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            “Gyarados, Hydro Pump!”

            “Cyndaquil, dodge than Flame Thrower!”

            Cyndaquil jumps above the jet of the water just in time, then its back lit with fire and sent a torching flame at Gyarados.

            “Take the hit and charge for Hyper Beam.”

            Gyarados stands its ground as the boiling flame hit it, but nothing happens, not even a scratch. Then a white beam is fired from Gyarados, Ash watches in bewilderment,  “Oh my god.” As the beam making its why across the field towards Cyndaquil, something happens. Ash watches as a bright red flame circles around Cyndaquil, making a protective barrier. Ash wastes no time and checks his Pokedex. “Flame Wheel, a fire attack that surrounds the user and protects it.”

            The beam hit the flame, nothing else happen.

“Yes! Cyndaquil, keep up the flame and charge right into Gyarados.” Ash commands.


Meanwhile, Team Rocket is watching the fierce battle behind a bush near the battlefield.

An idea pops up in Meowth’s mind, “After the battle, the twerps’ Pokemon will be tired, and we’ll swipe it with no problem.”

“Good idea Meowth, it’s going to be like taking candy from a baby.” James squeals.

“Look at those two, why are they battling?” Jessie asks.

“I have no idea, but who cares anyways.” Meowth answers.

“This reminds my of something. Hmm.” Jessie starts to ponder, minutes later, “I remember! When I was young, there is two boy always fight over me. So the two twerps are battling for the twerpe. How cute!”

“I bet the two dudes fought over either can’t see very well or they don’t have a brain.” Meowth said, snickering.

“What did you say!” Jessie gets out her paper fans the slap hard on Meowth’s head.

“What’s the big idea!” Meowth said, scratching Jessie on the face.

“Shut up, you two, the twerps might notice us.” James said.


Back in the battlefield, Gyarados is having trouble dodging Cyndaquil’s flamed tackles, but Cyndaquil is also tired because charging up the flame needs a lot of energy and concentration.

Sam knows that if he doesn’t do something soon, Gyarados is going down. “Gyarados, shoot a Hydro Pump toward the sky!” Gyarados did, and the water from the sky plunges down putting out the flame that surrounds Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil only have enough strength for one last attack, but I’ll make it count. “Cyndaquil, Sunny Day!”

Sam gasps, “Gyarados, Hydro Pump, quick!”

“What does Sunny Day do?” Misty asks Brock.

“Sunny Day brings the sun, and the heat of the sun increases the attack power of fire attacks, but why didn’t Ash tell Cyndaquil use Sunny Day at the beginning of the match, he could have won.” Brock said, crossing he arms.

“I am sure Ash knows what he’s doing.” Kelly said, petting Pikachu on the head.

“I hope so.”

The jet of water hit dead on with Cyndaquil, knocking it out. Ash returns Cyndaquil.

“No, I don’t think he could win.” Misty said, barely above a whisper.

“Come on Misty, don’t lose hope, I am sure he can win.” Kelly said.

Now Ash has in his hand a Poke-Ball, his last hope. “I am counting on you, Bulbasaur. Make me proud.” He said as he throws the Poke-Ball, after Bulbasaur emerges from the Poke-Ball, “Razor Leaf!”

“Bubble Beam!” The leafs and bubbles meet at the center, the left cut through the Bubble Beam hit Gyarados on the head, it swings back and forth, trying to keep its balance, but falls to the ground with a thud.

“Return, okay Ash, you are one of the trainer that have ever lasts till Blastosie, and you are going to see the power of my Blastosie.” Sam said as throws the Lure-Ball, Blastosie roars as it came out from the Poke-Ball.

“Razor Left.”

“Hydro Pump.”

Sharp leaf flew across the field but the high-pressure water from Blastosie’s hydro cannons stop lefts in its tracks, the water keeps going toward Bulbasaur, and Bulbasaur jumps sideways and evades the attack, the water blast a hole on the ground.

“Unbelievable.” Kelly said.

“Solar Beam.”

“Use Hydro Pump while its charging.”

“Sam, your Blastosie’s Hydro Pump is very strong, it can’t block this beam, can it?” Before Ash even finishes the sentence, Solar Beam was fired.

The greenish white beam plow through the water, hit Blastosie on its stomach, causing it to fly back about ten feet.

“But how?” Sam asks.

“The sun, Samuel Waterson, the sun. I have used Sunny Day earlier to bring out the sun, by doing this, Solar Beam charges less than seconds. Bulbasaur finish it with another Solar Beam.” Not soon after Ash finishes, another Solar Beam is fired.

“Withdraw!” Sam commands.

Blastosie hid in its shell, but that didn’t do any good, Blastosie is down for the count.

“The match goes to Ash.” Brock yells happily.

Before they can celebrate, three familiar voices are heard from the sky.


“Prepare for trouble”

“Make it double”

“To protect the world from devastation”

“To unit all people within our nation”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love”

“To extend our reach to the stars above”



“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light”

“Surrender now, or prepare to fight”

“Meowth, that’s right”


“That’s it, you kittle fur ball! Stop stealing my line! Its copy righted!” Meowth is yelling at Wobbuffet.

Wobbuffet just simply ignores Meowth and use Counter when Meowth attempts to scratch it.

“Cut it out you two.” Jessie barks at the two, then she turn to Ash, “Hand over your Pokemon, we could do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

“Who are they?” Kelly asks Misty.

“Team Rocket.”

Kelly growls, “Croconaw, Slash.”

Croconaw emerge from the Poke-Ball and leaves few red marks on the TR trio. Before TR have any chance to fight back, Kelly has commend Croconaw to send them blasting off again with a Hydro Pump. Kelly is in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Sam is still dazed, not believing at his lost, not believing Ash can beat him, and not believing he can’t travel with Misty any more. He walks over to Ash, shakes his hand firmly, and wave goodbye. He leaves without saying another word.

“He will get over it.” Ash said proudly.

Misty runs up to Ash and hugs him, “Great job Ash.”

“Uh, thanks.” Ash can fill he ears growing red.

“This goes into the history books, the defeat of Samuel Waterson and the hug.” A voice said.

All of them turn except Kelly, who is still thinking about her problems, the voice is from Todd. He is clicking his camera none stop.

“You better give me that film.” Misty said, blushing.

“I don’t think so, I got a picture of Zapdos, and it took me about a week to get it.” Todd said, securing his camera.

“Why don’t go to the Pokemon Center so Ash can heal his Pokemon, and I could see Nurse Joy.” Brock said.

“I suppose,” Ash turns to Kelly, “Kelly, what are you thinking, we are going to the Pokemon Center.”

Kelly turns her back toward Ash and wipes her tears, then turn back to face Ash, controlling her voice to as normal as possible, “Yeah, sure, let’s go.”

“Hey, are you okay? You look pale.” Ash asks.

“I’m fine.” She said and catches up with the others.

Ash runs to Misty and whisper, “I think something is wrong with Kelly, could you talk to her? I have tried, but it didn’t work.”

“I’ll talk to her later, and you were awesome out there.” Misty said happily.

Ash blushes, scratch he head and nodes, “Thanks.”

They slowly made it towards Pewter City Pokemon Center, Ash striding on the front, Kelly shuffling on the back, they enters the center. Then they hear a voice, “Brocko!”

Brock turns and smiles instantly, he runs up to a little girl who is also running up to him, Brock scoops her up and kiss her on the cheek. “Little sis, how are you? Wow, you’ve grown. How’s every body, did dad feed you well?”

“Brock, put me down, you are embarrassing me,” The little girl said, “You better help us to plan dad’s surprise birthday party.”

“What! Is dad’s birthday already?” Brock said in shock.

“Yes, so when are you going help us plan the part?” The little girl said.

Brock turns to the gang, “I have to stay in Pewter for a little while,” he turns to Ash and Misty, “so you two better get along.” Brock reluctantly said, “I guess this is goodbye.”

Misty and Kelly hug Brick, and Ash shakes his hand, “Thanks for all those years helping me, I wouldn’t forget it even Pikachu do a Thunder on me.”

“Its cool traveling with you guys,” he sighs, “I have to go.”

Pikachu and Togepi said their goodbyes using Pokemon language.

Brock and the little girl walk out of the Pokemon Center.

Ash sighs and walks over to Nurse Joy, he hand his Poke-balls to Nurse Joy, wishing Brock is still here.


To Be Continuted

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