Merry Christmas! (And a Happy New Year!) part 3

Disclaimer: ‘♪ All I want for Christmas is the rights to Pokémon, the rights to Pokémon, the rights to Pokémon!♪’ What do you mean I can’t have them?! Bugger!

Summary: The gift giving continues... today, on Pokémon!

Note: As I was re-formatting this, I discovered that the end of the chapter had been cut off somehow. No idea why. So I added it.

Speech. Thoughts. Pokémon.

The Spirit Of Giving.


Okay, so, Tracey. Let’s see now, oh yeah, here it is.” Misty stopped rummaging under the tree and pulled out a large box. “Someone shoved it towards the back. Anyway, here you go, Tracey.” Tracey opened the box and pulled out a rather bulky looking package. Tearing away the wrapping paper, he was able to see a label. ‘Professional Sketch Carry Case with bonus Folding Easel.’ “Oh, wow!” He immediately undid the strap binding it together and started sorting through the supplies. “Pencils, Graphite pencils, watercolour pencils, two kinds of erasers... wow, thanks a lot, Misty!” Misty smiled. “Well, if there’s one thing I know about you, Tracey, it’s the fact that you really like art. It’s the only sure-thing gift I could think of for you.” Tracey nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah! Oh, right, here’s your gift. I hope you like it as much as I like mine.” He handed her a rectangular package before diverting his attention back to the art supplies. Misty calmly and carefully removed the paper, and set it aside. Opening the revealed book, she was amazed to find sketches of herself, Ash, Pikachu, even her Pokémon. “Wow, did you do all these, Tracey?” He looked up and nodded. “Yeah, while we were travelling together back home in the Orange Islands. I gathered a few of the best ones and put them in that book. Although I’ve also added several of Brock, May and Max in there that I’d done at various times after that. So, uh, do you like it?” he added nervously. Misty nodded and grinned. “Yeah, I love it! Thanks Tracey!”


This next one is for Pikachu. At least he was easy to buy for.” Misty scratched him behind the ear as she placed a parcel in front of him. Pikachu tore it open and almost fainted with shock as he saw what was inside. “A six-pack of the best brand of ketchup Cerulean City has to offer. And believe me when I say, we know our condiments.” Misty nodded knowingly. Pikachu leapt into Misty’s arms, gave her a small shock and licked her cheek. Jumping back down, he picked up a bottle of ketchup and offered it to her. “Pika, Pika-Pikachu!” “He wants you to have the first lick.” Ash translated for her. Misty smiled and squirted a small amount onto her finger. “Hmmm, yum!” she said, sucking on it for a bit. “This goes great with hot chips.”


Okay now, this present is kinda in two parts, and is a bit complicated so, you gonna have to bear with me for a moment, okay?” Misty nodded at Delia. “First up, Ash’s mum.” She gave Delia a small box. Delia opened it and looked curiously at the Pokéball inside. “It’s a Lotad, to help with the garden, watering it and stuff.” Misty shrugged. “I don’t really know much about gardening, and the last time I helped my mum with hers, dad ran over it with the lawn-mower, so let THAT be a warning to you...” she winked. “Anyway, it was all I could think of, so... yeah.” She blushed.   


Anyway, the second thing is, Ash.” She handed him a box with Pikachus printed all over the wrapping paper. He eagerly tore into it. “This one is kinda for both of you.” Misty said, indicating both Ash and Delia. “It’s a Cell Phone. Now you have absolutely no excuse NOT to call home more often.” She winked at Delia, whose face had lit up. Misty reached into her pocket and gave Delia a slip of paper. “Oh, and this is the number for the phone, so you can bug him about his underwear, Every Single Day.” She grinned at Ash’s horrified look. “Anyway, you’re mum’s on speed-dial, just press 1 and the green button. I also put the Gym on speed-dial as well. Just in case.” She shrugged. “Just press 2 and the green button.”


This is wonderful, dear. Thank you.” Delia exclaimed as she reached for two small boxes. “My gift is in two parts as well.” She checked the labels, and gave one box to Ash, and the other to Misty. They glanced at each other curiously before opening them. “Oh, wow!” “Awesome!” Inside Ash’s box, there were a set of dog-tags with Best Friends engraved on one side, and Misty on the other. Misty’s gift was a bracelet with Best Friends and Ash engraved inside. Delia stood, twisting her hands nervously. “Wow, mum, this is amazing, thanks!” Ash exclaimed, giving her a hug and place the chain around his neck. Misty carefully and silently placed the bracelet around her wrist before wiping her eyes. “Thank you, Mrs K. Really.”


This oughta be good.” May whispered to Tracey. “Yeah, I wonder what he got her?” Misty unwrapped the box Ash had presented to her and took out a small, shiny object on a leather cord. Looking closely at it, Misty could see a perfectly detailed Vaporeon pendant. Turning it over silently, she saw a Cascade Badge had been engraved on the back. She looked up at Ash and raised an eyebrow. “You said you’d like a Vaporeon once, so...” he said, nervously shuffling his feet and blushing deeply. ‘He actually paid attention?!’ Misty thought, shocked. Smiling, she placed the cord around her neck. “Thank you Ash. It’s wonderful.”


Later that day... “Pass the roast potatoes, please.” “Yum, this is amazing.” “I should come down here for Christmas every year.” There was an air of general content around the room as everyone enjoyed the near feast Delia had prepared, with some help from Brock and Mimey of course. “Hey, are you guys coming to the party?” Ash asked, through a mouthful of food, which earned him a disapproving glare from his mother and a few disgusted glares from his friends.  Party? What party?” Misty asked, eyebrow raised curiously. “The annual Pallet Town New Year’s party.” Ash grinned. “I haven’t been in years, and I was too young to stay up til midnight, but this is my year!” Misty rolled her eyes and shrugged. “Yeah, okay, I’m up for it. It’s not like I have anything else to do, and the Gym’s closed til after New Year’s, so...” Ash grinned. “Great! I tell ya, it’s gonna be awesome!”



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