Note: This is just a little joke I came up with one night, and is NOT a proper story, so donít say I didnít warn you.



A newspaper reporter decides to sneak in and get the real dirt behind potentially illegal activity inside Silph co.. He disguises himself as a new employee, interviews and begins his sting operation. After several months, he feels he has enough evidence of dirty dealings to confront the head of the company...


"I have enough evidence of your illegal activities to put you away for a long time, sir" "Who are you? What are you talking about?!" "I'm actually a reporter for the Poke Times. I've been undercover here for the past few months, and..." "Now, hold on!" He turned as another employee stood up from his cubicle and walked over. "You can't be undercover! I'm undercover!" "Really?! What paper are you with?" "I'm not from a paper, I'm from the FBI!" "Wait!" The head of the Department of Human Resources stood up. "I'm from the Jenny Organisation, Saffron Division." she said, removing her blonde wig. "I've been keeping an eye on this place for several years now, and..." Several other employees stood up and announced exactly who they've really been working for. "CIA." "Internal Revenue." "That information is classified." By this time, the reporter was very confused, and the head of the company was getting more and more annoyed. "Hey, does anybody ACTUALLY work here?!" he cried out in desperation. As the various undercover agents looked around sheepishly, one lone hand slowly rose up above a cubicle wall. "Um, I think I do..."


Which just goes to show, you really can't trust anybody these days. J