Hi readers! Thanks for clicking on this page. We suggest that you read part 1 & 2 or this won’t make much of sense.  Okay let’s get right down to the point. Last time, Ash went to Pokemon Trainer’s School and met Misty, the Misty is his dream. Misty is curious to know how did Ash know her name, and Ash decides to tell Misty about his dream. Even it means that there’s a chance that Misty won’t believe him.

Okay, here is part 3:


        “You-you’re that girl! Your name is Misty, right?” Ash looks at her. Her hair, her eyes, and her features, precisely like the girl I saw in my dream. But it was only a dream right? Is it?

        Misty puts on a puzzled expression, “Yes, my name is Misty, but who are you?” Misty stares at the cute boy in front of her, questions arose inside of her. Who’s this cute guy? How does he know my name?

        “Misty, you seriously don’t know who I am.” Ash chokes; it was more of a statement then a question. Ash watches Misty as she tries her best to summon up any memories.

        “Nope, sorry.” Misty finally said, looking at the crestfallen boy. “But you can tell me how you know my name.” Misty is attempted to cheer up whoever this boy is.

        “You won’t believe me.” Ash said sadly as he wanders off. Misty puts a hand on his shoulder, making him stop. Ash turns around to see Misty smiling at him. What do you know? She also has the same personality as the Misty in my dream.

        “Believing you or not is my decision. Please tell me, I really want to know.” Misty looks in his chocolate brown eyes, hoping that she persuaded him.

        “Okay.” Ash cheers up a little when he sees Misty smiles at him. Who knows? Maybe she could be my best friend in real life just like in my dream.

        Ash ponders for a while. He has to choose the right to say it, or it won’t make sense to Misty. “Misty, you might want to sit down, because it is a long story.”

        They walk to the nearest bench and sit down. Misty looks around them. A beautiful scenery with a shade on the bench we’re sitting on. Me and this cute guy, nobody around, is this a date? No, we are just talking. Besides, I don’t even know the guy.

        “Misty? Are you in there?” Ash said, waving his hand in front of Misty’s face. Misty gets out of her thoughts and smiles at Ash to show him she’s listening. “First of, I am Ash Ketchum, and this is my Pokemon, Pikachu.” Basic introduction, so far so good. What do I say next?

        “Uh, the dream. I had it two days ago. And I dreamed about myself going on a Pokemon journey.” Ash’s tone was not very convincing; he glances quickly at Misty to make sure she is still listening. Misty nods to show that she is still paying attention. “Along my journey, I capture many Pokemon and I became friends with them. I also met friends along the way. They are Brock, Tracy, Ritchie, and, and you…”

        Ash looks at Misty. Her face tells him that she is listening, but her eyes tell him that she doesn’t believe him. Ash continues talking, “I also met enemies, and their name is Team Rocket. And we’re friends, and, and…” Ash looks at Misty again, and concluded one thing.

        “You don’t believe me, huh?” Ash said, a little emotionally hurt. Misty doesn’t want Ash to feel bad, but she doesn’t want to lie.

        “I want to, but it sounds like you just made that up. Ash.” Misty tries to keep her voice as soothing.

        “Your full name is Misty Kasumi Waterflower. You specialize at Water Pokemon because they are your favorite Pokemon, and you hate Bug types. You don’t like to eat carrots and peppers. You have three sisters, they are Daisy, Lily, and Violet. And you like romantic stuff and, and…” Ash stutters, he tries to think of more. “Oh, yeah, you hate people when they call you a runt, a scrawny, or a carrot head, and you gets you mallet and hits them on the head.” Ash almost yells at the last part, anger is building within him.  “Fine! Don’t believe me, I just know this because I made it up!” Ash stands up angrily and walks away.

        “Ash, I am sorry.” Misty said, feeling extremely guilty.

        “You’re only my friend in my dreams, and I intent to keep it that way. Because you won’t be my friend in real life!” Ash concludes as a tear falls uncontrollably down, he storms away with Pikachu tries to cheer him up. He doesn’t know why he is crying, but he felt that Misty, the Misty he only known for no longer than ten minutes, is someone he knew all his life.

        “Well, you don’t have to be a big jerk about it!” Misty yells after him. Hoping Ash would turn around and yell back at her. But Ash just ignores her and runs back to his dorm. Misty felt sick after the conversation and decides to get back to her dorm and take a nap.


-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Dorms-----

        Ash bursts in his room, making his roomy jump. He has brownish red hair and he’s wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt. He’s a little startle when Ash storms in the room, but now he recovers from the shook.

        “You’re my roommate, right?” The boy asks.

        Ash turns and said to his Pikachu, “Pikachu, this guy is Ritchie, he has a Pikachu named Sparky. You guys might want to get along. In fact, where is Sparky?” Ash asks Ritchie.

        Ritchie’s mouth is opened wide as though as he saw a ghost. “Sparky is in the closet,” Ritchie said in disbelieve as he points to the closet on his right. Ash Pikachu jumps down from his shoulder and walks in the closet to meet its new friend. Ritchie returns his attention back to Ash, “How did you know my name? And my Pikachu…” Ritchie watches as his roomy got very moody when he asks the question.

        Ash said in a monotone voice, “My name’s Ash, I’ll tell you later.” Ash walks over to his bed like a zombie and just drop dead on his bed.

-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Dorms-----

        “So, Duplica, what are you class schedule?” Misty asks her roommate while she’s looking at her own. Examining the teachers and classes she been given.

        “Here’s my schedule.” Duplica, an attractive girl with green hair that is tied into two ponytails, hands her schedule to Misty. Misty accepts the crumbled paper and makes the tiny print on the paper.

        “Hey,” Misty sits up on her bed, “We have four out of five classes being the same.”

        “That’s great!” Duplica said happily. The instance she and Misty met, they became the best of friend in no time. They had gossip about everything. Boys, fashions, boys, families, boys, friends, and most important of all, boys.

        Every time one of the two girls tells the other about her hometown memories with boys, loud squealing noises can be heard on the other rooms near them. 

-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Dorms-----

        “God damn it! How the hell I am supposed to sleep with all those noises!” Ash uses his pillow as earplugs and tries to cover his ear, but they are not working very well. It also doesn’t help have a sweltering attitude, but Ash didn’t care for all that matter is he wants to sleep.  Ritchie sweat drops when he hears his new friend swearing. Ritchie never swears too much, at least not out loud anyways, and Sparky had made sure of that.

        “AHH!” Ash scream as Sparky’s Thunder Bolt hit him, making him fried. Ash turns to Ritchie and asks furiously, “What’s wrong with your Pikachu?”

        “Sparky doesn’t like anybody that swears.” Ritchie explains while Sparky gives Ash a “That’s right” face.

        “That nice to know.” Ash growls. Ash climbs off of his bed and storms out his room. One hand holding his pillow, the other knocks the door across from their room. It reads 190. To Ash’s disgust, Misty had opened the door.

        “You!” They both yell at the same time.        

        “Do you know what time is this?! Shut your mouth so I could get some sleep!” Ash screams. He’s in his Pikachu pajamas and they’re somewhat too small for him.

        “Maybe I will if you leave my sight!” Misty retaliates, raising her voice above Ash’s. Misty clinches her fists behind her back, resisting the attempts of giving him a mean left hook. Ash had to drop his pillow on purpose so that he doesn’t slam Misty with it. 

        “Misty, calm down.” A voice said in the room.

        “Duplica, some times a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.” Misty said, and then she turns back to Ash, ready to shout at him again.

        “Duplica?” Ash walks in Misty’s room without permission, making Misty’s temper skyrockets. Ash walks in the room and he sees Duplica. “You’re here!”

        “Got that right, long time no see.” Duplica walks up to Ash and gives him a friendly hug. Misty got confused about what just happened, but Duplica explains that she and Ash are friends. “So what’s going on between you two?” Duplica means Ash and Misty

        Ash and Misty both shouts above their lungs, giving their own version of what happened. Duplica got annoyed and screams, “SHUT UP!” The room quiets down.

        “So let me get this clear. You guys are in love with each other?” Duplica laughs as she sees Misty and Ash both blush ten shades of red.

        “No way!” Ash and Misty both said in unison. They turn and look at each other, and then turn away, “Hm!”

         “You guys are blushing.” Duplica said in a singsong way. If that’s possible, Ash and Misty had blushed a deeper shade, embarrassed by their friend, Duplica. The atmosphere of the room became still and silence, Duplica looks on nervously. Ash got bored of the eerie silence and breaks it.

        “I gonna go back to sleep, so…” Ash walks out of the room, sighing.

        “Good night…”

        Ash turns back as he hears that. Misty had just said ‘good night’ to him. “Uh, you too, good night.” Ash said awkwardly as he walk backward.

        Ash walks into his room swiftly, closing the door behind him. He scans his room thoroughly. The two Pikachu lay on a towel at the foot of Ritchie’s bed. Ritchie is snoring loudly, probably dreaming something good, because he has a smile on his.

        Ash jumps on his bed, making as less noise as possible. As he lay down on his bed that he had left his pillow at Misty and Duplica’s room. Great. Just Great. Now I got to sleep without a damn pillow. Ash is now wide-awake, hoping sleep will come soon.

        “You guys are in love with each other?”

        “You guys are blushing.”

        Great, how did that stuck in my head. It never occurs to me that in my dream, I had fall in love with Misty. So does it mean in real life I would…? Nah… Ash’s thoughts are disturbed by a knock on the door.

        Who could that be? Ash thought as he gets up and the door. He is face-to-face with Misty; the girl in his dream, literally. Ash says nothing whilst he gives her a look that said, “What do you want?”

        Misty hands him his pillow.

        “I am sorry, you know, about today.” Misty said agitatedly.

        “I should be the sorry one.” Ash scratches the back of his head uneasily, accepting the pillow. “I…” Misty had shut him up by putting a finger on his lip.

        “Let’s just forget about it, okay?” Misty said, smiling at him.

        Ash smiles back, “Good night.”

        “Sweet dreams…”

        What just happened? Did you just make some kind truce or something? Well, its cool that we’re not arguing anymore. How come I get the feeling…? Nah, that won’t happen in a million years… Ash fights back the thought of him and Misty actually being together.

        Is dreams supposed to come true?

-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Book Room-----

        “You’re taking Pokemon Nursing?” Ritchie muffles down a laugh, “I thought that class is for girls.” Ritchie said, looking incredulously at Ash’s schedule.

        “They ran out of spaces in Physical Education.” Ash said sadly, accepting the books from lady. Ash sighs as he feels the massive weight of his textbooks. “Hey, what’s this?”

        “That’s the student manual. All the rules of the school are in there. Read them, learn them, and follow them.” The lady said.

        “Great. More rules.” Ash moan with skepticism. 

        “Classes starts next week, right?” Ritchie asks the lady.

        “That’s right, you get one week to relax before school.” The lady said cheerfully.

        Ash and Ritchie exits the book room. Ash flips through the manual, “Listen to this. Students are allowed to carry only one Pokemon with he or she. The Pokemon must stay in their Pokeball at all times.”

        “Sorry Sparky, can’t have you with me.”

        “You too Pikachu.”

        The Pikachu’s ears drop to show their misery. The two Pikachu jumps off their master’s shoulders and ran back to the dorm. Ash and Ritchie yells after them, “Don’t get into trouble.”

         Ash’s stomach growls. Ash scratches his head, laughing. “Lunch time.”

-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Cafeteria-----

        Ash and Ritchie sits down at an empty table with their launch trays. The cafeteria is filled with students eating, talking, and laughing. Ritchie’s head looks at the entrance of the cafeteria. “Hey Ash. Who’s that?”

        Ash looks around puzzled, “Who? Where?”

        “At the doorway,” Ritchie hiss in a low tone.

Ash turns his head to the doorway. He only sees Duplica looking around, she seems that she can’t find a place to sit and eat her lunch. “Oh, you mean the girl with green hair? Her name is Duplica.” Ash watches Ritchie blush. Ash stands up and yells across the cafeteria. “Duplica! Over here!”

“What are you doing?” Ritchie asks furiously, heat starts to rise on his face. Ritchie get more nervous as Duplica starts walking over to them.

“I am doing you a favor.” Ash whisper as Duplica had made her way over. “Duplica, this is my friend Ritchie. Ritchie? This is Duplica.” Ash watch as the two say ‘hi’ to each other. “Why don’t you two do lunch together, I see some one I know.” Ash stands up and walks away.

Damn you Ash! Ritchie thoughts. He nervously smiles at Duplica as his blush on his face becomes a deeper red.

To Be Continued

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-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Campus-----

        “Aww, this dress is so cute!” Giselle said to herself. She flips the page of the magazine she’s holding. “Poke-Fashion” in big red letters writes across the cover page. “Too bad I don’t got enough money for it.” Giselle sighs as she closes the magazine.

        “You need a job? It pays well.” A voice suddenly said behind Giselle, making her jump. Giselle slowly turns around, seeing a man standing in the shadow. Making his appearance undetectable.

        “What do I need to do?” Giselle asks a little louder, covering the fright in her tone from the stranger. Giselle grips on her magazine a little harder as a chill runs down her spine.

        “Do you know a boy name Ash Ketchum?” The stranger growls as he mentions the name “Ash Ketchum”.

        “I know him. He’s one of my friend’s friend.”

        “Good. I want you to make him fall in love with you and then break his heart.” The stranger said. Giselle can trace anger in his tone.

        Giselle narrows her eyes as she thinks about it. “I don’t know, that seems sorta evil.”

        “It pays good.”

        “Okay, I’ll do it!” Giselle finally answers, but she feel sad for Ash. Sorry Ketchum. Don’t blame me, blame the guy who told me to do this. 

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