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Misty stops tickling Ash, who tries to find out who are the two people. The two person emerges from the shadow, they areÖ

"Brock! Tracy!" Both Ash and Misty yells and unison.

         ďWhat are you two doing here?" Ash and Misty ask unison.

        "Never mind that, what you two doing?" Brock asks, who is slightly getting interested.

        "This bozo made me ran like three miles!"

        "So?" Tracy butts in.

        "So?! He is going to pay!"

        "Just leave them alone, besides, Ash wonít get hurt." Brock assures.

        "Now I wonder why?" Tracy asks with a laugh.

        "You see, thatís how they flirt, and why would Misty hurt her beloved boyfriend?" Brock proudly said. "I was the first one to figure this out."

        "First of all, Ash is not my boyfriend, second of all, I will hurt him if I want to." Misty said.


        "Prove it!"

        Misty puts a dent on Ashís skull, then she turns the mallet toward Brock and Tracy, "You want some of that?"

        The two boys shake their head vigorously and then they carry Ash into the Pokemon Center. Misty follows them. They walk across the empty Pokemon Center, straight to Nurse Joy. If it werenít for Misty holding Brock back, he would probably fly over to Nurse Joy.

        "Hey, Brock, thanks for sending me Charizard."

        "No problem."  

        "Is Gary here yet?"

        "No, why?"

        "Yes! For once I am earlier than him!" Ash cries happily.

        "Welcome to Mt. Sil-" Nurse Joy begins, but then she abruptly stops as she sees Ash and Pikachu. Nurse Joy slowly and secretly steps on the red button on the floor.

        "Wh- who are you?" Nurse Joy asks frighten.

        Ash seeing the fear in Nurse Joyís eyes, he smiles soothingly, "My name is Ash Ketchum and I am from Pallet Town.

        "Do you have any prove?" Nurse Joy asks, her voice still shaking.

        "Well, I do have my Pokedex, here." Ash hands the Pokedex over to Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy slowly takes it and holds it like a bomb.

        She turns the cover of the Pokedex slowly and pushes few buttons, "This is the Pokedex of Ash Ketchum from Pallet town. This Pokedex is given to Ash by Professor Oak." The dexter said.

        "I am sorry, here is your Pokedex." Nurse Joy hands the Pokedex back, "Can I do anything for you?"

        "Can you heal mine and my friendís Pokemon? And I need to register for the Pokemon league." Ash said, accepting his Pokedex, and then handing ten or eleven Poke-Ball to Nurse Joy.


        Ash and the gang walks over to the lobby and sits down. After Ash and the gang are out of ear shot, Nurse Joy dials a number on the video phone, "Sorry Jenny, only a false alarm. I thought a trainer was Satoshi."

        "Thatís alright, just be careful."

        "Same to you, bye."


        "So Tracy, what are you two doing here?" Misty asks.

        "We, er, came here to, uh, cheer Ash on for the Jotho League. Thatís right, we came to cheer Ash on." Tracy stutters.

        "Ash, can you tear Brock away from Nurse Joy over there?" Misty asks sweetly.

        "Sure." Ash gets up and walks away.

        "So what is the real reason you and Brock are here?" Misty asks, looking at Ash using the corner of her eyes.

        "Youíre good."

        "I am not that good," Misty said, folding her arms, "You just canít lie."

        "Hey! I canít lie if I want to, I am just a decent person, and decent person doesnít lie." Tracy defenses himself.

        "You are doing pretty a good job right now." Misty pauses to see if Ash is still with Brock and Nurse Joy, he is, "So whatís going on?"

        Tracy leans over to Mistyís ear and starts whispering, "ÖÖÖ" While Mistyís eyes, widens in shock.


        Ash walks over toward Brock and Nurse Joy.

        "Nurse Joy, you are a  star in my heart, like a sun in the galaxyÖ" Brock continues talking nonstop.

        Ash grabs Brock by the ear and pull hard.

"Ow! Ow! Not the ear, not the ear!" Brock whines.

Then Ash turns to Nurse Joy. "Please excuse my friendís uh," Ash pauses, try to look for the right word, "Strange behavior."

        Nurse Joy just smiles and walks away quickly.

        "Dude, you think it is time for one of those man-to-man talks." Ash asks him.

        "Yeah," Brock said, slightly embarrassed.


        "Pikachu, we are going out to eat, but you canít come along. Itís a ĎNo Pokemoní restaurant, so you will stay here right?"

        "Chu pichu pika kachu pikachu, pi chu." (You better bring me some ketchup, or else.) Pikachu threatens.

        "Donít they give ketchup in the Pokemon Center?" Ash asks.

        "Pika pichu chu pi pikachu! Chu pikachu?!" (They only give you one bottle! Can you believe it?!) Pikachu angrily stumps his tiny foot on the table. "Pi chu pikachu pichu pi kachu, chu pika piakchu pika!" (Iíve tried to trick Cyndaquil into getting ketchups for me, but he just lie there and ignore me.) Pikachu makes a fist with its tiny arms and punches the air as if someone is there.

        "I promise Iíll get you some ketchup," Ash said, looking at Pikachuís fists.


        The gang walks to the nearest fast food restaurant, and all of them order a large combo with everything on it. The four sits in a pair of twos and in different tables to talk. Even the four are not sitting in the same table, no one seems to mind.

        At Brock and Ashís table, Brock is having a love crisis. "I donít get it, I mean every time I ask a girl out, they just said no and look at me in a weird way."

        "No offense Brock, the weird way the girls look at you means that they are disgusted by you." Ash chokes the word out between the chewing of the burger.

        "What should I do then?" Brock said, taking a sip of his soda.

        "You are way too desperate, wait, let me make myself clear. You are way, way, way, way, way-"

        "Look! I get the idea!" Brock said irritably, "I am way to desperate," he said in a monotone voice.

"Play it smooth, make the girls fall for you, man." Ash said, wolfing down the burger.

"That makes sense, maybe itíll work," Brock admits, grabbing handful of French Fries and stuffs it into his mouth. "Wait a minute, where did you learn this kind of stuff?" Brock said suspiciously.

"Misty gave me this book back at Pallet, itís about stuff like romance and love and stuff like that, and she is making me read it everyday." Ash said, getting up to refill his soda. Then he makes his way back and sits down.

Brock fakes a cough to try to subdue a laugh, "Why did Misty give you the book?"

"How should I know?"

"Ash, have you got to the chapter named ĎHints From Your Crushí?" Brock said, putting his hand over his mouth to muffle a laugh.

"No, there is a chapter like that in the book?"

"For the love of Mew!" Brock throws his hands up.


Across the restaurant, Tracy and Misty are whispering in low voices.

"So thatís how he died, I feel sorry for Ash." Misty said, a little depressed. "Who told you guys about his death?"

"Mrs. Ketchum and Professor Oak, but donít tell this to Ash unless it is absolutely necessary. So now you know why we here?" Tracy said, wiping his mouth with a napkin.

"Yeah. Did Mrs. Ketchum tell you anything else?"

"Yes, but I am not sure if I understand her. She told me to tell Ash to change his Ďyou know whatí everyday. Do you know what that means?"

Misty giggles and blushes, "Yeah."

Tracy sees Misty blushing and asks, "So how is you and Ash doing?"  

"I donít know what you mean." Misty said, trying to hide the blush on her face.

Tracy just smiles, "Nothing, never mind."


After the four finishes eating and got their refills of the soda, they all waddle back to the Pokemon Center. 

Nurse Joy greets them with a smile, "You guys get a good night of sleep tonight, especially you, Ash. There would be a lot of trainers here tomorrow to register for the Jotho League. You probably want to battle them. And here is the key to your room."

"Thanks Nurse Joy. Can we have Pikachu, Togepi, and Marill, right Tracy?" Ash turns to Tracy, Tracy simply replies with a nod, "Yeah, and Marill."

"Here," She hands them the Pokemon, "Anything else?" She asks patiently.

"How about a date?" Brock grasping the opportunity.

"No, good night." Nurse Joy walks away.

"Real smooth." Ash said, Pikachu agrees with "Pi."

"Donít feel bad, maybe sheíll say yes next time." Tracy smirks.

"Look at the bright side, at least she didnít look at you as a disgusting guy." Misty said.

"Shut up people."

They all walk to their room, unknowing the wanted poster on the wall with a picture of Ash on it.


"This is my last mission right?" A shadowy figure asks.

"Yes, Satoshi, and you are well aware of the consequences if you fail, right?" A tall dark figure said. He is sitting in a comfortable leather chair, petting a Persian.

 "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Once I am done, you better follow the part your deal, or else." Satoshi threatens, while the Pikachu standing on the ground lets out a sample of electricity.

The Persian dodges the electricity, but where it used to stood now has a hole, ten feet in diameter and five feet in depth.

The man sitting in the chair laughs evilly. "You donít scare me with your empty threats. I made you the leader of Team Rocket Elite because you are the best, and you better succeed. Go now, the badges are in the storage room."

Satoshi just disappear into the shadows and the Pikachu too.


To be Continued


Things are getting weirder and weirder. Who is Satoshi? Why did Nurse Joy think Ash was Satoshi? And why is Ash wanted? According to Tracy, who died? Find out next time in Friends and Rivals, Love and Pokemon.

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