IIIIIII’MMMMMMMM BAAAACKKK! J  Yep, after a long hiatus I’ve started writing again. It took a while, as I had a few other projects to get on with, and I really couldn’t avoid them, but here ‘tis. So, without further ado... Let’s get on with it! J


The Book


Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokémon, I just obsess about it.

Summary: Misty is sick of Brock’s embarrassing behaviour, and wants to do something about it.


Note: For those of you who read my stories under ‘Aussie Wolf’, you’ll remember this as the first one I ever posted. However, you’ll also remember that it was difficult to read, due to being in text format. That’s why I’m re-releasing it, better than ever. It’s still the same fic, but now, you might actually be able to read it.J  I’ll also be redoing my other text format stories for the same reason, so don’t be surprised at the de-ja-vu.

Speech. Thoughts. Pokémon.


 Oh, Nurse joy, my sweet!” Ash and Misty sweat-dropped. ‘Here we go again.’ They followed Brock into the Pokecenter and Ash grabbed a can of soda whilst waiting for Misty to do her ear-thing to Brock. As he turned around, he almost choked on the drink; Brock was still in drool-mode, and Misty was just calmly sitting on a chair reading a book! ‘I guess I gotta do it this time...


Come on, Brock, leave her alone already.” Brock grunted as Ash grabbed his ear. “Hey, not you too, man?!” Nurse Joy took the chance to bolt into a backroom and locked the door. “Ah man, she got away!” Brock moaned. Ash shook his head. “They always get away. From you.” he added. ‘I might as well do a good job of it.’ Ash dragged Brock over to where Misty was still sitting. From this angle, he could see the name of the book: ‘Advanced Medical Techniques’. “Hey, Misty, what are you reading that for, anyway?” She turned a page without looking up. “Oh, I’m learning how to neuter Brock so we’ll never have to deal with his insanity again.”


Brock stopped struggling and stared at Misty in horror. His hand involuntarily flew to protect himself. “What does ‘neuter’ mean?” Ash asked in puzzlement. Brock broke free of Ash’s grip and ran out the door. Misty marked her spot with her finger and glanced up at Ash. “You really don’t wanna know.” she winked at him and went back to her book.


The End


Wow, I have come a long way from this, haven’t I? I took the opportunity to fix a couple of typos, and it looks miles better now, don’t it? (I would have put in a winking face, but my computer can’t do it for some stupid reason... tears!) If you have any complaints about it being too short, just remember, it was my first fic, from back when I wasn’t too sure about anything, so there.



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