Battles of the Legendaries

Part 4 --- Revisiting the Graves
By Blastoise

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This is short part, so I am gonna throw in a character bio. I am probably gonna throw in character bio in all of my following chapters in this fic.

Misty Waterflower

Pokemon: Kingdra, Dragonair, Corsola, Politoed, Psyduck, and Togepi

Sex: Female

Age:17 years old

Nick-Name: Mist (Only Ash)

Occupation: Water Pokemon Trainer, Cerulean City Gymleader, Chosen One

Goal: Become world's Greatest Water Pokemon trainer

Greatest Rival (in love): Melody

Likes: Romantic things, Swimming, Fishing

Dislikes: Bugs

Strengths: Independent, Strong willed, Sweet personality

Weaknesses: Hot tempered, Icy cold personality, Rarely asks for help

Secret Crush: Ash

Believes: Water Pokemon are the best, Believes in her friends

There you have it, character bio on Misty Waterflower. The character bios are mainly for this fic, but it applies to Pokemon in general as well. Enough chit-chat, here is part 4 - Revisiting the Grave.

Misty, in front of the group, led them into the cemeteries. Perched on her shoulder, a usual spot for the cute electric mouse. A shadowy figure followed couple feet behind the red head, staring at her and his own Pikachu. His mind clouded with jealousy, remembering the days where his Pikachu had perched high on his hat, looking beyond the horizon for any trouble, sharing as much of good times as the bad.

This time they had an extra traveler with them. Within the group of seven young adolescences, an old man in his fifty followed with rapid strides to keep up with the young ones.

Misty stop at the grave she visited exactly one week ago. She quietly examined the gravestone, it now had green moss around the edges of it. The beautiful flowers she saw last time weren't here anymore; instead, they are replaced by dried and old leaves.

The group stood in silence, all of them well aware of what they are waiting for. Slowly, the cool summer breeze had stop blowing and the rustling leafs fell into a complete silence.

Misty looked up in the sky and sighed. It was one of those days that the blazing sun and the thick dark clouds fought for the complete control of the sky. Golden streaks of rays penetrated through the thick blanket of gray clouds, painting the ground with a blend of brilliant sunlight and light shadows.

Pikachu's ears perked up, suspecting someone.

The peaceful scenery abruptly changed; a tremendous gust of wind blew by, picking out dry leafs and dirt along its way. Misty and her friends stood and held their grounds, their attires rattled violently under the powerful winds. A pink bubble appeared in front of the gravestone, giving everyone a fright. Inside the pink bubble, Mew appeared as always with its cute form. Then, as fast as the wind started, it stopped; leaving the group of dazed humans alone.

"Hi Mew." Her expression cool and calm.

Mew levitated itself and flew around Misty and Pikachu, "Chosen One, so are you ready to save the world?"

"Just tell me what to do."

"Are you sure that you want me to tell you in front of these people?" Mew asked curiously, floating around within its pink aura.

"These people are my friends, I can trust them with my life!"

"Very well." Mew paused, seeing Professor Oak in the crowds. With a flash of pink psychic energy, Mew transformed into Professor Oak. The others are familiar with Mew's tricks by now, but Professor Oak is new at this and got quiet of a shock.

Speaking exactly like Professor Oak, Mew-Oak had one hand behind its back and continued. "Your task is to travel to the far west of the world, the Hoenn region. On this biggest region of the world, you must seek out the Mirage Island, upon it is your cure to all the worries and pains of the world..."

Catching the sarcastic look on Misty's face, Mew-Oak smirked, "Don't worry Misty, it's not as easy as it sounds. I just hope you can make it though this."

"Make it through what?" Misty asked curiously, knowing nothing good can come out of this.

Professor Oak just ignored Misty, "But what about the cities?! They are under attack by the Triads, we can't possibly hold our grounds much longer..." An anxious Oak demanded the legendary Pokemon. He moved uneasily as Mew-Oak met him eye to eye. He cleared his throat, folding his arms behind his back, regaining his calm posture.

"You are exactly right, Professor Oak." Mew-Oak pace around in circles, trying to the find a conclusion to this world-wide problem. "Times like this, humans should stick together. People should join up their forces to defend the onslaught of the Triads, get the Elite trainers to help out. Spread a message to all trainer, tell them to prepare for battle."

Professor Oak nodded and agreed with Mew, sensing the urgency of the matter, he strode across the rustling dry leafs, after turning and saying the group of humans. "Good luck, we are counting on you."

Misty nodded. She gazed after the old man, until he turned and disappeared behind a cinder wall. She can't help but feel a little sad for the Professor's restless personality, but she knows everything will be alright as long as she has her friends. She looked at his fellow comrades and smiled, "Well, wa da you say? Should we get going?"

The other group members smiled, seeing Misty in such enthusiastic mood. They watched as Misty stroke a familiar post, much like Ash's, "This is a new journey for all of us! Mirage Island, here we come!!!" She turned around and faced the direction out of this lifeless cemetery, then her smile dropped. "Uh, by the way, anybody knows how to get to Mirage Island?"

Everyone fell down anime style.

It will be a long way for my friends and I to finish our journey, let alone start it. As we walked away that day, away from the cemetery, I took a final look at my gravestone.

It felt like that I have dropped a burden off my tired shoulders, but gained another one.

I sighed and caught up with my friends, still not used to the whole idea of letting Misty pointing out the directions we're heading; knowing for sure that we will get lost.

To Be Continued

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