An Never Ending Tale

Part 1: Ash's battle

By: Link


This is my first fanfic, so go easy on me. Underlined words means someone is thinking. Bold words means someone is reading something.

            Narrator: As our heroes continue their road to Olivine City, they don’t know what is going to happen to them, but I so, it is something very strange yet- wait a minute! I am giving away everything!
            “Ash you got us lost again!” Misty said very angrily.
            “Pika pika chu. (What’s new?)” Pikachu whisper.
            “What’s that Pikachu? And I didn’t get us lost, you did. You said you want a short cut.” Ash said with an annoyed tone.
            “Did not!”
            “Did too!”
            “Did not!”
            “Did too!”
            “Did not!”
            “Did too!”
            “Will you two stop flirting? It’s driving me crazy!” Brock said. In Misty’s arms, Togepi agreed with a shrill.
            “What did you say?” Ash and Misty said unison, and take a step forward at the same time.
            “Um, I uh, said flirting.” Brock whimpers and takes at step back
            “WE’RE NOT FLIRTING!” Ash and Misty yell at the same time. Misty takes out her trusty mallet and swings it at Brock, hitting him hard on the head.
            “Ow! That hurts.” Brock states.
            “Then stop saying stupid things.” Misty’s said.
            “Okay, its getting dark, let’s stay here and camp out for the night.” Brock said, trying to change the subject. “Ash, you go and get some fire woods, and I’ll get some water from the lake we saw earlier. Misty, you stay here and watch the Pokemon.”
            Misty replied with an okay, but Ash just walk away without Pikachu and thinking about her. Why do I always look at her? I know I like her a lot and she is beautiful and all, but why does she always fight with me? Maybe she doesn’t like me? Or maybe she thinks I am dense and make mistake all the times. Ash kept thinking until he bumped into a tree, he shakes over the thought of Misty and start gathering firewoods. Then he hears a noise behind a nearby bush.
“Who’s there?” “Dam, that Murkrow got away again. Ash? What are you doing here?” Gary asked, his Umbreon standing next to him.
“I am trying to find some fire woods, hey, how about a 1 on 1 Pokemon battle.”
“Sure, my Pokemon skill are getting little rusty, a battle would be nice.
            While back at the camp site, Brock have already came back with the water but he need fire to start cooking, so he decided to set up the camps. “I am getting worried, how can you spent half hour in the woods and can’t find fire woods.” Misty whispered, then she turn to Brock, “I am going to find Ash, he might get lost or something.”
“You want me to come with you?” Brock said while setting up Ash’s camp.
“No, you stay here and watch the Pokemon.”
            Misty got up, and starts walking to the direction Ash went. I hope he feels the same way about me as I do about him. I don’t know why we fight all the time? I shouldn’t yell at him. I don’t even mean it. I will try to be nicer next time. Then she hears Ash’s voice.
            “Cyndaquil, I choose you!” Ash throws out a Poke ball. “Quil!”
            “Go Alakazam!” Gary throws out a Poke ball. “Ala!”
            Misty runs up to Ash and stand next to him, but Ash doesn’t notice Misty is next to him.
            “Cyndaquil, use your Flamethrower!” Ash shouts.
            “Alakazam, dodge it with Teleport.” Gary said calmly.
            Cyndaquil’s back lit with fire instantly and shoots out a strong flame, when the fire is going to hit Alakazam, it disappear and then reappear behind Cyndaquil.
            “Cyndaquil, keep using your Flamethrower!”
            “Keep dodging with Teleport.
            After several Flamethrowers, Cyndaquil is a little tire, but none of the Flamethrower hit Alakazam. Ash notice Cyndaquil is little tire and tell him to stop with the Flamethrower and use Agility.
            “Alright Alakazam, now they’re on defense. Use you Swift attack.” Many stars shot out from Alakazam’s spoon and hit Cyndaquil hard.
            Ash doesn’t know what do, his Cyndaquil was hurt, and Alakazam kept dodging the attacks. He lost hope of winning. He just stands there looking at Cyndaquil get hit by another Swift attack. Cyndaquil falls down and it is trying to get up.
            “Do something Ash! Your Cyndaquil is getting hurt! I know you can win this battle!” Misty yells. Ash is surprise that Misty is here, but he smiles and nod.
            “I am going to win this one for you, Misty.” (Misty blushes) “Cyndaquil, use your Smoke Screen on Alakazam!” Ash command. Cyndaquil got up easily, and then it shoots out smoke and the smoke surrounds Alakazam.
            How did it get up? And I thought Smock Screen is for hiding yourself, how come he hides my Alakazam. I better not waste any time. “Alakazam, hide in the Smoke Screen and charge the Hyper Beam!” Gary yells.
            Ash smiles, Gary doesn’t know what is he up to. “Cyndaquil, use Flamethrower on the smoke with maximum power.” Cyndaquil shoots out strong flame at the smokes. The smokes begin to turn red. Gary realizes the cloud of smoke is going to explode, but before he could give a command to Alakazam, the cloud of smoke turned bright red and exploded.
            After the smoke cleared, Alakazam fainted. “Cynda!” Cyndaquil shout with happiness. “We did it!” Ash run up to Cyndaquil and give him a hug.
            After both trainers return their Pokemon, they shake hands.
            “Good work Ash, you did a good job raising your Cyndaquil.” Gary said.
            “Thanks.” Ash replied.
            Gary start to look in his backpack and takes out a magazine. “In this magazine, there is an article about humans and Pokemon and I don’t understand it, but in this battle you showed me what it meant.
            “I/He did?” Ash and Misty said in unison.
            “Yeah, let me read it to you. Researches show that in Pokemon battles, Pokemon can feel their trainer’s emotion, such as: anger, joy, pride, determination, ect. Pokemon can the have the same emotion that their trainer has and this may make a Pokemon stronger in a Pokemon battle. When I am beating you, you lost hope, but when Misty cheers you on, your determination was back and I think Cyndaquil feel your determination and have the strength to get back up.”
            “Wow, that’s so cool,” Misty said “but do you know how to get to Olivine City? Because Ash got us lost, again.” Ash falls down anime style. Gary sweat drop.
            “Yeah, you just follow this route and then…. (I am not going to put the directions here)”
            “Thanks again, Gary.” Ash said.
            “No problem.” Gary said, then he turns to the direction the Murkrow went and walk away, his Umbreon follows him.
            Ash and Misty starting to walk back to the campsite. Misty said “Ash, that was a great battle you fought back there.”
            Ash was a little taken back when he heard these words, Misty rarely says something good about him. “Thanks, but I couldn’t have won if you didn’t cheer me on.”
            “It was very sweet of you for what you said during the battle.” Misty said blushing.
-----Flash Back-----
            “Do something Ash! Your Cyndaquil is getting hurt! I know you can win this battle!” Misty yells. Ash is surprise that Misty is here, but he smiles and nod.
            “I am going to win this one for you, Misty.”
-----Flash Back Ends-----
            Before Ash can say anything, Misty gives Ash a friendly kiss on the cheek. Ash and Misty both blushed.
            “I wish Todd was here, and I could make hundreds of the picture and sent it to everyone we know.” The source of the voice is Brock, he was laughing.
            “BROCK, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!” Ash and Misty yell at unison, both blushing, their cheeks turn to the color of a tomato.
            “Oh, am I interrupting any thing? I am so sorry, next time we’re in a hotel, I’ll let you two share a room.” Brock teased.
            “IT’S ONLY A FRIENDLY KISS!” Ash and Misty yell at the same time. Now, they’re blushing bright red.
            “Uh huh, it looks like love to me.” Brock jokes.
            “DO YOU WANT TO GET HIT AGAIN? NO, THEN SHUT UP!!” Misty yells.
            “It’s getting dark, lets get back the campsite.” Ash said, trying to change the subject.
            “Did you find any fire woods?” Brock asks.
            Ash sweat drops, “No.”
            “Lets find some on our way back.” Misty said.
            After dinner, every one is full, Ash decide to train his Pokemon, since it’s only 7PM. “Misty, do you want to train our Pokemon for a while?”
            Misty decides there is nothing to do so she agrees. “Sure Ash.”
            “Hold it you two, I washed the dishes yesterday so one of you have to wash the dishes today.” Brock said.
            “I washed dishes the day before, so Misty, you should wash them.” Ash sound annoyed.
            Misty is about to argue with him, but then she remember she’ll try to be nicer to Ash so she asks politely. “Ash, I helped you wash the dishes that day, so can you help me wash the dishes today?”
            “You didn’t help.”
            “Yes, I did.”
            “Did not!”
            Misty couldn’t keep her temper down so she yells, “Did too!”
            After couple of “Did not” and “Did too”, Brock and Pikachu is getting annoyed (Togepi is asleep), Pikachu Thundershock Ash and Misty and they finally stop.
            “That it, I can’t take it anymore, I will promise “revenge”. In the mean time, wash the dishes, both of you.” Brock said, then he turn to his sleeping bag, murmuring something to himself.
            After the dishes are done, Ash apologizes, “I sorry Misty, I shouldn’t argue with you, will you forgive me?”
            Misty doesn’t what to say, Ash never apologizes to her. “It is alright Ash, I’m sorry too, and I forgive you. How about a little Pokemon training?”
            “Sure. Noctowl, I choose you!” Ash shouts.
            “Misty calls Staryu!” Misty said, “Use Water Gun.”
            “Dodge then Hypnosis!”
            Staryu shoots out a strong water stream, but Noctowl dodges and a circle of blue light came out of Noctowl’s eyes and hit Staryu. Then Staryu starts tackling a near by rock.
            Misty knows her Staryu can beat Noctowl but she calls it back anyways, “Return Staryu, good job Ash, you beat me again.”
            “Thanks for letting me win, Misty.” Ash said. “Why?”
            “It’s a practice battle, you don’t have to be all psych up.” Misty replied.
How do you like it, go easy on my because this is my first fanfic. I appreaciate any feedbacks (good or bad). My e-amil address is The second part is coming soon.

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