Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon. Or any skipping games...

Summary: Funny little poem, this...

Note: This is based on those skipping/ hand clapping games, where it starts off innocent, seems to get a bit filthy, but ends up harmless and funny. Those who've played them know what I mean...

Note...again: I do not know if the pictures will actually come up on the Tower or not... if not, then, at least I tried.


This guy here is Brock

He likes to chase the girls

But frankly his face

Kinda makes me wanna...


THROW it to Ash

The guy's stuck in a rut

His girlfriend likes to yell

And kick him in the...


BUT then there's Tracey

His name makes him a girl

His personality

Really makes me wanna...


HURL it now to Misty

Some say that she's a witch

But she'd have to admit

She's a LOT more like a...



Okay, I just came up with and wrote that one night, and just HAD to post it! This one's mostly for everyone who doesn't like a particular character, as I point out one of the main reasons for each of them. (Some people might not like Ash as he's too clichéd and gets boss about by a girl he's too chicken to confess he's feelings for...). I also wanted to see if I could put some pictures in... but that was just for me J.