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Last time:

        “Misty, you are gonna be fine.” Ash whispers to Misty. Ash jumps in front of Misty, using his body as a shield, blocking most of the attack. “AHH!!!” Everything blacks out…


        In an old, tall tree stands two people on the branch, a boy and a girl. The girl shows much concern as she asks her male friend, “Uh, Satoshi, is Ash going to be fine?”

        “Yes, Kelly, he’s going to be fine,” Satoshi said. So Ash finally is able to use this legendary attack, I think he will put up a good show later on in the tournament. Don’t disappoint me, Ash Ketchum. Get to the finals and face me with your Pikachu.

Part 7: Misty Ketchum?

        “Uh, Nurse Joy, are they going to fine?” Tracy asks the very tired Nurse Joy, who is half sitting, half lying on the chair.  Gary, Ritchie, Sakura, and Casey had run back into town to report the attack to the police. The police had arrested all the unconscious Team Rocket Elites. Nurse Joy arrived as well, after a examination on their current statues, Nurse Joy had the police to carry the two unconscious teen and their Pokemon back to the Pokemon Center.

        “Yes, they are going to be fine, but your friends should get as much rest as possible. You two should get rest also, it’s two in the morning.” Nurse Joy said tiredly and decides she should get some sleep.

        Brock looks at his two injured friends. Misty is fine. She only fainted because the force of Pikachu’s attack, pushing Ash to crash with Misty, knocking her out. Ash, on the other hand, is not doing so well. Ash is mummified the whole top part of the body, from waist to chin. Ash had slipped into a coma, and only God knows that when is he going to wake up.  Brock worries that Ash may not wake up in time to participate in the Jotho League, which is only fourteen hours away. Even if Ash does wake up, can he battle in the shape he is now? I just don’t want to see Ash trained so hard to get all eight badges to enter to the Jotho League and have them disqualified him for not waking up from a coma. Brock sighs, he truly hopes that Ash will wake up tomorrow. I need to get some sleep.

        Brock leaves the room, holding the exhausted Pikachu and Togepi in his hands.

        As the sun slowly rise on the horizon, a ray of burning sun creep pass the closed glass window. The sun’s ray slowly travels from the clean floor onto Misty’s bed. Gradually, the ray made it on Misty’s eyes, blazing her with intense light. Misty begins to stir. She tries to move her head out of the sun’s magnificent ray’s way, but the cursed things ‘follows’ her. Her mind tells her it is time to wake up to see Ash, but her body won’t wake up.

        Misty slowly opens her eyes while the bright beam of light weaken her visions instantly. Taking her hands to block the blazing sunlight, Misty begins to find out what room she’s in, because this is definitely not their cabin. Misty squints to focus her impaired eyes, and find herself in a room in the Pokemon Center. Across the room, she sees Ash lying there, bandages all over his hands.

        The memory of being attacked by the Team Rocket Elites floods back to her. The images are ever cleared, and the images she remembers most is when Ash had use himself as a human shield block a fatal attack for her. Misty sits up in her bed and then gets off the bed. At first, her body was a little stiff, but after a while, Misty can now move a lot easier.

        Using her once stiff arm, she snatches a chair and set it next to Ash’s bed. She sits down on the chair, not taking her eyes from Ash for even a second. She slowly reach Ash’s wounded hand with her own, caressing it with her own hands in a loving and tendering way.

        Misty raises her head and looks at Ash’s face. A few cuts run across Ash’s once smooth face, luckily, those wounds are not permanent. “Ash…” Misty chokes, she tries her best to hold back the tears in her aqua-green eyes. “You are so stupid…why?” She closes her eyes tightly, squeezing tears from her puffy eyes. She tightens her grip on Ash’s hand, then slowly she lay her head on Ash’s chest and drifted into another deep slumber.

        “How long they been in there?” Tracy asks Brock, who has a sympathetic look painted all over his face.

        “Let me check,” He glimpses at his wristwatch, it’s ten past one in the afternoon. Brock, hate to calculate the hours, simply shrugs. It’s time like these when people starts to pray for miracles, only two hours and fifty minute until Ash’s big match.

        “What did the doctor say?” Tracy asks Brock again, simply did not like to be ignored the last time. A doctor had come to examine Ash in the morning. The only thing he knows is that Ash is in a coma and only God knows when will Ash wake up. Brock merely roll his eyes, (A/N: If you can see his eyes) “Your were in the room when the doctor told us what had happen to Ash.”

        “Well, excuse me for creating a conversation,” Tracy snaps. He looks over to the entrance of the Pokemon Center, finding Officer Jenny stepping in the Pokemon Center. “Hey Brock, may be you want to look at the doorway?” Tracy lazily lifts up his arm and points to the entrance.

        All of the sorrow is gone from Brock’s face, like a ray of illuminating light shining a darkened room, Brock’s heart fills with joy and love. Brock runs up to Officer Jenny, and takes her hand. “Officer Jenny, are you here to see me?”

        Officer Jenny was surprise at first to see Brock, then she remembers her relative Jennies had told her about a guy name Brock. No eyes, and very women sick, and find a way to stay away from him. “Uh, sorry to disappoint you, I came here to see Ash.”

        Brock mutters under his breath, “Ash always get the chicks, no fair.” He watches sadly as Officer Jenny walks down the hallway, into Ash and Misty’s room.

        Misty had woken up, but she hadn’t moved a muscle. She just laid there, her head on Ash’s chest, thinking of all the good time they had together. From fishing him out of the river, to the first time they danced together at Maiden’s Peak; there are the times that she thought Ash died, but he always comes back. “I know you’ll come back. You always do…” She lies there, continue to remember their fun times.

        A knock on the door disturbs her thoughts, she quickly picks herself up and resume sitting on the chair. “Come in,” she said.

        The door slowly opens and Officer Jenny walks in, “Hi, I am Officer Jenny, and I assume that you are Misty?”

        Misty nods to respond her question, “Can you lower you voice?” Misty asks quietly, pointing at Ash. Officer Jenny nods and mouthed “sorry”.

        “What brings you here, Officer Jenny?” Misty asks quietly, barely being audible. Misty glance nervously at Ash.

        “I am here representing the whole police squad, wishing that Ash is going to be okay. Is he okay?” Jenny asks, standing up to get a better look at Ash.

        “He’s in a coma…” Misty replies sadly, not able to do anything to help. She watches Officer Jenny heads for the door.

        “I have to get to my patrol, but it was nice meeting you, Misty.” Officer Jenny said, turning the doorknob.

        “Same here. Uh, will the police release the information to the public?” Misty asks, squeezing Ash’s hand.

        “No, we won’t. We figure that we should wait until Ash wakes up and let him decides.” With that, Officer Jenny left.

        Sighing at the hopeless situation, Misty looks at the alarm clock next to here. The clock shows 3:37. “Wake up Ash, before it’s too late.” Misty sits next to Ash in silence for another ten minutes, but Ash shows no signs of waking up. Misty stands up and inhales a great deal of oxygen, “There is only one thing left to do.” Misty looks down on the resting Ash, he looks so cute when he is sleeping. “Well, maybe two things.” Misty smiles.

        “This is match eight of the day in the ice field. It’s Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town versus Atoshi from Viridian City. Ah, here is the red trainer, Atoshi.” A tall and thin trainer walks into his trainer box, the trainer has a samurai sword in the sheath. “We are waiting for Ash Ketchum. Ash Ketchum? Please report to the ice field immediately or face elimination, Ash Ketchum.” The announcer waits patiently, the crowd begins to yell.

        “Disqualify him already!”

        “We don’t have all day!”

        “Ash Ketchum-” The announcer is cut short, by none other than Ash.

        “I am here.” Ash said in a slightly higher pitch then usual. Ash runs in the stadium, one hand over his hat, preventing it from flying back; the other on Pikachu. Ash puffs as he gets into his trainer box, finding his opponent is Atoshi, the guy who got his badge stolen by Team Rocket back in the Indigo League.

        “Scyther, go.”

        “Let’s go Pidgeot.”

        “Red trainer Atoshi starts with Scyther while Green trainer Ash kicks things off with his Pidgeot. What is this? Looks like Ash have a little trouble to make his Pidgeot obey.”

        “Come on Pidgeot, Wing Attack.” Ash said anxiously.

        “Scyther, Slash!”

        Pidgeot ignores Ash by loafing around, when the Scyther comes in for a Slash, Pidgeot dodges by soaring up the sky. Ash get more nervous and yells up to the sky, “Pidgeot, remember who are we doing this for? Come on, you gatta listen to me. Okay, use, uh, Areoblast.”

        “Pidgeot dodges the deadly Slash from Scyther by flying up to the sky. Ash commands a Areoblast, and…” The announcer observes, “yes, Pidgeot listens and release an Areoblast, although reluctantly.”

        The blast makes contact before Scyther could dodge, and knocks Scyther out.

        “One hit KO! Ash Ketchum’s Pidgeot wins this round!”

        Back in the Pokemon Center, Tracy and Brock is watching the match between Ash and Atoshi on television. They are shocked at first to see Ash alive and well, but were crowed with questions like: Why isn’t Pidgeot obeying? Or, how come Ash looks a little skinnier.

        After Scyther is taken care off, Pidgeot keeps the winning streak alive. Dodrio and Marowak both were knocked out pretty quickly. After the match, Ash rides on Pidgeot, with Pikachu of course, heads back to the Pokemon Center in a flash.

        Ash stealthy moves into his room. But Brock and Tracy caught him before he went into his room. Brock put a hand on Ash’s shoulder, “Ash? We saw you on television, your were battling that Atoshi guy.”

“Y-you did?” Ash stutters nervously as he starts walking backwards, away from Brock and Tracy. Pikachu holds on tightly on Ash’s hat, as though as if he is going to fall down any second.

“Uh-huh, and shouldn’t you tell us you woke up from the coma?”

“We were real worried.”

“Uh, I was late, and, and I down want to be late.” Ash said apprehensively, Pikachu tightens his grip, making Ash’s head hurt. “I am real beat after the match, so I am gonna take a short nap.”

“Okay, see you at dinner?” Brock asks, Ash replies with a hasty nod, nearly making Pikachu fly. “By the way, have you seen Misty?”

Ash winces a little as he hears the name ‘Misty’, “No.”


He looks down the hallway to make sure no one is here; he franticly searches the key inside his pocket. Ash hastily opens the door and with the same speed closes it. After making sure the door is locked, he walks over to the sleeping Ash in the bed. Removing his own hat, Ash grabs his black hair and pulls it off, revealing a stream of light orange hair.

        “Pikachu, that was a close one.” Misty said, collapsing down on the chair besides Ash’s bed.

        “Pika.” (Yeah.)

        “Pikachu, can you give Ash and I a minute?” Misty asks sweetly, scratching Pikachu lightly on the head.

        “Chu” (Okay.) Pikachu jumps out of the open window, and disappear into the thick trees.

        Misty resumes her attention back to Ash. Misty lightly takes Ash’s bandaged hand and holds it to her face. Misty slightly jumps a little as she feels Ash’s hand twitch. Is-is he awake? There it is again! Misty could sees that Ash is coming around…

        Misty moves closer to Ash, she could hear Ash speaking. Ash sleep-talks in a barely audible tone, “Misty…”

        Misty blushes a shade red as she hears her name being mentioned, especially by Ash, sleep-talking. Ash’s eyes start to stir, a bit-by-bit, and Ash opens his eyes. Ash squints to get use to the brightness of the room, and he focuses on the orange-hair girl who’s only few inches from him. “Misty?” He could feel his dry throat burning as he chokes out the words. He could see Misty smiling at him. “You are finally awake.”

        “I need water.” Ash said dryly. Misty gets up to fetch some water, releasing Ash’s hands. Ash, up to now, still doesn’t know Misty is holding his hand. He looks at Misty, Why are you wearing my clothes? He wants to ask her that, but when his mouth opens, nothing came out.

        “Here.” Misty said as she hands him a cup of cold water. Misty watches Ash as he swallows the whole cup in one gulp. Ash tries to sit up, but every time he bents his back, sharp pains runs through his back, making him scream in pain.

        “Hey, take it easy.” Misty sees the pain in Ash’s eyes and is very concerned for him. She places her hand on his shoulder and gently push him down, preventing him to get up.

        “Why are you wearing my clothes?” Ash asks, slightly interested. Before Misty could answer, a thoughts comes into his mind, “Wait the minute! What time is this?! Oh no! I missed my match.”

        “Calm down. Your were in a coma, so I-”


        “I wore your clothes and took your place. I, uh, also battled for you. I hope you are not angry.” Misty adds the last part very quickly.

        “I am not angry, it’s not any day when you have a friend that is willing to take your place to do something for you.” Ash said smiling. Misty smiles back, he’s so sweet!

        “So you tell nobody ever though that you are not really me?” Ash asks, looking Misty up and down. Misty had a feeling that Ash is not just looking at her attire.

        “No, I was wearing a wig. Nobody got suspicious, I think. But during the battle, your Pidgeot didn’t obey for a while.” Misty said, turning Ash’s hat back to mimic Ash’s battle stance.

        Ash laughs at Misty’s attempts to copy him, “You did it wrong, you suppose to move the hat back with your right arm, not your left.”

Misty rolls her eyes, “Same difference.”

“When you took my clothes, did you do anything to me? I mean, you know.” Ash asks as he turns deep red.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Misty thinks for a while, realizing what Ash is talking about, “Oh! No! Well, I kinda did.” Misty said, also turning red.

“What you do?”

“I kiss you on the forehead when you were in your coma, it’s that fine?” Misty replies, blushing like no tomorrow. That’s a down right lie, I had kiss Ash full on the lip, but I can’t let him know. That may end our friendship, and I can’t let that happen.

“That’s alright.” Ash answers ratter simply. “So how’s being Ash Ketchum for one day feels?”


“Real funny.”

They remain silence for a while then…

“I’m sorry.” Misty said, turning away from Ash.

“For what?”

“I…you shouldn’t have blocked the attack for me, I almost lost you out there. I feel so guilty, and I am truly sorry.” Misty sobs.

“Well, don’t fell guilty and don’t be sorry,” Ash said, as he takes his hand to wipe the tears on Misty’s cheek. “You are the best human-friend I have. You always cheer me up when I am down, and you always cheer me on. I know that we argue a lot, but I never meant the mean things I said to you. You really are a best friend a guy could have.”

Misty is overwhelmed by Ash’s wonderful words. “Ash, you are so sweet. And you are a best friend a girl could have.” Misty stands up to wipe some tears with her palm, “Thank you.” Misty said, leaning down to kiss Ash on the cheek; she then exits the room with a deep red on her face.

Ash felt as though as he was drunk and his face felt hot. After cooling down, Ash puts a hand on his cheek. I am never gonna watch this of the face. Pikachu jumps into the room and jumps beside Ash. A drop of ketchup accidentally fell from Pikachu’s ketchup bottle, onto Ash’s cheek.


“Pika?!” (What?!)

To Be Continued

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