Friends and Rival, Love and Pokemon

Friends and Rival, Love and Pokemon
By Blastoise
Part 11 --- Ash VS. Gary

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You never know how much you love someone until that someone leaves you and never comes back. Ash once heard that moral before, but he didn't know it will apply to him as well.

Ash sighed. I just have to accept the fact that Misty doesn't love me the way I love her. If an 'I love you' can't stop her from leaving me, then she doesn't love me at all.

The tiny electric mouse scurried across the room and leaped into Ash's bed and stood on Ash's hungry stomach. Ash forced out a fake smile to reassure his little buddy as he scratched Pikachu's ears.

Not caring how he had gotten home from the coffee shop yesterday night, not caring whether he should use Pikachu or Charizard to sent Team Rocket blasting off next time, and reluctantly, not caring about her...

The only thing he cared about now is his dream, something that he wanted to do ever since his dad became a Pokemon Master. He promised himself that he'll follow in his father's footsteps and be a Pokemon Master...

I can't let emotions get into my way of my battling. In the final rounds of the Pokemon League, there is no space for errors. I am completely shutting her out of my mind; and now, there are only a few things between my and my trophy that says, "Pokemon Master".

Completely invisible to Ash and Pikachu, a familiar figure stood outside of the room's window. The shadow of night hid his appearance from Ash and Pikachu.

Satoshi quietly said to himself, "Ash, I hope you didn't know that I was the one that took you back here, because I don't want anything to go between the good battle we promised each other. You better get over her fast, or you might not even get to the final."

"Satoshi, you are going to win the Pokemon League this year, right?" A powerful and firm voice echoed across the room. The dark room had a dim light to it, illuminated by a huge flashing screen equipped to the wall. On the bright screen, Ash is battling Samuel Waterson, a legendary Water Pokemon trainer.

"Why do you sound doubtful?" Satoshi also had his gaze on the flashing screen as well. The sides of his mouth lifted as Ash made a terrific move to put the match in the bag.

Now Ash has in his hand a Poke-Ball, his last hope. "I am counting on you, Bulbasaur. Make me proud." He said as he threw the Poke-Ball, after Bulbasaur emerged from the Poke-Ball, Ash called with a calm grin, "Razor Leaf!"

"Bubble Beam!" The leafs and bubbles met at the center of the field; the left cut through the Bubble Beam and hit Gyarados on the head. The mighty Gyarados swung back and forth, trying to keep its balance, but fell to the ground with a thud.

"Return, okay Ash, you are one of the only trainers that have ever lasted till Blastoise, and you are going to see the true power of my mighty Water Pokemon." Sam said as he threw out a Lure-Ball, Blastoise roared as it came out form the Poke-Ball.

"Razor Leaf."

"Hydro Pump."

Both trainer calmly ordered their attacks and waited impatiently for the results. Sharp leafs flew across the field but the high-pressured water from Blastoise's duo hydro cannons stopped the leaves in its tracts; the high pressure water though, had not even slowed down as it kept going toward Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur jumped sideways and evaded the attack at the last second to avoid the fatal blow, the Hydro Pump blasted an enormous hole on the solid ground.

Staring the ground with amaze and aw, Kelly murmured to herself, "Unbelievable."

"Solar Beam!"

"Use Hydro Pump while its charging."

"Samuel Waterson, your Blastoise's Hydro Pump is very strong, but it can't go head to head with this Solar Beam, can it?" Before Ash had even finished his sentence, a Solar Beam was fired toward the unsuspecting Blastoise.

The greenish white beam plowed through the high pressured water and hit Blastoise hard on it stomach, causing it to fly back about ten feet, and land hard on the solid floor.

Completely dazzled by the unbelievable attack performed in front of him, Samuel Waterson asked in an extremely curious mixed with a fearful tone, "But how?"

"Samuel Waterson, this the a simple Pokemon combo. I have used Sunny Day earlier to bring out the sun; by doing this, Solar Beam charges less than seconds." A noticeably grin appeared on the boy's face, "Finish it with another Solar Beam." Not soon after Ash finished his line, another Solar Beam was fired.

"Withdraw!" Sam commanded quickly.

Blastoise hid inside its shell, but that didn't do any good. The greenish white beam hit Blastoise's hard shell with such an impact, that it flew outside of the ring and was down for the count.

"The match goes to Ash!" Brock yelled excitedly.

The two watched from the flashing screen. The old man with the firm and powerful voice said with an unfamiliarly sarcastic tone, "Maybe that's why..."

"Then maybe you should have a little faith in me for the fact that I was The Pokemon Master for the last 4 consecutive years?" Satoshi said proudly to the old man across the room. "Those people are easy to fool, every two years, I change my identity and the old Pokemon Master just 'disappears' and new one takes the place. No one realized that all those Masters are the same one - me."

"I recognize your talent and skills, but this Ash person took down all 50 of my TR Elites, I am not sure if you can do that..."

"He had plenty of help from his friends, besides, I battled him once and I beat him bad."

"Just don't let it go to your head, boy. I bet on the match with some rich person that you and Ash are going to make it to the finals, but you will be the returning Champion. Don't let me down boy, I bet 100 Billion dollars on you."

Satoshi gulped. 100 Billion dollars!!! The whole TR organization is worth that much. Is Giovanni that sure of me winning the tournament? "Yeah, you know me, I always do my best." He managed to choke out after calculating the huge amount of money.

"Don't do it for me," Giovanni's smile disappeared, and was replaced by a sinister glare, "do it for your father." Giovanni laughed as he watched the young boy's pupil dilated, the angered Pikachu on Satoshi's shoulder gave off a few jolt of lightning.

"You will not do anything against my father, he's safe in his hiding place, surrounded by the seven seas. You can't get to him even if you wanted to." Satoshi shot back to the old man, feeling the hollowness in his bluff. That caused the old man's sinister smile widened.

"Can't I...? You know perfectly well that I can get your dad with a simple press of a button..." He took out a silver, small device and waved it carelessly in front of the boy's face. Pikachu growled at the old man, but can not do anything. His old face curled up into a sinister smile, "With a simple press of the button... Kaboom!"

Satoshi gave in to the old man, like he did many times in the past. Satoshi went into a trance-like state and remembered his family... Satoshi's father used to be the leader of Team Rocket, and Giovanni was his right hand man. Jet was his name...

Jet had trusted Giovanni with important matters of Team Rocket business. Giovanni was a power hungry man and was plotting against Jet the second he became the Vice President of Team Rocket. Giovanni had secretly trained a group of Team Rocket members, he called it the TR Elites, trained for the take over of TR. Jet had suspected of Giovanni's uprising when his wife, Delia, gave birth to two identical boys. One was named Satoshi... the other, Ash...

Jet was a powerful Pokemon trainer and one of the Pokemon Masters, but he didn't feel safe for his wife and his boys. So he secretly sent Satoshi to one of his close friends in the Orange Islands. His close friend was a strong trainer as well; she was the fourth and final Gym Leader in the Orange Island League. She had taken care of Satoshi just as if he's her son.

A few years later, Jet had met what he had feared the most. On a clear summer night on the outskirts of Viridian City, he found himself being surrounded by 50 Team Rocket Elites. After the intense and ongoing battle, all but Jet's most powerful Pokemon had fainted. Jet's Pikachu held back against the TR Elites as long as he could, but in the end, Pikachu had to use her ultimate attack, Shockwave of Doom.

The attack had wiped out all of TR Elite's weak Pokemon within seconds, the stronger ones could barely stand and fainted shortly after; the Rockets fell unconscious. The attack was so strong that Jet had been overcharged with electricity and was dead immediately. Giovanni had thought he had ended Jet's reign as Team Rocket's leader and that he had taken over Team Rocket, but Giovanni had never suspected the Jet that had died that day was merely his Ditto.

No one had known the truth, and Jet Ketchum is still staying close to Giovanni to wait for the perfect moment to strike back. Mean while, Satoshi had been growing up and taught of every Pokemon technique his Gymleader 'mother' had known. The Gymleader had let Satoshi learn his family and pass, and Satoshi vowed to get revenge for his father and his family. Ash too, had been growing up, but his mother never told him the truth. Delia was afraid that the truth would hurt Ash a lot and probably destroy Ash's perfect image of his father.

Jet waited and waited for the right moment to strike... but Giovanni found Jet before that moment had arrived and made Jet swallowed something so deadly, so deadly that it can level a building; that short fuse inside of Jet's body can ignite whenever Giovanni push that button. The fuse is not of any mechanical weapon but a biological weapon living inside Jet's body... Jet was not a threat to Giovanni any longer, merely a tool to control Satoshi.

Satoshi had tried to overthrow Giovanni as well. He joined Team Rocket and quickly climbed up the ranks with his superior battling techniques. Unfortunately, Satoshi was caught by Giovanni himself. Giovanni offered him the job of being the TR Elite's leader, and forced him to take the job.

"Boy, snap out of it!" Giovanni shouted at the bothered Satoshi. Satoshi flinched from his sudden outburst and was disrupted of his thoughts. "You will win this tournament, you got that?"

Satoshi inhaled deeply and exhale all the air inside of his lung. He felt sick by looking at this man. This man that is his second father... The man who taught him... The man he wanted to kill... But he can't. "You have my word on it..." Satoshi quickly left the scene and went outside for fresh air.

"Hehe... Foolish boy." He chuckled as he rewind the tape with a remote control. On the plasma screen, one certain Chosen One is desperately trying to fight the legendary Mewtwo. He is losing and will be losing, but he just won't give up...

"I am the captain of my ship master of my destiny..." Ash murmured a quote he memorized to himself in a darkened room. "No silly emotions will stop me." Pikachu stood proudly by his best friend and marched on. Foot steps echoed in the room, blended with far off cheers of fans. The long corridor went on and on, until... A fine line of light leaked passed the double-door to the semi-finals...

"You ready for this, Pikachu?" Ash said with a smile on his face, feeling an aura of confidence surrounding him. "You know this will be the toughest battle yet..." The electrical mouse climbed to the top of Ash's head and patted it gently. "Alright Pikachu, here we go!"

The double-doors were pushed open and the light flooded into the corridor. Ash adjusted to the sudden bright light as he slowly stepped out of the Trainer-Locker room and into the grassy-field stadium. The fans in the stadium stopped whatever they're doing and cheered madly for Ash, and his opponent, Gary Oak...

The two legendary trainers took their spots in the battle arena and stared at each other with a mixed of hatred and happiness in their glares. The crowd held their breath as almost as they felt the years of rivalries in their gazes. The corner of Gary's lips tilted upward, just enough to let Ash to receive the respect of the smile, which Ash quickly returned. A same thought ran through both of their heads, Lets have a battle to let the people of this stadium to remember for years to come.

"Ahem... Check, check. Okay, the mike works fine... I told you the mike works fine!" The announcer seemed to be shouting at someone at the backroom. "Ahem... excuse me. Welcome to the Semi-final of this year's Pokemon League Tournament! Before we start, the returning champion has already won her semi-final match and is advancing to the final match and is favored to win this tournament. On the left, we have the red trainer, Gary Oak, from Pallet Town!" A howl of cheer broke out from the suspended crowd and the stadium was lid up by the earsplitting screams of the fans. "On the right, the green trainer and Gary Oak's opponent, Ash Ketchum, also from town of Pallet!" Another roar of deafening cheers rose from the stands signaling this battle is not just any regular battle between two trainers. This battle determines 14 years of rivalry, who got the better toy, the better Pokemon, and who's the better trainer...

A figure stood on the highest stands in the stadium, but he still can see the two trainers battling their hearts out. And black cape with a black hood covered his face from the crowd. "Come on Ash, you can do this, advance to the finals and face me."

Not far from Satoshi, another of Ash's friends stood away from Brock and Tracey at the side line. Her eyes lazily rested on the battle field, watching the breath-taking battle, yet her mind isn't in it.

Far off in some distant cites, Giovanni too, is watching Ash battling Gary. He is amazed by the duo's battling skills. He knew that if those two joined Team Rocket, they would be an unstoppable team. But he knew that would never happen, those two will never join. "But maybe... just maybe..." Giovanni chuckled evilly to himself. He spoke harshly over an intercom, "You three buffoons, get the girl. And I don't want any mess ups!"

"And Gary's Alakazam succumbs to Ash's mighty Pikachu!" People cheered madly and the stadium is buzzing with drama and emotions. "That makes this battle tied again, with both trainers already lost two Pokemon!"

"Amphroes, I choose you!"

This Pokemon serves acts light beacons for lost sailors in the sea. This Light Pokemon's tale can lit up the darkest area with bright light. Despites the slowness of this Pokemon, it packs a strong voltage in a battle. Ash quickly processed the information and decided what to use to combat this Pokemon; with careful consideration. "I withdraw Pikachu. Snorlax, I choose you!"

Amphroes and Snorlax are automatically updated on the score board, each on the third empty slot. Ash took a second look at the Amphroes in front of his resting Snorlax; the color of the fur is light gray instead of bright yellow, and the light it emitted off the tail is a darkish light instead of a bright one. Looks like Ash found himself a shiny Amphroes to battle with...

Wasting no time, Gary already ordered a Thunder Punch from the abnormal Amphroes. Lightning crackled with a tined darkness around Amphroes' small fists, it charged towards the resting Snorlax, pulling back its dangerous fist. Ash stood calmly as he watched Amphroes' Thunder Punch stroke the sleeping giant, however, the attack didn't seemed to have much effect; the only thing Amphroes' Thunder Punch did was waking up a really cranky Snorlax.

Snorlax growled as it stood up with his short legs, it yawned loudly and survey the field for its rude awakening, and found none other then Amphroes. Amphroes seemed a little scared by the giant and retreated a couple of steps back. "Snorlax, Dynamic Punch!" Ash called the order from afar. Snorlax started to move really fast for its size towards the frightened Amphroes.

Gary realized his Amphroes was scared and no match for the angry Snorlax, he withdrew Amphroes with a beam from the Poke-ball, preventing the deadly blow from Snorlax. "Looks like Gary Oak is making another switch of Pokemon, it seems that Snorlax maybe too much for Amphroes to handle. I wonder when will Gary Oak bring up his trump card."

As if on cue, Gary arched a Poke-Ball high up into the air, it landed on the ground and bounced a couple of times, before revealing a large, double cannon, tortoise Pokemon. The crowd cheered at the sight of the Pokemon, for this Pokemon had brought them many magnificent battles before. "Blastoise! Blastoise! Blastoise!" The crowd chanted in a rhythm-like monotone. The large tortoise stared down at his large size opponent without fear.

"Look at the crowd! They are going madly at the sight of Gary Oak's strongest Pokemon, Blastoise! Although it is not smart to use your best Pokemon so early in the battle, Gary must have a plan up in his sleeve." A picture of Blastoise was immediately updated at the score board on the fourth slot, under Amphroes.

"C'mon Snorlax, let's silence this crowd! Use your Dynamic Punch!" Ash yelled with excitement, feeling the pressure in the air. Gary also feeling the competitiveness in the stadium, and he wasn't going down without giving a fight. "Block it!"

Snorlax charged to the other side of the field with incredible speed, pulling back its powerful right arm, a ball of energy was charged at the tip of it. With all its might, Snorlax swung its right arm at Blastoise; and it, with some difficulty, stopped the assault with its muscular left arm. But Snorlax wasn't done yet as it tried to upper cut Blastoise with another Dynamic Punch from its left arms; unfortunately for Ash and Snorlax, that attack was blocked as well.

The two titans stood hard on the ground, their weight against each other. The palms of their dominant hands pushed forward forcefully, hopefully able to make the other lose balance; but so far no one is having much luck. Their feet started push into the ground a bit, however, the two muscle and their stubborn trainers hadn't give up yet. Blastoise decided not to waste any more of its strength, it conjured up a plan quickly. Whizzing like a moving machine part, Blastoise's twin cannon moved and aimed... towards Snorlax. Gary smirked as his Blastoise read his mind, "Hydro Pump!"

A continuing jet of pressuring water was fired from Blastoise's duo cannons, pushing Snorlax back. Snorlax's impressive weight didn't help it much against Blastoise's Hydro Pump, as its being pushed back and against a rock. Blastoise stopped its relentless assault and stared down on it's battered opponent. Ash watched in shock as Blastoise's twin cannons aimed for Snorlax again, but he wasn't going down without a fight. "Snorlax, Hyper Beam, put everything into it!"

A blast of golden orange beam emitted from Snorlax's opened mouth, the Hyper Beam came across the field and found its target, hitting Blastoise head on. Brock and Tracey cheered from the side line, "That was a direct hit! Blastoise won't last much longer now!" Brock and Tracey exchanged high fives as they were captured into the intense battle, so was everyone else in the stadium.

But Gary knew better, his Blastoise had been through many intense training before, it'll take a lot more then just a Hyper Beam to take his Blastoise down. "Blastoise, get up and use Hydro Pump!" Blastoise obeyed its trainer's command and pushed himself off of the ground, its twin cannon whizzed around and found and tired Snorlax. Two high pressured jets of water ended Snorlax's chance to battle in the semi-final.

"Blastoise easily takes down Snorlax with Hydro Pump, even after an exceptional strong Hyper Beam! Ash Ketchum just had the odds turned against him." The crowd cheered; it's hard to tell which side the crowd is on, Ash's or Gary's.

Ash withdrew the knocked out Snorlax. He knew that his Snorlax had done its job, it had dealt a lot of damage to Blastoise and probably tired it out a little as well. I can't use Pikachu yet, I have to save it for later. The next best thing is a Grass type, but I have to save that too... I am running out of choices here, so here I go. Ash exhaled and held out a Poke-Ball in front of him, "Good luck," he silently murmured to his Pokemon. "Go Charizard!" The fire-breathing Dragon-like Pokemon popped out its Poke-Ball and landed expertly on the battle field, immediately being stared down by the large Water Pokemon.

"An unexpected move made by Ash Ketchum, choosing to sent out his Charizard, who has a water-weak characteristic towards Blastoise. But Ash Ketchum may have a trick down his sleeves." The commentator had to yell over the stadium's frenzy. The score board right away updated, Charizard stood on the fourth slot, under a gray Snorlax.

High up in the stands, above all the dumbfounded crowd, stood Misty, well knowing why Ash chose to use a Fire type against a Water type. The remembered the strategy so well because she had one succumbed to it. Then she looked down and though of her current, unstable relationship with Ash. But... why do I care now...? Why do I care if Ash wins or lose? Sure, I'll be happy for him if he wins, but does it mean that I can share my joy and party with him? A single tear tracked down her beautiful face as she left the stadium. She didn't wanted to be here unless she was on the side line, cheering for her best friend, but she can't do that.

Misty Waterflower left the stadium quickly, but she met a certain trio of Team Rocket members. However, the two human didn't have their Poke-Ball ready, and they weren't even in their Team Rocket uniform. The cat-like Pokemon stood in front of the two human in his usual spot, and seemed to be having a brain freeze from the ice cold beverage he has been drinking.

"Hey twerp," The woman and the leader of the team stood forward, quite well known with her long, fiery red hair. Misty quickly searched for Poke-Ball, prepared for battle. "We don't want a fight." Was this a trap? How can I trust them? Misty thought to herself. "We just want to make a proposition."

Now we're getting somewhere. Misty folded her arms and stood, waiting. "I'm listening..." The three Team Rocket members stood, sharing a mischievous grin. Yep, their plan is working perfectly.

Gary was confused by Ash's move.Why did he send out his Charizard? Its weak to my Blastoise, and plus, he's risking one of his strongest Pokemon. I'll just have to be careful not to fall into one his traps. "Blastoise, don't underestimate Charizard just because it's a fire Pokemon, track that Charizard down with your Hydro Pump!" Ash smiled to himself, he could tell Gary had not figured out his strategy. His strategy is risky, but if it worked, he could take Blastoise out. "Charizard, take flight!"

Charizard stretched out its dragon-like wings and took flight quickly, just nearly dodged a fetal blow from Blastoise. Jets of highly pressured water filled the sky, trying to shoot down the speedy Charizard. Ash's Charizard had greatly improved its flying skills in air, making it dodged each Hydro Pump without much effort.

"Blastoise, Rain Dance!"

Blastoise lifted its arm high into the air, it looked like its praying to the sky. A minute or so later, dark, stormy clouds moved in and conquered the sky. Loud rumbling of lightning can be heard. The crowd quickly expanded their umbrellas, prepared for a down pure. Drops of water began to fall from the heavens, some landed on Charizard, making it roar in anger, while the other drops of water soaked the grassy soil. Hang in there Charizard, my plan is coming into plan.

To Be Continued

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