Rock Star

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokémon. I do own the name Disfunk’d. So back off.

Summary: Ash finds out a secret about his favourite band.

Note: This is a story I posted before, but I fixed up a few typos here and there, and as I’m kinda a perfectionist, well... Also, if you read the fic before I re-posted it, you’ll noticed that I change Misty’s cousin to a guy, with his girlfriend in the band. I figured that the two girls might end up fighting if her cousin thought that the boyfriend was getting to close to Misty, ya know? This way, there’s no chance that the two girls will fight over him, because one already has him, and the other is his cousin, you see? Girls, we’re kinda like that... No-one comes near our men!

Speech. Thoughts.


Oh, wow. I can’t believe I actually managed to get a ticket. This is so amazing!” Everyone stared at Ash like he’d gone mad. This was believable as he was dancing about the path to Pallet Town. “What’s so great about this show anyway?” May wondered. Ash stopped dead and glared at her “What’s so great about it? Disfunk’d is only the most amazingly wildest band ever. Don’t tell my mum, but I have all their CD’s and stuff hidden away in a secret hiding spot.” “Why are they hidden away?” Max asked. Ash blushed and frowned. “Well, the thing is, mum doesn’t really like Disfunk’d ‘cause she thinks that they’re a bad influence on me or something. Just because some of their songs might have some bad language in them. It’s not like I’m dumb enough to repeat any of them.” He added defensively. “Anyway, don’t tell her about the ticket yet, okay? I’ve gotta suck up to her a bit so she’ll let me go.” He sighed and ran his fingers through his messy black hair, getting caught in a tangle along the way. “Man, that means I’ve gotta do a lot of chores.”

No!” “But why not?!” “Because I said so, now go to your room.” “But...” “Go! You’re grounded til further notice!” Ash stomped upstairs and made an effort to slam the door as hard as he could. “So, I’m guessing she said no, huh.” Ash growled and kicked the door. “Man, this sucks.” He moaned as he flopped on to the lower bunk. “I can’t believe she won’t let me go.” “She’s just trying to protect you, that’s all.” Brock sighed. Ash glared at him. “Who’s side are you on, anyway?!” Brock shrugged. “No-ones.” Tracey spoke up. “Why do you like this band so much, anyway.” Ash sighed. “Well, they have the best songs, they’re really cool, and...” he trailed off and blushed, his brown eyes suddenly interested solely on his fingernails. “And what?” Max asked. Ash looked away. “And, I’ve kinda had a crush on the lead singer for years.”

WHAT?!” Everyone stared at him, then fell about laughing. “Wow, she must be hot to get you to take notice.” Tracey commented. Ash sighed. “She is. And she’s an awesome guitar player. And you should hear her sing, like an angel...” he trailed off and blushed even deeply. Max laughed so hard he fell of the bed onto the floor. “So that’s it. You wanna go to the concert so that you can stare up at her lovingly, like this.” May teased, putting on a cutesy, love-sick face. “Or like Brock does.” Max demonstrated with a thin trickle of drool coming out of his mouth. “Yeah, just like I... Hey!” Brock protested. This just made everyone laugh harder. Finally, they calmed down. “So, what are you gonna do, Ash?” Ash frowned. “I dunno. I’ve gotta get to that concert somehow.” “But Ash, it’s tonight. You’ll never be able to convince your mum to let you go in time.” Ash stood up. “I know. That’s why I’m sneaking out.”

There was a stunned silence as Ash started grabbing a few things to take with him. Brock broke the silence. “Ash, wait. You’ll never be able to get away with it, you know that, right? Plus, even if you did, the moment you came back you’ll be grounded for life.” Ash shrugged. “So. It’ll be worth it to see that concert. And mum will get over it eventually. Besides, I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m a trainer now, so I can do what I want. If I’m responsible enough to train Pokémon, I’m responsible enough to go to a concert for a few hours. That, and if you guys tell, then you won’t be my friends anymore.” With that, he climbed out the window, jumped into the tree outside, climbed down and ran off towards Viridian City. “Man, this is bad.” Brock moaned.

This is great!” Ash screamed at the top of his lungs. The concert was winding down, and Disfunk’d were doing their last encore. ‘Man, I’ve gotta get their autographs.’ Ash made his way towards the back of the stage. After a short while, the music ended and the band members made their way towards him. “Um, excuse...” his throat locked up. The band filed past him. The lead singer stopped and stared at him. “Whoa. Ash, what are you doing here?!” His voice unlocked. “Huh? Misty?!” She took off her blue sunglasses, revealing even bluer eyes. “Yeah. Um, hi. I can totally explain this.” “Hey, come on, Myst. We’ve gotta get going already. What are you talking to that little punk for, anyway?” Misty frowned. “This little punk happens to be one of those friends I told you about, so back off.” She turned back to Ash and noticed the autograph book in his hands. “Hey, wow. I didn’t know you were a fan, Ash. Hey, guys, come sign his book. And be nice, or I’ll beat you up.” One member of the band came up and took the book. It was quickly passed around and as Misty handed it back she blushed. “I’ll, explain this entire thing later, okay? Just wait at the Pokécenter for me.” She moved off with the band, leaving Ash totally stunned.

So, that’s it really. My older cousin, his girlfriend and some friends of ours started this band a few years ago for some kicks, you know. Who would have thought we’d ever get this big, huh?” Misty finished explaining. Ash was still stunned. She waved her hand in front of his face. “Uh, Earth calling Ash. Hello. Anybody alive in there?” “Huh, what?” he shook himself. “Sorry, it’s just... wow.” Misty shrugged. “Yeah, it’s kinda crazy alright.” Ash looked at her in admiration. “How’d you learn to play the guitar, and sing so well?” she grinned. “I dunno. I just could. I can’t really explain it myself.” He shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe we travelled together all this time and I’m only just finding this out now. Man, am I dense or what?!” She smiled. “Well, it’s understandable that you didn’t figure it out sooner. I dress, look and act differently when I’m performing, so that’s why you probably didn’t make the connection between Misty of Cerulean City Gym, and ‘Wyld Myst’ of Cerulean City’s Disfunk’d.” Misty indicated the incredibly revealing, not to mention tight, black top and blue pants that she’d worn on stage. “Plus, I gel my hair up a bit, make it look all wild, so that probably threw you off... 

He looked at her again. “How’d you learn to dance like that?” She blushed deeply. “Um, never you mind, Ash Ketchum. Besides, shouldn’t you be getting home or something?” she asked, trying desperately to change the subject. He winced. “Um, somehow I think that if I go home, then I’m dead meat.” She looked at him suspiciously. “What do you mean?” “Um, Mum wouldn’t let me come, and I’d already brought the ticket so, I kinda snuck out the window and ran all the way here.” It was now Misty’s turn to stare at him in shock. “Whoa, you are gonna be in so much trouble...” He sighed. “Yeah, but it was worth it.” “Huh?”

Hey Ash? What did you mean by ‘it was worth it’?” They were walking back to Pallet Town so that Ash could face the music for listening to the music. “Um, nothing. Just, it was a good concert, that’s all.” He blushed. “Yeah? Thanks, we try.” Misty grinned. “So, how long have you been a fan, anyway?” “Ever since ‘Hard Times’. That song was amazing.” She shrugged. “Thanks, I wrote it.” “What?!” “Yeah, I wrote it. Ages ago. I can’t believe it turned out so well. Personally, I don’t think it was one of my best ones, though.” Ash was shocked. “But, wow. That song was so, um...” She glanced at him. “I think the word you’re looking for is ‘mental’.” She shrugged. “I was, going through a rough patch at the time, so I wrote how I felt. That song is kinda personal to me, but that only because it was about my feelings at the time. Most of my songs are.”

They walked on in silence for a while. Then a thought dawned on Ash. (WOW!) “Um, Misty?” “Huh, yeah Ash?” “If all your songs are about your feelings and stuff...” “Yeah?” “What about all the new ones?” She blushed. “Uh, what do you mean, Ash?” she stammered. “I mean, the ones about love and stuff, like ‘Emotions’ and ‘Wish’.” “I don’t know what you mean.” She sped up, walking faster. He sped up to match her. “All the old songs from years ago were kinda depressing, and there was a lot of swearing, and... wow, I didn’t know you knew those words.” He looked at her in shock for a moment, then shook himself. “Anyway, all the new songs are softer and up-beat. Even mum would probably like them. Even though I don’t understand some parts of them...” he trailed off and scratched his head for a second. “Anyway, what changed?” She stopped trying to out-run him and stopped short, blushing deeply. He overshot and had to turn around to face her. “Y-you ha-happened.” She stammered faintly. “Huh?” “Before I met you, my life, quite frankly sucked big-time. But now...” she trailed off. Ash stared at her for a second, then blushed. “Um, to tell you the truth, I’ve, kinda has a major crush on Disfunk’d’s lead singer for years.” He laughed faintly. “Go figure, hey.” He gave a small shrug. Misty stared at him. ‘He’s had a, crush, on me?’ she grinned. ‘Dammit girl, tell him already!’ “Ash, I love you!” she blurted out, then blushed hotly, embarrassed. Ash stared, then grinned. “I love you too, Misty.” After a brief pause, they raced forwards and kissed passionately. As they broke off, Ash licked his lips. “Wyld Myst.” He murmured. “Twerp.” She giggled, and kissed him again.


Okay, seeing as we’ve never heard of any bands in the Pokémon world, I had to make one up. And seeing as they’ve already hinted that Misty could sing, (‘The Song of Jigglypuff’ episode!), I figured, why not? As far as I know, those songs don’t really exist. If they do, well, yay. Misty’s cousin, and the other members of the band exist only in my warped mind.



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