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Okay, here is part 6.


-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Pokemon Breeding Class-----

        “Brock! Will you stop drooling over the Waterflower sisters?!” The breeding teacher, Mr. Shelby, scream at the top of his lungs. Brock, got back to the real world from la la land, apologizes quickly.

        Mr. Shelby is a skinny man in his late forties. He is a pretty good teacher if he’s in a good mood, but when he is mad, the students suffer.

        Ash and Misty giggle from the back of the large classroom. Brock always gets told off by the teacher for not paying attention to the lessons. Ash wonders how long will it take until Brock realizes that the girls hates him.

        “As I was saying, different Pokemon eggs take different period of time to hatch. Depending on the egg itself, some hatch faster while others hatch much more slowly.” Mr. Shelby walk around the classroom with his hand behind his back, “Are you writing this down in your notebook?”

        Mr. Shelby shakes his head as he watches the whole class scrambles around to locate their notebooks and jot down information. The bell suddenly ring, letting student get up from their sits and exit the classroom.

        Mr. Shelby reminds them, “Remember, project due Monday, have a nice weekend.” Mr. Shelby then flicks his mustache and walks in his classroom.

        “How can we enjoy the weekend with his damn project?!” Ritchie curse bitterly, knowing that Sparky is not around to shock him. Duplica agrees with him with a nod.

        “So when are we going to do the project?” Misty asks gloomily as they walk down the hall to their next class, Pokemon Watching. Her hair is down. Ever since Ash told her that she look really nice with her hair down, she been having it down every single day.

        “I don’t know, tomorrow?”

        “That’s no good, I got to go to the mall tomorrow, there’s a sale.” Misty said enthusiastically.

        Ash nods sarcastically, agreeing with Misty. “She’s right, it’ll take a whole day to shop. Plus,” He mimic Misty’s voice, “There’s a sale.” Ritchie and Duplica laugh.

        Misty playfully punch Ash on the shoulder, “That’s not funny. It’ll only take an hour or so, then I’ll be back for the project.” Misty looks at the skeptical faces of her friends, “Really!”

        “Right.” Ash murmur as they walk outside the buildings and to another part of the school. A teacher named Mrs. Williams is teaching Pokemon Watching out door.


-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Pokemon Watching Class-----

        Ash and his friends walk pass a building and turn left to the part of the school with plateau of green grass. Before moving any further to their Pokemon Watching Class, Duplica finds something on the ground.

        “Hey, what’s this?” Duplica said as she picks up a flyer on the ground. “It’s a flyer.”

        “What does it say?” The three ask at the exact same time, freaking Duplica out.

        “That freaked me out. Okay, let’s see. The school’s holding a dance.” Duplica said while reading the flyer.

        Ash and Ritchie exchange glances. Ash asks stupidly, “You mean like a guy asks a girl to be his date for the dance?”

        Misty shoots him a glance that says ‘duh’, then she turns to Duplica, “What else it say?”

        “The dance is the Saturday after the next, in the gym. Formal dress… that’s about it.” Duplica finishes and looks up at her friends. “I am going, are you?”

        “Of course!” Ash answers enthusiastically, then his smile fades, “Where am I going to find a girl?” Ritchie, Misty, and Duplica sweat drops.

        “That proves my point, I need to go to the mall.” Misty concludes, ignoring the looks she is receiving from her friends.

        Hey, Duplica, can I talk to you? Privately?” Ritchie said, looking at Ash and Misty. Ritchie seems to be heating up.

        “Uh, sure.” Duplica said with a blush on her face as she follows Ritchie out of ear-shots of the curious Misty and Ash.

“So Duplica, you want to go dance with me?” Ritchie asks, crossing his finger behind his back. Ritchie’s nervousness grows when Duplica seems to be taking a long time to decide.

“I love to.” Duplica said in a happy tone. In a split second, Duplica walks up to Ritchie and gives him a quick peak on the cheek. Blushing madly, Duplica whisper to Ritchie, “I am glad that you asked.”

Ash watches Duplica makes her way to her friend Misty and both of them starts to giggle, obviously sharing every detail. Ash shakes his head and walks over to his stunned friend.

“Hello?! Anybody in there?” Ash waves his hand in front of the zoned-out Ritchie. “Earth to Ritchie!” Ash yells next to Ritchie.

        “Huh? What?!”

        “You look like you’re drunk.” Ash said as he motion Ritchie to sit on the ground, which he did without any complaints. “What happened? I didn’t get a good view.”

        Ash is wasting his time when Ritchie zones out again. He leaves his semi-conscience friend to walks to Misty. “What happened?” Ash asks Misty when Duplica helps Ritchie to get up.

        “You mean you didn’t see?”

        “How can I when you keep shoveling your damn mallet to my head, saying I was to loud!” Ash said very irritates when Misty ignores his comment and asks him a question he did not expect.

        “Who do you want to take to the dance?” Misty asks out of the blue, catching Ash off guard. Misty watches his friend scratch the back of his head nervously.

        “What makes you think that I am going to the dance?” Ash said grumpily, obviously not happy about something.

        “Oh, so you’re not going?” Misty said, a little disappointed.

        “I didn’t say that.”

        “So are you going to or not?!”

        “I don’t know. I am not used to dances; heck, I don’t even know how to dance!” Ash said, chuckling lightly.

        “I guess I could teach you.” Misty offers politely, trying not to be apparent that she wants Ash to take her to the dance.

        “Only if you don’t step on my feet.” Ash smiles as Misty giggles at his comment. Ash and Misty, together, walks over to the Pokemon Watching class, leaving behind Duplica and a slightly red Ritchie.

        Once the class starts, Ash takes his mind off his problems and Mrs. William starts to lecture the class on Pokemon Watching. Ash sits cross-legged on the grass at the end of the class. Resting his chin on his palm and his elbow on his knee, Ash stare at Misty, who’s sitting at the front of the class. After a while, Ash starts to zone out.

        As time past slowly, all the students in the class are learning valuable tips on Pokemon Watching. Ash on the other hand, is still zoned out, staring at Misty…

        “Class, do you know why we call this class Pokemon Watching?” Mrs. William said while strolling to the back of the class. “Because we actually watch Pokemon! Ketchum, stop staring at Misty and pay attention.”

        Ash snaps out of his daydream and blushes crimson. Ash got a glimpse of Misty turning her backs to him like the other students and look at him. Ash could see that Misty is also blushing, probably from the embarrassment. Ash replies Misty’s smile with his own goofy grin.

        Mrs. William walks away and gives the class an ultra hard question. Ash sighs as Tracey raises his hand and gives Mrs. William the answer flawlessly.


-----Viridian City Mall-----

        “Ladies.” Daisy said, getting attention from her three sisters, Lily, Violet, and Misty; and Misty’s friend, Duplica. “Today, we’ll embark one of the greatest journey of our life.”

        Lily and Violet nods and agrees wholeheartedly with their sister, while Misty and Duplica form sweat drops at the back of their head.

        Daisy continues on talking, didn’t notice Misty and Duplica’s faces. “Ladies, keep your eyes on the target and finger at your credit card, and we’ll all go home in one piece.” Daisy stroll around the four of them like a military sergeant. “Am I right?!”

        Lily and Violet, once again, agrees entirely with their sister. Misty and Duplica, on the other hand, didn’t nod or say anything.

        Daisy, still not paying attention to her younger sister and her friend, continues on. “You damn right I am! Come on, let’s shop till you drop!”

        Daisy, Lily, and Violet dash into the mall as if each second is worth a chain of gold. Misty and Duplica stayed behind, regretting the decision they had made. 

        “You wanna ditch them and do our own shopping?” Misty offers, staring at three teenager girls that she calls ‘sister’.

        “I’ll shop with you.”

        The two girls get into the massive mall to pick out clothing for the dance.

        “You think Ritchie will like this?” Duplica holds up a delicate dress, showing it to Misty.

        Misty takes a look at it, “If he likes you, it doesn’t matter what you wear.”

        Duplica blush at the comment, admiring the dress she’s holding. Duplica looks at Misty and sense some sort of sadness. “What’s the matter?”

        “I have the feeling that Ash is not going to the dance.” Misty said gloomily, looking down at the well designed carpet on the floor.

        “What makes you think that?”

        “He said “I am not going to the dance.” Misty said miserably, putting her hands in her coat pocket.

        “Oh.” Duplica felt sorry for her friend. “Let’s go back to the dorm and you can take a nap, it’ll take your mind off him.” Duplica puts the dress back where you had found it, and prepare to exit the store.

        “No, Duplica. If I can’t have a great time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t either.” Misty looks down and sigh, “You stay here, I wanna take a walk.”

        “You sure?”


        Misty walks through the big double door and out the mall. A freezing cold air brush by her soft skin; Misty held her coat tighter against herself.

        Misty looks up to the cloudy sky. It’s going to rain, Misty thought.

        Misty walks down the street and takes a right turn to a place that always calms her down and makes her feel better. Misty was so down that she didn’t see the sign next the entrance of the Forest Of Love.

        In big prints, the sign read: Do Not Enter. Ursarings are giving birth to newborn babies and are extremely protective of their territory. Beware, enter at your own risks.


-----Pokemon Trainer’s School / Misty and Duplica’s Dorm -----

        Ash pace back and forth in Duplica’s dorm. Pikachu and Sparky look at the human express his expression of worry. Ritchie and Duplica look at each other, neither of them doesn’t know what to do.

        Ash paces over to the closed window and stare outside. It’s raining hard. Lightning clashed suddenly, making every nerve inside Ash jump.

        It’s been two hour since Duplica had came back from the mall, but Misty didn’t show. Misty’s sister had came back hands full, but no Misty.

        “I am going to look for her.” Ash said to his worried friends. Ash puts on a jacket and gets his Poke-balls ready. His friends stand up, ready to follow Ash. “No,” Ash said firmly, “It is dangerous out there.”

        “And you’re going?”

        “I’ll be fine, Pikachu and my other Pokemon is with me, remember?” Ash said reassuringly to Ritchie and Duplica. Little did they know that Ash can’t even reassure himself.

        “Any of you got an umbrella?” Ash sighs as the two shake their heads. “Let’s go Pikachu.” With that, Ash exits the room.


-----Forest Of Love-----

        “How come no one told me there is Ursaring in this forest!?” Misty yells as she runs as fast as she possibly can, away from the twenty Ursarings chasing behind her.

        It’s raining very hard, Misty can’t even see two feet in front of her. Misty runs blindly into the forest, getting scratched by branches and tweaks.

        At the other side of the forest, Pikachu has the time of his life shocking every Ursaring they see.

        “Pikachu, can you find Misty’s scent? Good, let’s go.” Ash runs after Pikachu, who’s sniffing around.

        After what seems of hours running, Ash finally sees Misty laying on the ground. Her Pokemon surround her and battle against the Ursarings around them. Misty’s Pokemon soon falls, and is being return by Misty.

        “Pikachu, use Thunder, but don’t shock Misty.”

        “You got it!” Pikachu said in its Poke-language and release a Thunder, electrocuting all the Ursarings.

        “Misty!” Ash runs up to her and kneels next to her. “Are you okay?” Ash asks anxiously as he helps Misty to sit up, and notice that she has many cut on her arms and legs.

        “Ash!” That’s all Misty said as she is being pull into a hug. Both of them are soaked from the rain, but neither of them cares. Pikachu stands next to them, waiting for them to get it over with. After a while, Ash pulls away and looks at her leg.

        “I think I sprang my left leg.” Misty said, putting her hands at her left leg, she bites her tongue to endure the sharp pain.

        “Can you walk?”

        “I think so.”

        “What do I do? What do I do?” Ash gets up and pace around in the rain. Then an idea came to his mind. “Pidgeotto, I choose you!” Ash throws a Poke-ball and a bird Pokemon comes out. “Pidgeotto, carry Pikachu back to the school.” Ash turns to Pikachu, “Pikachu? Get help.”

        Ash and Misty watch as Pikachu flies away on Pidgeotto. Ash walks up Misty and smiles, Misty returns the gesture with a smile. Then Ash did a thing that Misty didn’t expect.

        “What are you doing?!” Misty shriek as Ash kneels down and lift Misty up in his arms like a groom and a bride. Misty blushes as she thought about it.

        “I am carrying you to the lake, at least we won’t get attack by the Ursarings while waiting for help.” Ash said, trying to keep his balance.

        “I never knew you were smart.” Misty teases, making herself comfortable in Ash’s arms.

        “Hey! Misty, you gotta lose some weight, you’re heavy.” Ash taunts, making the tired Misty tense up and angry.

        “You know you’re very lucky that I don’t have my mallet with me now.” Misty glares at Ash, instantly shutting Ash up.

        “I know this is not the time to talk about this, but why aren’t you going to the dance?” Misty asks as she looks at Ash’s emotionless face.

        “Every time I thought of asking you or the other girls I know to the dance, a thought always comes to me. What if the girl stands me up?” Ash looks at Misty, “I don’t want to get hurt again, you know?”

        Misty can’t help but feel sorry for Ash, she never knew that Ash was so sensitive. Misty then looks at Ash’s sadden face, “Cheer up Ash.”

        “No.” Ash said stubbornly as he struggles to carry Misty.

        Unknowing to both of them, they are being watched again. The person in the bush smiles evilly, “My plan worked like a charm.” He whisper to himself and left the duo along in the forest.

        Misty frowned at Ash’s stubbornness. Misty then smiles sweetly, “Ash? Out of all my friends, I am glad that you were the one who came.” Misty uses all her remaining strength to raise herself up and kiss Ash gently on his cheek. “Did I cheer you up?” Misty blushes crimson as she asks shyly.

        “Yeah…” Said the dazed Ash as he walks toward the lake like a zombie. Misty giggles at his antics.

        By the time Ash got back to reality, they are already at the lake. The sky cleared up as the raining stops, things are turning good for a change; or so they thought.

        “Since you are already soaked, can I just toss you in the water?” Ash asks with a mischievous grin plastered on his face.


        Ash ignores Misty and hurls Misty into the clear lake. Ash has the time of his life laughing at Misty, but he swears that Misty tries to drown him afterwards.

        “Can you swim? I mean with you leg and all.” Ash asks. At first, Misty thought it was a comment Ash said just so she could get mad, but when she saw the concern looks on Ash’s face, Misty just shakes her head.

        “Squirtle, go.” Ash release his turtle like Pokemon, “Squirtle, help Misty to move in the water.” Ash starts to swim down stream, looking for any sign of human, or worse, Ursarings.

        After awhile of swimming, some attempts to drown Ash, and some water wars, their teacher, Mr. Jerry Lance, found them. They were both glad to see Jerry and back to the school they went. Misty can’t take her mind off Ash though, why is he so kind? I have never met someone like him all my life. Looks like I am falling for Ash.

        Misty smiles and blushes as Jerry wraps a blanket over Ash and her. Yes, being close to Ash calms me down, Misty thought. Misty laid her head on Ash’s damp shoulder and fall asleep on the way back to their school in Jerry’s convertible. 

To Be Continued


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