked at their retreating friend, Ash shrugged. “What’s with him?” “I have NO idea... Brock stuff, I guess.” “Oh. Girls, right?” Misty smiled. “Yep, or at least his extreme LACK of one...” she added with a giggle. Ash joined in with a brief chuckle. “Good old Brock...


Hey, Misty?” “Yeah, Ash?” Ash folded his arms behind his head and sighed. “Have you ever wondered, what’s out there? You know? Like, what’s it all about?” Misty turned her head and stared at him. “Chocolate, of course. I thought that was obvious.” She grinned. Ash laughed softly. “Yeah... but seriously, have you?” Misty looked back up and sighed. “Yeah, sure, doesn’t everybody?” she stretched her arms out over her head and yawned. “After all, you can’t look up at the stars like this without feeling kinda small, and insignificant. It makes you wonder why there’s even a place for you in this universe.” She looked back at him with a grin. “Legendary Chosen Ones not withstanding... after all, someone has to save the world. Ho-oh knows it can’t stay out of trouble for more than a couple of years without needing some punk kid to save it...” Ash grinned back. “Admit it, Misty; you loved being the one to figure it out, didn’t ya?” Misty giggled. “Well, someone’s gotta be the brains of this outfit, and it sure as Groudon isn’t gonna be Brock... or Tracey for that matter...


Misty sat up and looked back at Ash. “So, since when have YOU been all, existential and everything, anyway?” Ash looked over and raised an eyebrow. “Ex- is... what?” Misty smiled. “What’s with the deep thoughts all of a sudden?” “Oh.” Ash shrugged and gazed back into the sky. “I dunno... I guess, well, you know I try my hardest in everything I do, right?” Misty nodded as he looked up at her. “Yeah, THAT’s obvious to just about everyone who’s ever met you, sure.” Ash sighed and sat up, arms wrapped around his knees. “It’s just, I’m really kinda starting to wonder, if it’s all even worth it...” Misty jaw dropped open. “Who are you, and what have you done with Ash Ketchum?!” Ash shook his head. “Nothing... it’s just, well... we’ve been travelling around for a few years now. And sure, we’ve seen a lot of really cool stuff, and met some great people... and some not-so-great ones... but, well, we haven’t really gotten anywhere, have we? Your sisters still don’t respect you, Brock still hasn’t gotten a girl, and I’m still just some stupid twerp from, let’s face it, a small town in the middle of nowhere. It just starting to make me wonder, what’s the point?”


Misty stared at him blankly. “Well, of course it’s worth it, Ash. I mean, sure my sisters don’t respect me, despite all I’ve done these past few years, but I doubt they ever really will. The reason Brock still doesn’t have a girl is his own damn fault, he comes on way too strong, no girl likes that. That boy really needs to calm down...” she added under her breath. “And you’re definitely NOT the same twerp you used to be. You’re still a twerp, but a different one...” she grinned at him briefly. “I mean, look at yourself, Ash. When we first met, you were a soaking wet little loser with a half-drowned Pikachu, practically in tears with worry. Not long after that, you sent your freshly caught Caterpie out against a wild Pidgeotto when, hello, you had a perfectly good Pikachu sitting right next to you.” She indicated the small yellow bundle sleeping between them, nose buried into his tail. Pikachu’s ear twitched slightly, as if somehow sensing they were talking about him. Misty smiled briefly at him before looking back at Ash. “Now look at you. Top sixteen at Indigo, eighth in Johto AND Hoenn, Champion of the Orange League. The entire time, you’ve been trying to play catch-up to Gary Oak of all people, and every single time you’re about to do just that, you meet someone who needs a hand, and you stop to help, knowing full well it’ll just put you further behind Gary. You’ve even died twice, that I know of...” she glance at him curiously before continuing. “When we first met, you were, quite frankly, an arrogant little berk who only cared about himself, and being the best. That’s how much you changed, Ash. Even if you weren’t the Chosen One, you’ve still managed to make your mark on the world. Whether you know it or not.”


Ash stared at Misty, open-mouthed. “Really? Y-you think so?” Misty nodded. “Yep. You’ve done more in the last few years than my daft sisters have done their entire lives, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Ash. Not even me.” she finished with a smile. Ash stared at his feet, thoughts rushing through his head. “Hey Ash, look...” Misty nudged his shoulder and pointed up near the ‘Girafarig’ they’d spotted earlier. Ash glanced up just in time to see a shooting star flash by. “Make a wish.” Misty whispered. Ash glanced aside at her, her eyes closed, lips moving silently. Quietly, he shifted over and kissed her gently on the cheek. Misty eyes shot open. “Wow, THAT was quick...” she mumbled, blushing fiercely. “Huh?” Ash raised an eyebrow, curious. Misty grinned. “Nothing... Who would have thought shooting stars worked that fast. I should have asked for money...oh well, maybe next time.” She shrugged and smiled at Ash’s confused face. “Although, it DID get the location wrong...” Misty smiled, leaning over and kissing Ash softly on the mouth. “That’s better...


Ah, mornin’ guys. Guys?” Brock rolled over and sat up, looking curiously at the unused sleeping bags lying nearby. Groaning slightly, he stood up and wandered over to the small hill where he’d last see his friends, and stopped with a small smile. “Hmm, I’ll give them another hour...” Brock turned and walk back to start breakfast, leaving the two teens with the Pikachu between them to sleep peacefully.


Aww, innit dat kute?! Things were getting a bit cheeky there towards the end, huh? I think this started out as a different story, and evolved into this for some reason. It actually took a while to finish writing, as some idiot knocked on the door wanting me to do something, and I lost my writing mojo for a while, but here it is. Hope you like. Please read and review.