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Summary: Ash and Misty play in the snow.

Note: I fixed a few typos that annoyed me, that’s all. You’ll notice that I’ve been keeping my little rambles in at the end. I can’t remember when I wrote this exactly, but according to the ramble, it would have been summer ‘08’ sometime... and yes, the flies are still mental. There was this huge, red-eyed demon fly the other day... ewww!

Speech. Thoughts.


Ha, missed me!” Misty giggled as she deftly dodged yet another ill-fated snowball and scooped up one of her own to throw at her aimless friend. “I’ll get cha this time... OOF!” Ash was cut off mid sentence by a snowball to the face. “Give it up, Ashy-boy, for I am the Snow Queen!” Misty struck a pose and bowed gracefully, dodging the snowball that went whizzing by harmlessly over her back. “Hold still!” Ash growled, reaching for another snowball... that wasn’t there. “Huh?!”


Misty giggled and walked over, weighing a snowball in her hand. “Well, well, well, look who’s out of ammo?” she grinned as Ash slowly backed away. “Now, Myst, you wouldn’t hit an unarmed man, would you?” he said as his back hit the fence. Misty shrugged. “No, but I don’t see a man, I just see one scared little boy.” “I’m not little!” Ash growled as he made a desperate attempt to grab the snowball out of Misty’s hand. Misty shoved the snowball in his face as they toppled over.


No, fair!” Ash grunted as he shook the snow out of his face and looked down. His next word was stifled as he stared directly into Misty’s face. ‘Wow, I’ve never really noticed, but she’s kinda cute up close... wait, up close?!’ Glancing down further, he suddenly realised with shock that he was lying right on top of her. “Whoa, sorry, sorry!” he leapt up, blushing fiercely. Feeling his face burning, he turned away.


Misty lie in the snow, still reeling from the closeness. ‘What just, happened?!’ Looking up at the back of Ash’s head, she could see his ears going bright pink. ‘For a moment there, I thought I saw... no, maybe... could it be?...’ Sitting up, she stared at Ash and smiled.


Man, I am such a clumsy idiot!’ Ash quietly chastised himself. ‘Now she probably thinks I’m some sort of creep, or something.’ Behind him, he could hear the crunching of the snow as Misty stood up and walked over. ‘Probably gonna slap me.’ Ash thought miserably. He closed his eyes and waited for the impact.


Misty looked at Ash, standing there with his eyes clenched shut and a look of fear etched on his face. ‘Probably thinks he’s about to get clobbered.’ Misty smiled. ‘This’ll be a shock, then.’ Leaning closer, she kissed him gently on the mouth.


Ash’s eyes shot open as he stared into Misty’s face. Was she... kissing him?! He could only stand there, shocked as Misty pulled away and walked off. ‘Wait, does this mean, she, ‘likes’ me?!’


Misty turned, saw him staring at her, and shrugged, smiling slightly. Ash could feel his embarrassment quickly being replaced by a goofy grin. ‘She likes me!’ “Yes!” Ash pumped his fist into the air.


Misty giggled as Ash shadow-boxed. “Yes, yes, yes!” ‘Idiot.’ He turned and realised what he’d being doing. “Um, hehehe.” He laughed nervously. Ash looked at Misty, standing there smiling at him and went all warm all over. ‘She likes me.’ Slowly, nervous about what he was about to do, Ash walked up to Misty and carefully leaned in.


Misty grinned as Ash slowly moved towards her, trembling. ‘What an idiot. And I’m in love with him. Figures.’ Misty wrapped her arms around Ash and pulled him closer. “Speed it up, Hat-Boy, it’s cold out here.” she said as Ash blushed.


Delia looked out of the kitchen window and her mouth fell open. “Now when did THAT happen?” She smiled. “Oh well, better late than never.” Delia hummed quietly to herself as the snow began to softly fall around the two teens embracing in the crisp winter air.           




I know, I know, that was kinda fluffy, wasn’t it? It’s amazing what your brain can come up with when you’re half asleep, hey? I wrote this in less than an hour. Two hours if you count the time I took off to smear a fly across the wall. Little bugger was distracting me... It’s summer here in the Land Down Under, so the flies are mental right now. Oh, joy... Anyway, thanks to those who sent in reviews, much appreciated. And thanks to those who took the time to read any of my fics. Hope you like them, ‘because I’ve got over 90 planned. I’m gonna be on the Tower for a very long time, I might even need a new pen-name at some point... just a thought. Bye.


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